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  1. I recently attended a workshop at ISKCON temple, called: "The Forgotten Jewel: Self Worth" What I learnt is that we are always much more worthy than we think we are. We all are having access to a gold mine of Divine Love in our hearts!! Often times we fail to recognize this and settle for some cheap "Coping Strategies", whenever we feel a lack of self-worth. We deserve the best life. Our life must be an expression of our Love! (Rather than an expression of our misery) There is this one slide that was very insightful, which I would like to share. Some words in that slide that need translation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tamas-> mood of ignorance, low energy, lacking enthusiasm Rajas-> mood of passion, agitation, active/restless like a monkey Sattva-> mode of goodness, calm and peaceful, state of zero mental agitation sat-cit-ananda -> clear/lucid, knowledgeable and blissful Krishna -> God Bhakti -> Love and Devotion, manifested/expressed as divine service to humanity sadhana -> Practice/Routine ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright, now here's the slide. I'm curious to know your thoughts on this....
  2. You can learn about the concept of marriage from Hare Krishna community I'll just tell you what I learnt from them Marriage provides a good platform for cultivation of real love and service attitudes. Love and service are interchangeably the same! Within a spiritual marriage, lust can be transformed into love/service. One can develop highly conscious values such as gratitude, respect and responsibility. But outside of marriage, lust can lead to two pathways: 1) when satisfied it becomes greed, then pride, and finally delusion that I am the controller and enjoyer 2) when not satisfied it becomes anger, arrogance and finally enviousness that I am not being loved/accepted Check out this video, or even get in touch with the Hare Krishna Community for further info/clarification
  3. Our body is a beautiful gift of God It deserves to be maintained with something much better than chocolate and coffee Replace chocolate with something healthy My favorite is raisins and soaked cashews If you binge, binge on fruits! If you still crave something, go for a run or do some recreational activity My favorite activity when I feel some craving is: Cleaning. Compost the peels and shells from fruit waste. This way you’ll enrich the soil and also support local fruit businesses instead of supporting giant chocolate producers and shippers. Stay healthy, happy and hydrated All the best
  4. Here's some explanation you might not expect There is nothing "casual" about sex If sex is casual, you would have no objection/emotional turmoil. You can just have sex all the time and stay happy. But then why is casual sex leading to so many anxieties, when it's only meant for pleasure/happiness/intimacy? The reason is because of what I call "temporary/material/bodily consciousness": Just the way an airplane, which goes up has to come down at some point of time, this sexual pleasure also dwindles. Why would you want to subscribe to something so temporary? Do you hear me? Not just that, there are also other side effects. Just like porn addiction, people having casual sex or sex for pure pleasure would at some point get addicted to the idea of deriving pleasure from sexual intercourse. Especially in case of most women, it leads to illusory emotional attraction and attachments towards the man with whom she sleeps with. While in reality the sex was "meant" to be casual. On the long term it is important for self-actualizers to reduce the need for sex, especially sex for pleasure. And use this time and energy to have more meaningful relationships and invest in important engagements that serve our life purpose. As illustrated in this picture, the more we develop the less important these lower level needs become. So I wish you all the very best with navigating your needs and accomplishing your life purpose, whatever it is.... Also, for people here who are trying to attain enlightenment by dissolving their ego: Casual sex, sex for pleasure, porn addiction and masturbation also feeds your bodily identification. If you're a woman this feeds your identification as a woman. Without it, there is no sex. So the more you engage in such activities, the more you are prone to temporary bodily attachments. This can also lead to anxiety and unhappiness when you don't get what you want. Therefore, be very careful while contemplating this, try to understand yourself and grow to your highest Self. Lastly, I'm not trying to steal your fun or anything like that. I'm only trying to share what I learnt. Hope this helps
  5. Cool! Thanks for sharing
  6. 100 ➗0 = Infinity ✅ 100 ➗Infinity = 0 ✅ Infinity = 0 [What are you smoking bro ?] Infinity ≠ 0 ✅
  7. How about a Like button just for this sub-forum? Rather, let's call it "Upvote" button.... This let's Leo and others know the demand and relevance of the topics suggested by individuals
  8. @Leo Gura Well Leo, Would you (dare to) put forth the above sentences in the context of infanticide and foeticide as well?
  9. Wait whaaaaat? !!!!! I would never ever dare to text this to a girl. It obviously sounds very scary and creepy. At the same time it can be sexual. Do you really think this is ok pre-sex?
  10. Dear @Elisabeth Thank you for highlighting the humbler aspects in my post. You are so kind and patient enough for doing it. I feel so optimistic and fortunate for receiving your advice. However, I had to edit my post by inducing some fake humility and removing the more arrogant parts in it so that the post does not repel people from reading it. At my core I feel that I am very arrogant and disrespectful in a lot of situations. I call this the "keen listening exercise (KLE)" for my own reference. I followed this extremely wise suggestion. I am now able to remove the judgements and diversions that are coming up during lectures. I've been able to understand seminars and lectures much better since yesterday (which is when I started KLE). I will continue practicing your "keen listening exercise" in all kinds of social interactions over the next few months and see how my behavior changes. I am sure its gonna work. I will let you know about my progress in a few months.
  11. Dear @Farnaby Thank you very much for your valuable advice I will be aware of them Yup. That quiet evidently sounds like an oxymoron I will definitely observe myself more proactively, and try to understand more deeply about my arrogance and its roots. Sure! However, I guess that would take a few months
  12. Dear Forum, I am a very arrogant, proud and nosy guy. I have this preachy attitude everytime I talk to people. They hate me for that, and often warn me that I can't get too far with such an attitude. Some tell me that I act like a shrink, while others accuse me of mansplaining. I lost a lot of friendships, relationships and a few good contacts because of this attitude. Not just that, I think I am losing many other unnoticed lessons just because of this attitude. On the other hand, I came across a few charismatic people. They are very humble, receptive, and have the ability to make and maintain a lot of friendships and relationships. They learn very quickly. They are always calm and composed. I don't want to be that preachy guy. Please help me with the following: (i) How can I become genuinely humble and not be someone who shows fake humility during particular situations? (ii) What does humility mean to you? What are your successes/failures with humility? (iii) How to avoid preachy behavior and be of real help to people around me ? I believe your responses would be very helpful to me Thanks in advance !!
  13. Dear @Andreas Here is how I see it: Everybody, by default, makes a difference in the world. S/he turns O2 into CO2, water into urine and food into crap. However, the difference I make is to be in line with the principles that I have. I ask myself: (i) Am I being a blessing or a burden to the people around me? (ii) Am I being satisfied by doing what I am doing? Keeping this in mind, I try to do whatever is possible by me, even if its a small thing. For instance, I keep a bunch of fruits in my backpack so that I can lend it to any hungry people on the street if I ever come across them. I also try to pick up unattended garbage at the park/footpath and give it at the upcycling center. I know its not a significant difference but still, its the least that I can. If a 100 others like me do similar things, a lot of objectives can be met even without government's support. If your core research interests are in pure math, but would like to contribute to ending slavery or climate change then you might want to bridge them. You can explore on how pure maths can be applied to climate science. I've taken courses where non-linear dynamics was extensively used in climate science to understand the "tipping-points" in our climate system. Similarly for slavery, you could delve into economics and statistics for designing an economy where slavery is not required. I don't have that much of an expertise with slavery/economics, so, this was just a wild guess. But I think you got my point here. So essentially, make your job "entertaining" by bridging your concerns (ending slavery or climate change) with your job. If you think your job clearly isn't going to help you as much with your concerns, then plan on changing your job.