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  1. @Breakingthewall I don't know about that. Yes , i don't deny the appearances inside the Absolute. So what do you think when Michael Singer says that the world has nothing to do with us? I don't understand. This only makes sense if the world is random without a God behind it.
  2. @Breakingthewall What do you mean it is useless? Also, i think there is only the absolute. The relative is a construction of the ego-mind.
  3. What does it mean when someone says that Consciousness is an impersonal field. I don't get it... Sounds kinda negative.
  4. @Carl-Richard I agree. But i am also constantly aware of a body and its feelings, thoughts , etc.
  5. Hello everyone. I have been taking benzos (mostly diazepam) for the last 3 weeks. I have not abused the medication. I take it temporarily for a condition that i face. Anyways.. now i am preparing to quit taking diazepam completely. Is it ok to stop taking the medication cold turkey or should i taper off? Today i felt a "weird" sensation in my heart but i don't know if it is related to diazepam or not, and now i am kinda in a fearful state.. I do not feel any signs of withdrawal or a serious physical need for the drug. Keep in mind , that i have not abused the substance these last 3 weeks that i am taking it.
  6. @flowboy Yeah... The doctor told me i can go either way.
  7. Hello everyone. I want to try 100mg of modafinil tomorrow morning. But i don't want it to negatively affect my sleep. What's your experience with taking modafinil and sleeping at night? I read that modafinil has a long half-life and this is why i am concerned.
  8. @Arthogaan Hmm.. Interesting.. So what is the dose currently that works best for you??
  9. @Arthogaan Do you recommend this substance? What's your take on it?
  10. @Cireeric Yeah.. it seems its about finding the right dose. Do you recommend this substance? I would like to know your opinion. Because i have very little experience with this substance and i wanna run an experiment with it.
  11. @Leo Gura How many mgs do you use?? And .. do you still recommend this substance?? I just wanna try it for the experience. I took 100mg early in the morning. And i like the effect. Makes me a little bit more aware/conscious i would say. Also gave me a smooth light buzz which i like.
  12. @acidgoofy How many miligrams you take though ??
  13. @Leo Gura If i take it early in the day, will it affect at all my sleep at night?? I am asking because of the long half life..
  14. Hello everyone. I have obtained some modafinil and i wanna try it it. I would like to start with 100mg. I have not done much research on the drug , although i know some things. I read that it has a long half-life of 12 hours. But from my experience with other drugs those half life numbers are pretty inaccurate many times.... Anyways my question is this: If i take 100mg of modafinil at morning will i be able to sleep well at night? Thanks.
  15. I am watching Leo's latest video about falling in love with life. Some great principles overall but there is something i don't like about the video. Basically what i don't like is that he presents a very very Contigent form of happiness and joy with life. (Some could argue that all happiness is contigent). I am of the opinion that you should strive for the best but not be attached to anything whatsoever. You don't really control anything. There are an infinite amount of variables out of your control. For example i am learning certain skills the last few years. Some very valuable skills. But i always know that anything can happen. Anything could go wrong and destroy all my progress in a heartbeat. Tomorrow a flower pod maybe drop in my head from a balcony and destroy all my skills. All my years of learning to do X,Y,Z completely gone. Stuff like this happens. Or maybe you get some unexpected dementia. Or whatever else. What do you do in such cases? With Leo's latest video logic , you will just end up killing yourself. Or always be super paranoid about stuff going wrong. There is no way to be 100% sure of anything in this life. All yours investments may never pay off. My point is this: Its good to do stuff but never cling to any of it. Otherwise you will end up killing yourself. Ernrest Hemingway killed himself after losing his memory. What would Leo do if he got a severe illness tomorrow? How would he behave? Would he still continue on living if he was quadriplegic or something like this where he couldn't do much?? It seems to me that Leo is the type of person who wouldn't handle something like this very well. It doesn't align with his character. He would probably kill himself . He even admitted that he would do such thing , if he was stuck in wage slavery... I see some people that are in very bad states with terrible illnesses that find meaning and joy in life without killing themselves. And that is my role model. To always find a reason to live despite anything that might go wrong. You can rely on contigent happiness but this way, you are always looking over your shoulder for stuff that may go wrong. I know this because i have struggled with OCD for years. Your mind is always ''What if this goes wrong, what if that goes wrong''. That's not a way to live either. Most people live this way actually. Their happiness is a house of cards ready to collapse at an instance. You can destroy a person super super easily. After a certain point, you get so tired of living like that, that you are like ''fk it i don't care anymore''. Something similar happens to many homeless people and etc. After a certain point they don't care anymore and they are more happy than they used to . Like the person below. Or another example is Charles Bukowski. The great thing about him, was that he accepted being a drunk and didn't care to change it. He was ok, dying a drunk. This made him more happy. (I am not recommending for someone to be a drug addict or something like this. My point is different. My point is that its good to not care too much otherwise you will suffer for it greatly. Life will punish you if you care too much.) What about this video advice? Is this relevant and valid anymore ?
  16. I am trying to understand why some people are shy and others not. What is the fundamental reason/reasons. Can someone give me a good explanation?
  17. The last period of my life i have been learning more and more about game, pickup , etc. Also i have been doing a practice where i ask people for directions when i go outside for a walk. I am still not ready to pickup a woman. I need more preparation. Every day i see that pickup is more and more a possibility for me. It seemed like an impossibility not long ago. Anyways the #1 thing holding me back if a lot of scientism type of crap that i have read/listened/watched online. For example i read a book and watched many vids from an evolutionary pscychologist named David Buss. And he cites multiple times how basically women are attracted so much to resources and men with position of power. There is definitely a lot of truth to that but i have seen evidence that go contrary to that. I don't have much money and power and this is why i am afraid to start pickup. I have this belief in my head that if i had more money then everything would be so easy for me with women. But from what i've learned so far this is an illusion.. Moreover, i've heard from this David Buss scientist that if you get many rejections , it lowers your mate value, your self confidence and etc. All this has left be very fearful of crumbling when i get rejected by a girl.. These scientistis have never done pickup or dated more than a handful of women. Yet they act like they know stuff. Its so frustrating.
  18. @Leo Gura You don't actually want women to be more logical. Women have evolved to choose mates who can provide resources and who have physical strength for protection and for hunting. Imagine if a women totally judged you on how well you can protect her from other males or how well you can carry large weights of meat on your shoulder. It wouldn't go so well. It works well this way for all males because not all of us are providers who can also physically beat other males with ease.
  19. @Kksd74628 I don't know... I can believe that my confidence is like a gallon of water. And if i get rejected then that gallon of water can lessen. I believe it all depends on how you interpret the rejections.
  20. I am interested in some really serious deep change. No superficial sh*t. What is the key? What is the way or the method? From my understanding it seems that recognition or awareness of the thing you want to change is the most important component. But then how do you proceed with the change? What exactly do you do? Is just a method of repeating new behaviours until they become a part of who you are?
  21. Those are the worst type of women... Leo says that not all women like that. I believe it because i know from experience too. But a large quantity of women are like that. They need a male provider so they can buy all their expensive crap to remain beautiful. Its really insane. Especially if the women is stage Orange , then good luck...70% of the time she will probably care about how her a$$ and tits look. Its funny . If you are doing this actualized work, marrying a woman below stage green is gonna lead to disaster probably.
  22. @Leo Gura I guess what you mean by poorly is anything other than qualities that lead to resource acquisition and resources themselves. There is something to be said about this. Each sex competes for the characteristics that the other sex finds attractive. Women care about beauty. Because thats what men want. And most males care about becoming rich and powerful. There are not many Gandhis and Buddhas walking around . Because thats not what females want. If women did not value money , power , fame , prestige and all this stuff then no male human chimp would bother acquiring millions or even billions of dollars. And in the process cause enormous pain and misery to others. I doubt Genghis Khan or Alexander the 'Great' (great butcher and narcissist) would go into all this effort to kill so many people if it wasn't for women. (I know that when they conquered the territories, women did not have much choice but what about drug lords who have tons of females?) The main reason why males wanna become drug lords, billionaires, and etc is just because so they can get females. And sure they do. Imagine if tomorrow all females said to billionaires and drug lords This would change the entire game and make life better for more people. Noone would care to have more than others. I cannot blame women. I know. Their brains just get hacked. All of our brains get hacked by inputs. But we cannot deny that women play a huge role in all this violence. Males perpetuate the violence. Females pick the 'winner' though. Who is usually the most ruthless. Hitler sure did not have any problem mating. Nor any other sc*m of the earth who happens to have tons of power. I believe females are responsible for much of the unconsciousness of this planet. They choose who they mate with. Especially today. Plus they grow the children. Males are notoriously known for spending the least amount of time with children lol.
  23. @Federico del pueblo These scientists have never done pickup in their entire lifetime. All they have done is read a bunch of books and studies. And sure they have some direct experience with women. But still it is extremely limited. Despite all of this they still act like they know everything and its frustrating. Human nature is much more complicated than any study or book can capture. I guess the other 1% are psychopaths like Ted Bundy ahahahaha. Ted didn't need no pickup. He created his own unique way of getting laid (lol).
  24. @NoSelfSelf What do you mean? Why am i acting outside of my core? I would argue that these things that i identify are not really outside of me. I could identify with anything. Its still a part of my psyche. If i don't identify with anything , then its just Pure Awareness with no objects we might say.