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  1. @Leo Gura There is a chance a lot of us would have to live without pizza, ice cream, sandwiches, pastry, chocolate and coffee. I would say NO to that lifestyle. Truth is, pleasure of food counts for a huge chunk of pleasure in this world. I'm not sure that life is worth living. You can make millions of dollars and have a gratifying career and all that but if you cannot so much as enjoy a cup of cappuccino and a dark chocolate bar after a long workday?? ! No thank you!!!! I can only hope either fecal transplants or Stem Cell therapy does the trick and spare people the immense suffering..................
  2. When all said and done, the answer to autoimmunity lies potentially in either Fecal transplants or an Immune system reboot altogether. The carnivore diet helps with the amelioration of the symptoms not the stoppage of autoimmune activity. Took many years for me to get it............
  3. Hilarious.........and yet 100% true. 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Quite an interesting take on Psychedelic hallucinations......... "You realize you got nothing to lose". Part of me resonates with that for sure.
  5. Mine is a creamy banana ice cream.....................
  6. @Dunnel You have no idea how those problems are so easily taken care of in the path of enlightenment. Don't get me wrong. I know fully well you are not in a place mentally to even think about enlightenment and abstract ideas. But for the sake of greater good, at least put a pause on your stream of overthinking for now and delay any kinda action. At the moment all you just need is a clearer mind to see things better and back-pedal from self-destructive attitude. After that there exists myriad sources of support in many forms to bring you back to life and the magic of being alive. Again, TRUST THE WORD OF people in the forum. You'll come to know that your entire existence is pure Love. ❤️
  7. @Dunnel What would you say your biggest pain is right now?
  8. @Leo Gura A little bit of a Turk-Kurdish machismo which is quite prevalent in that region!!
  9. @Leo Gura Aside from obvious immunological manifestations, do you also experience digestive or other GI physical symptoms with SIBO? In other words can SIBO be a silent player wreaking havoc on your gut barrier while showing no other GI symptoms?
  10. That quote should headline the UN's charter.......................
  11. @Leo Gura Believe me he doesn't exactly relish being the Floridians' guy.................!!!! If you know what I mean
  12. You can also learn to use hypnosis. It's a great tool to erase any kind of insecurity from your subconscious. Try it and you will see it's marvelous effects.
  13. @Leo Gura You are cut from a different cloth....... Make sure you STAY DIFFERENT. 👍
  14. Give any person, country, faction disproportionate power and what you have is the abuse of power. Unfortunately, with Israel this abuse has gone beyond just it's regional affairs. Even within the US, monsters like Harvey Weinstein, Jeffery Epstein were directly or indirectly protected by the Israeli power brokers. Ask yourself this: What in the world were the Israeli spying agencies doing in the US stalking and terrorizing the rape victims of Mr Weinstein??? This is a stark reality and quite a touchy subject that needs to be addressed without relegating to Anti-semitism.
  15. For those of you who were anxious about Trump not surrendering power.... ......a case lesson for you: Remember to not elevate spoiled born-rich cry babies to a hardened warlords status!!!!
  16. @Matt8800 What would you suggest as best book on developing gnosis?
  17. @Leo Gura Part 3 video dropping anytime soon?
  18. This video has him appear most presidential and even most grounded he has ever been in his whole life. Apparently the horrors of the disease has humbled him a little bit. I hope he doesn't carry this newly-found charisma onto the debate stage and the campaign trail or it may spell bad news for the democrats.
  19. Right on the money...................HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA
  20. Who we kiddin Leo? Let's face it the woman was another starved, hot girl from Slovania dreaming of Chanel tote bags and all that.......! Give her a break!!
  21. @Leo Gura Absolutely!
  22. @Leo Gura All true. But with him the game goes on as long as he or his brand doesn't have to pay a price in any form or shape. When anything from him is on the line, He folds like a lawn chair!!!
  23. Guys..... please!! Trump is NOT a gangster! You can take that to the bank!!! He is NOT a martyr fighting for a cause.... He isn't built for mutiny....In fact, He is all too fragile for that!! In the west, because of the relative order and the civility and the lack of chaos people tend to have an unrealistic image of people who talk "tough". (Bill Maher for one) Ascribing to them things that they are simply not! Trump might wish to not leave the white house but by no means is he capable of orchestrating REAL disruption in the system or the country.
  24. This whole Beta/Alpha binary shit is a relative concept and doesn't apply in a real sense to today's world. The concept was coined with regard to the world of animals where physical domination determines their behavior in a pack. It's not a "thing" in the human world. In the human beings world physical strength is not the most important survival factor anymore. In fact it is becoming less and less important by the progression of civilization. Unless a fight breaks out or somebody is getting assaulted physical toughness does not usually figure as important or significant. Obviously, your environment and your unique skill set relative to that environment confers you your status in society. To illustrate: A 300-pound MMA fighter is considered "the Apha" in a gym........ but not necessarily so when he is in a beach somewhere swimming in the ocean (Where he is at the mercy of the lifeguards to watch and save his ass from drowning......) or not when the same fighter sojourns in a foreign country....where he depends on the locals for protection or even for speaking the language. In the business world, corporate execs are widely known as alphas when dealing with all the employees and underlings. But not necessarily so when they fly with their pilot in a helicopter thousands of feet up in the air!!! It's not the executive who runs the show!!! There and then, the pilot are so-called alphas. Or when the same executive's car beaks down while driving with their family at 3 am in the middle of nowhere.....Some car mechanic will come along and play than alpha savior role.... and Mr executive better listen and follow his orders!!! Because the survival is a much more complex matter in humans, the alpha/beta characterization is a false concept. However, that doesn't stop salesmen/cult leaders/politicians to employ it as yet another manipulation tactic to control people......
  25. He seems to be moving up on that self-development scale........ gotta admit it felt unreal hearing those words coming out of Jimmy's mouth . The guy obviously has done some inner work recently.