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  1. N-acetylcisteine seems to reduce overthinking and anxiety too. I tried around 70ug LSD two times, with and without NAC. When I did without NAC I would get weird thought loops and anxiety. NAC allowed me to concentrate on the trip and have a more pleasant experience overall.
  2. So, I'm thinking about buying the LP course, as I sure don't know what to do career-wise with my life Currently I'm on the third semester of Mechanical Engineering but my enthusiasm is going downhill. The areas that I know I could work in don't interest me. I could be a conscious Mechanical Engineer too, that's a possibility. Right now this doesn't seem appealing. When I started the course I was naive and did it for approval and lack of knowledge and interest in other areas of knowledge. Also, my studying habits and work ethic used to be way better when I was in high school. This doesn't seem the case now. On the other hand develop some cornerstone habits such as meditation, reading, sleeping around 9 hours everyday and exercising (before quarantine). I can't exclude the merit in those. My thinking on this is as follows: 249 USD dollars to BRL reais is 1200 with todays currency rate of 1:5,04. It's probably going down but with the credit-card fees it would turn out to be the same value. I currently have R$ 200. If I just saved all the money I receive monthly from my father it would take around 5 months for me to be able to buy the course. I don't think that's viable as I need to use this money for many more things, and that's not a lot. I could save half the amount though, and that would take me 10 months. Currently reading the books from the book list and starting some new habits. I also have a dream board.
  3. More perspectives won't hurt I think
  4. Good! Now we're talking If there is, are you going to give up what you want to actualize in your life? There isn't a set-in-stone limit as a rule of the universe encoded in the DNA by evolution or aliens of human males that shuts their ability of actualizing their potential when they turn 30. What people are generally meaning when they say this is just what you said: it becomes harder. The body isn't infinite (pls give me some semantics room here), as the cells have a limited number of times that they can replicate before the DNA becomes damaged an so and so. As you become older your brain isn't as plastic as it were when you were younger but it is still plastic. You can still set up your mind to be successful after 30 even if you lived a life of laziness and bad habits. The problem is that you already set your life to be shitty, and that's going to take a lot of work to reverse. Both internal work and external work. You'll have to deconstruct the bad habits AND install the successful habits. That's way more work if you already did that when you were young. Still, it's not impossible, and there are tools, techniques and mindsets you can apply to solve your problems.
  5. You mean a "mystical experience", yes? I did and that resulted in a huge panic attack. It was the ultimate introduction to spirituality
  6. Considering that this assertion is true... its harder not impossible How do you know if Leo isn't bullshiting you? I don't know but I won't assume everything he says is true or even accurate...
  7. Do nothing If you want something less simple but powerful: do nothing SDS on psychedelics
  8. I had a huge epiphany reading this. Thanks!!
  9. For me it's useless. Used to waste a lot of time in FB when younger. I created accounts on Instagram 3 times but deleted them right after. It's an even bigger attention-seeking contest than Facebook. Not even mentioning the actual focus reduction caused by scrolling endlessly. If I want to know how people are doing, I contact them directly. If I don't care enough about someone to contact that person to see how they are doing, why would I like to see their updates on social media? To be informed about the news, I'll search for myself and not receive biased posts from my ideological friends. If it helps your career then it's another thing.
  10. The best choice is beyond obvious, like super polished crystal clear
  11. Just an addition: if you want something more sustainable, you can try LSD and mushrooms, as many people have already done and there's a bigger experience repertoire available for troubleshooting.
  12. My favorite is "I am God"
  13. When I started meditation I did it for 330 days straight. There was almost no adaptation time. I had a very good reason and vision to do it though. I was heavily suffering from anxiety and depression. It wasn't easy but I had a great deal of motivation because of the vision I had for myself as someone with little anxiety and depression. So, it stuck(?) in no time. Big(really big) gap between my vision and my current situation generated motivation. It depends on how much you want to have the results and how much you enjoy the process. I also have a great deal of habits that I struggle to integrate. I can't see the final result and they're boring to do. These are taking an eternity to be integrated (example: exercise during quarantine). I'm thinking oh, I'm just going to exercise after quarantine ends. And coming up with excuses. The real shit is that I don't see how it would help me if I did it now. Lol, this motivated me.
  14. "Should I..." Let's reframe it to "Do I want to..." Now, what's the answer?
  15. You find the anger that arose during meditation weird because you think of yourself as a chill person If you thought of yourself as an angry person, being chill would weird you out That's not a healthy way to handle your emotions; that's repression From now on, I would suggest you consider yourself someone who gets angry, annoyed or disturbed at some situations. Don't cling to this either, just test this identity for some days.
  16. Do you consider yourself to be a chill person? Like, relaxed, calm, nothing really bothers you? Are you living up to your values? Are you doing what you think would benefit you in your daily life?
  17. I tried this for 3 or 5 days or so. I got mindfucked and coudn't think straight. But I was aware as hell and had a lot of satori and maniacal laughter moments. If it works for you fine. I woudn't trip everyday though. Just a dose large enough to get you a little bit alterated. If you trip everyday you can get mindfucked hardly pretty fast. DMT will teach you to not mess with it. Also, watch out for the effects vaping everyday can have in your lungs.
  18. Empty stomach. Swallow right away. 25x-NBOMe are not orally active and LSD is, so doing it this way you make sure you won't absorb many possible shady substances your dealer may put in your tab.
  19. @legendary I'm probably just being dramatic hahaha I say the same thing after every psychedelic experience. I'm always blown away no matter the dose.
  20. Yes, if you want to survive in society. No real need to do fancy stuff. Just don't let your body smell bad. It doesn't necessarily need to smell good.
  21. Holy shit. You are a monster on handling 500 ug. 125 ug already messed my mind a great deal. Good job!
  22. That's a cool ideia!! I think the mega-threads about every stage here on the forum already have many characteristics that would help you on that.