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  1. I just got done with it a couple of months ago and I can’t stress the importance of it. I’ve learned my core values, and streghnths, and I can’t stress the importance of learning these things in order to find out who you are. Not only do you figure out these things but also how to implement them into your life.
  2. Is it best to start developing concentration habit before meditation retreat?
  3. Make sure your not consuming to much sugar in your diet.
  4. Make sure to bring awareness to the muscles while lifting and keep good form. So important for vitality and make sure to do cardio and stretch.
  5. I feel like it’s the stem of why all the other areas are so disfunctional. My buddy said that most of his dissatisfaction in life stems from his lack of conscious friends and his lack of contribution to society which is a huge first step to improving the other areas. Also I think it’s just because there’s a lack of understanding in most communities so there is a lot of stigma.
  6. I was using coaching questions on a few buddies and had them fill out a Life Wheel Assesment which covers areas such as work, money, living environment, personal growth, health and recreation, community, family, and God. You rank your satisfaction on each area and use questions to get down to goal setting. One of main areas that stuck out the most was community and I can’t help but wonder If this is the average area that people are most dissatisfied in life. Is there any other coaches who notice this as well?
  7. Kinda stuck between spending 90 days working on zen body or Mastering the core teachings. Which one is proffered for newbies?
  8. I guess a better question is am I ready as a newbie to use the techniques?
  9. I’m a newbie to self actulization and meditation. Should I wait until I’m alittle more psychologically developed in order to work with a Hardcore Dharma book like Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha?
  10. Sorry didn’t mean to post it here.
  11. https://youtu.be/V_Fp93OtaHE
  12. Been following Leo for about half a year and I totally see how having a low sense of self aka self esteem has been really holding me back. My sense of self has been flawed by my perception of other people’s perceptions of me which really made me confused about my identity. A big thing that really gets me hyped up is Peter Ralsons body being book which talks about the body and identity. I can totally see how consciousness and the body is huge for dropping your limiting beliefs and discovering true intelligence from body awareness through insight.
  13. I’ve been dabbling with it for some time and once I started reading mastery I realized how self esteem coincides with the mastery process.
  14. This is so true with the motivational part because while I was reading the philosophy of self esteem a key thing he said to get over laziness was to know that your fighting for your love of your life which really got me up to do some work.
  15. I’ve been very confused with how to approach the sentence completion work for the Six Pillars. I’ve been doing the sentence completions for raising my consciousness but don’t know how long I should do it for or if it’s the pretence for addressing consciousness to the other pillars. Please help