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  1. It's "me" with reduced neurotic behavior. I believe that if I managed to treat most of my neurosis (which I'm currently working on) I would behave like I do on a LSD microdose.
  2. Wow that's true for me too. After every LSD trip I have I feel way less anxiety during the consecutive days. The anxiety does come back but is reduced everytime. Modafinil makes socialization a give or take for me. I don't really care about connecting; the main priority is to be productive. Gonna try LSD microdosing. Let's open a club together and prohibit alcohol hahaha only illegal drugs allowed
  3. Everytime I drink alcohol I get very sad and in a low mood overall. My life seems meaningless. I just want to die. And sometimes I get MORE anxious than I was before drinking. Not like during hangovers, during the effect. This anxiousness manifests as intrusive thoughts and increased social anxiety?! This seems totally contradictory to the purpose of why people drink. Phenibut does the same thing, or even worse... So, I just don't wanna drink anymore. Or mess with any GABAergic for that matter. I tried ecstasy one time but I am not really on it because neurotoxicity. I probably won't take it for years. So, for health purposes, I could just take some mushrooms or Lsd or some other thing because they offer less risk overall. I would like to have something to just take when going out(not possible right now but I'm planning my purchases because buying in bulk is cheaper). Any experiences/suggestions?
  4. I think I got it backwards when started then lol. I just wanted understand but my wounds didn't let me do that so I healed them. Your videos made me interested in psychedelics and I used psychedelics to heal myself.
  5. Life advice for young people 1-2 is all the self-development from Leo in a decent-sized nutshell.
  6. Yes. I'm one month in. Microdosing LSD. I first started with 10ug one day in/two off. In the meantime, I tested several dosages and frequencies of dosing to find what's best for me: 1ug-2ug seems to increase my focus but I'm not sure if it's placebo or not 5ug has a significant effect but leaves me somewhat brainfogged T+6h after dosing 10ug+ is a waste. Leaves me anxious and uneasy. Some random glimpses of enlightenment while taking a shower. it's cool but I would prefer not to have this happen while I'm washing my butt One day in, two days off is nice. Sometimes two days in a row is nice too. I've come to think that 1-2ug is the best dosage for me. Don't take my word for that. Your dealer may lie to you about how much LSD is in your tab and so on... The effects: Currently caring a lot more about my values and my purpose Spontaneous feelings of joy throught the day (microdosing and the second day) Reduced social anxiety/ more spontaneous More aware of my self-destructing behaviors Improved focus and discipline Greater creativity Enhanced emotions Any other question you can just ask me. I never tried microdosing shrooms.
  7. Awesome program from what I checked in the website
  8. You're almost narrating my life lol I can relate strongly. Well, that's the path you chose after all. Let's keep going!
  9. +1 to quitting coffee Maybe it'll even discard the need to supplement the nutrients you lose from drinking coffee
  10. that's the important part I still suggest you take a look into non-violent communication
  11. Who wouldn't want to be friends with Tesla?
  12. I mean those random arrows and rectangles in Yellow and the overlapping shapes in Turquoise. Orange is democratic, Green has a flat-hierarchy, Yellow is?
  13. Cool chart!! I didn't understand what the figures from the right side mean after Green though.
  14. I'm 19 and on the same boat. What I plan to do is just to hit LP as much as possible till I'm 22 and then start going out. Until then, I'll not be serious about it. I don't want to fuck a lot of girls, I just want to have a girlfriend.
  15. I don't mean to hijack your thread but could you elaborate on the benefits of meditating that much? That's somewhat of a dream of mine (meditating a lot ) but I'm hesitant to go full in.
  16. It's just not really a enjoyable drug for me so I just don't generally drink. I like wine just because of the taste. When I really want to drink, I take n-acetylcysteine and it removes the negative effects for the most part. It also helps with compulsive redosing. If you want to reduce or even stop, it would be cool if you gave a look on NAC. There's a couple of studies and reports on reddit that it helps with addictions of many kinds. If you are interested I would invite you to research for yourself as I don't really want to convince you to use it. Good luck!
  17. I am consistent about how I speak here and IRL (I always had this thing for some reason about being consistent in my words). Anyway, I wouldn't change my nickname to my real name. I like to answer people directly to them so if they want to know something about me just ask. In your situation I would just create a new account. Here hundreds of posts mean nothing ( in a good sense) or at least I wish.
  18. Give me a specific example of that
  19. 3-2-1 shadow work from Integral Life practice
  20. Maybe non-violent communication can help you here. It'll teach you how to stop with the "advice" and go to the "what you're feeling?" proceeds to invalidate her perspective
  21. You'll have a greater probability of finding Tier 2 (Yellow) people where green hangs out. If the center of mass of the culture is orange, it'll be harder to find blue and green if you just go around the streets and talk to people. It's better to go to a church to find blue or to burning man to find green. If you go to burning man, the center of gravity of the people there will be green, so the probability of finding yellow people increases. I gave you the guidelines, now it's on you to answer.