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  1. The last few months I have been working very hard studying web development and computer programming related topics. I am currently working part-time while investing anywhere between 3-6 hours everyday studying and practicing. I have a clear vision for what I want in life and where I want to be, at least within the next 5-10 years, and I have been working incredibly hard and sacrificing a lot to get to this position within the next few months to a year. However, my dilemma is that I have SO many interests in my life and so many things I want to study and learn about and get involved in. These last few months I have given up a lot of things that I would normally engage in. Things like: daily exercise, taking nutrition seriously, reading books, meditating, watching interesting documentaries, staying up to date with politics, engaging on this forum etc... Literally all I've done the last 4 months is work and study. And I have progressed an enormous amount because of it. I seriously feel like I'm making considerable strides towards my goal. But I really miss my other hobbies and feel that I'm stagnating in other areas where I want to grow. For those who are pursuing a LP or career or have successfully done so already, did you have to make similar sacrifices? How did you deal with this? Where you able to pick up hobbies and interests when your goal was eventually met? In reality, of course I already know sacrifices are going to have to be made if I want to achieve my goal in the timeframe I have set for myself. I guess I'm just curious about how others dealt with these sacrifices.
  2. I've bought the LP course by the way, haven't finished quite yet but I'm pretty close. I've been very distracted and busy lately with my first full-time job after college. Anyway, at this point I definitely know what my top values are. I also know what some of my top strengths are. For example, I would say that both my top strength and value are quite similar, being knowledge/understanding and love of learning and curiosity in the world, respectively. Basically any time I have nothing to do or worry about, I'm learning and reading about SOMETHING. I just love gaining a very broad understanding of as much of reality as I can. Politics, history, philosophy, art, business, personal finance, science, spirituality, self-help, music...literally anything that will make me a more knowledgeable human being in every domain I find important and valuable. However, lately I feel like I've been stuck in this loop of trying to figure out how to actually manifest a tangible project or career or LP based on my strengths and values. It almost seems like my life purpose is to figure out my life purpose. I just can't seem to find a specific domain where I can gain real skills to offer because I kind of hate the whole idea of committing my life to such a narrow thing. I want to learn everything! I'm not necessarily asking for an answer to what I should do because I fully realize that ultimately it's up to me to introspect and figure out. However, I also realize that to actually enable myself to escape wage slavery and build the independent lifestyle I want for myself (freedom being a HUGE value of mine), I need to develop REAL marketable skills. That's what I'm struggling with. In some ways I just don't see how a love of learning and curiosity in the world is actually a strength that would offer value to anybody but myself. Again, I know it's for me to figure out, I don't want any super specific answers, just maybe some general advice. Do I need to literally just PICK A REAL SKILL and start my journey on mastering it? Maybe I just need to finish the course, lol.
  3. I know this is a strange place to ask a question about investing but I trust this community and most people in the crypto realm are sketchy as hell. I’ve been starting to get into investing and personal finance the last couple months and reading some books, watching some videos etc about various investments and things of that sort. I set up a Roth, put $3000 into a Vanguard index fund, and mostly focusing on paying off school debt. Now that crypto is blowing up again I feel like I need to get educated on it so I don’t miss a big opportunity. But trying to research this stuff is so overwhelming, there’s a billion different people saying a billion different things and it seems nobody knows what the hell is actually going to happen with it. I obviously admit that I’m uneducated on it, but I just don’t understand how crypto is even an “investment”. Isn’t it just a medium of exchange? Why is it valued at what its at exactly? I don’t understand what’s driving it’s value besides people simply thinking it’s valuable for whatever reason and buying more and more of it. It seems empty. Should I commit some time to trying to understand it more? Where’s the best place to learn? I already learned my lesson when in 2017 I broke the #1 rule of investing (buy low, sell high.) I literally bought crypto at its peak, held for 3 years and eventually sold for a slight loss. I don’t want to make the same mistake.
  4. Well done. At the very least, you have made many new valuable connections which can serve you going forward. Good job on identifying what you want and being outgoing about it
  5. A few months ago I decided that I am going to study web development and become a software developer as my career. I have been studying for 3 months and have learned so much and have really made strides on this path. However I think I have a problem in that I am too impatient and want things now. Part of me clearly understands that learning programming by myself is going to be difficult and can take me quite a while before I am job ready, but another part of me wants it right now and there's that little voice that tells me no matter how much I study I still won't be competent enough to actually find a job. I've even told myself who cares if it takes 2 or 3 years, I'll be 25 by then and will still be able to reap the benefits of a career like this at a very young age. But again part of me understands that and another part is doubtful that I'll ever be able to learn what's required to get a job. I guess part of the problem is that I am impatient and just need to stop overthinking and attack each day at a time, and another part just doubts that I'll ever even make it. Does anyone have any tips for how to better develop patience? I've read that so many people have been able to teach themselves web development and land a job after only a few months. I'm having trouble accepting that it may take longer, and even if it does it will still be worth it.
  6. @Hello from Russia Great advice, thanks.
  7. To all you developers and programmers out there... I've been grinding the last month teaching myself front-end web development . I've already covered the basics of HTML/CSS and have built several cool static web projects. I am actually moving on to my JavaScript course today. The reason I got into studying this stuff is because I have no desire to work in the finance world which is what I studied at college and have been thinking and looking for alternatives for quite a while now. I think the Life Purpose Course didn't necessarily directly show me that I want to become a developer but definitely helped me realize my values and strengths which ultimately lead me down a road of discovering this career path. Another reason is because I've always wanted to sort of have that digital nomad lifestyle in which I could travel and work in different parts of the world while earning a decent salary, and it seems that developer jobs are ideal for digital nomad type of life. I am asking if anyone has any tips for someone who is self-teaching. I start a part-time finance job next week so thankfully I will have tons of time to commit to studying and practicing. So far I've been doing anywhere between 25-45 hours a week. Is web development the right choice? What should I expect when it comes time to apply to jobs? How do I make myself stand out? Really any tips are appreciated. Leo I believe you were a self-taught game developer so if you happen to be reading this maybe you can give me a tip or 2 on what to expect or how to approach finding employment. Thanks.
  8. @Hello from Russia Thanks for the response. So as of right now, I've clearly established that I am going down the path of front-end development. Basically the path is simply HTML/CSS (which I've learned the fundamentals of), then JavaScript, then React all while building projects along the way to showcase in a portfolio to potential employers. You didn't mention that you are a programmer yourself in your response but I hope what I just said makes sense. Do you think this is an employable path? Should I get even more specific beyond specializing in a framework like React? If you yourself are not a developer you can just ignore my response.
  9. Hey everyone, Since I graduated with a degree in Finance in May 2020 I’ve only been able to manage a 3 month contract position (it was supposed to be 6 months) which helped me gain some relevant experience in things like SAP and other typical cooperate corporate job things. I’ve recently realized that what I want more than anything in life is to eventually be able to work remotely. I want to have a decent job and be able to work from any country I want. I am a long way off considering I have almost 0 experience and remote jobs are typically even harder to land than regular on-site jobs but I’m now prepared and more motivated than ever to take necessary action to move along the path of my dream. Here is my question: As I continue to struggle to find my real first full time job, what SPECIFIC things can I learn on my own to boost up my resume and allow me to add some more skills and knowledge to my arsenal? I already know a bit of SAP and recently bought a course to get even better at Excel because I’m only intermediate at the moment. What else is very impressive and useful in the finance world? Should I learn quickbooks? SQL? Python? Salesforce? I know it probably depends on the exact job or realm I want to enter but just generally what would be useful and helpful to land my my first job? Thanks so much for reading and answering.
  10. In the context of the conversation a friend of mine sort of made a harmless joke suggesting that being "gender-fluid" is no different than and just as absurd as claiming to be "racial-fluid". I kind of laughed but then started thinking about it and actually became curious to whether or not that was true and if there were other scenarios where one can just insert any category and claim to be "blank-fluid". So I thought that there are clear differences between masculinity and femininity while there are no inherent differences between races, naturally speaking. It's possible for a woman to be more in touch with her masculine side and vice versa but you will not see a Chinese man claim to in fact be an Arab because what is exactly the difference that we can pin-point between Chinese people and Arabs (aside from culture differences)? And then one can claim that we shouldn't ignore the culture aspect and perhaps a Chinese person feels Arab because he is more in touch with Arab culture. But culture is not really dependent on actual races because you can see an individual of one particular race who "acts" in the same fashion another race typically does, whatever that means. But that would further validate the concept of gender-fluidity because perhaps (obviously) masculinity and femininity is not dependent on your biological sex. I don't know. It's interesting to think about. What am I missing?
  11. Picking up the habit again, I want to take it very serious (relative to how serious I was taking it in recent times). 30 min morning, 30 min evening. I have been doing it all week and have seen through all the sessions but I have serious problems of drifting into sleep when I meditate. A year or 2 ago I used to meditate more seriously and I don’t remember this being an issue. It’s like I catch myself falling asleep, and I tell myself: “that’s it! Focus now. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.” Next thing you know I have all these random images in my mind and my head is slowly sagging down as I fall asleep! It’s so frustrating because I want these sessions to be productive. Are there any practical tips or is it a matter of just sticking through it every single day and gradually getting better?
  12. I feel like manipulation is inherent when it comes to stock trading in the short term. It’s too easy to do with hedge funds who have insane pools of money or when individuals form a massive coalition like this case. I think the best strategy would be to just avoid the game of trying to time the market and pick individual stocks. It’s way too risky, stressful, and most importantly to me, a massive distraction. I never really used to think of it this way but now I just feel like engaging in this short-term bullshit on companies with horrible fundamentals just to make a quick buck is rather cringeworthy to me. If you are going to invest in individual companies, it should be ones that have a vision that you are passionate about and believe in. Based on all the research I’ve done, its easy to make money in the stock market by simply being patient and investing in relatively safe index funds that track the entire market over the course of several decades. It’s just insane how easy it is to become totally consumed by investing with very short-term goals.
  13. Just gotta wonder if large online communities band together like this they could probably constantly fuck over Wall Street. I wonder if they are going to try to regulate these communities manipulation, even though these hedge funds and institutions always manipulate themselves.
  14. @Roy You think that'll be the case even if Biden fails to achieve anything significant over the next 2 years? I know he has already signed over a dozen executive orders, but by significant I mean addressing major issues like student loan debt, expanding medicare, raising minimum wage, helping to create a more equitable and just society etc. Considering the Dems have the opportunity to achieve almost anything they want though Congress, if they get nothing done won't the finger just be pointed at them as they're called "do-nothing-dems"? Also, it'll be interesting to see how Biden deals with the Middle-East and if he'll start to engage in more Neo-lib bullshit wars over there as I think a decent portion of the country has been wising up to these wasteful and useless wars. It seems anti-war is a stance that voters on both aisles tend to agree with.
  15. It'll be interesting to see how many Rep politicians try to hang on and pander to Trump's crowd over the next several years. It seems like Trump and his nut-huggers like Cruz, Rubio, Carlson, and I'm sure several others are more popular among this radicalized conservative voter base than the likes of Romney. I'm sure a large percent of rep voters will not soon forget Romney's negative opinion and stance on their beloved cult leader. Either way I am definitely curious to see who it will be. Also, keep an eye on Josh Hawley.
  16. @Lyubov @integral fascinating videos. Definitely something to consider and ponder
  17. I don’t understand. Which is it? I thought ownership was supposed to be anonymous. This is the headline I woke up to this morning
  18. He’s actually one of the only members of “the intellectual dark web” I don’t mind that much. I think he has a lot of good and interesting takes and I find myself agreeing with him a lot. Even if I disagree, I still often find what he has to say interesting. However, there is one subject he likes to discuss that I think he is shockingly limited in: Islam. It’s insane how bad he demonizes Islam. For someone so intelligent and rational you’d think he’d try to put all the different pieces together and understand the several variables at play that can often lead to radical Islam. Things like culture, history, geography, geopolitical and socio-economic factors etc. he ignores basically all of those things and simply points his finger at Islam itself and acts like it’s inherently more evil and more corrupt than any other faith on the planet.
  19. @vinc3nc Except all the hackers who can break into your wallet and steal it away from you
  20. @StarStruck Trust me, I know. But there’s also the inevitable fear of missing out. I’m not going to act on that fear, but I also have no clue whatsoever how low it’s going to drop so I can dip my toes in it. It seems so risky
  21. Hey guys! I made a post a while back about how I've been outgrowing my friends and no longer really feel a connection with them and the unhealthy, repetitive, and boring activities they choose to engage in. I feel this disconnect is rapidly escalating as I continue to take my life more seriously and try to improve myself. For example, I've recently decided to take my health and nutrition very seriously. I've always eaten rather healthy, but now I'm deliberately cutting way down on meat, bread, cheese, and other processed food. This is a direct conflict with the way in which my friends live because hanging out with them usually involves drinking a shit ton of alcohol and eating nasty, unhealthy restaurant food. Moreover, in terms of spiral dynamics, I would consider myself pretty green while my friends are deeply orange and even red. So when I make changes in my life such as clean up my diet and focus on plant based foods, I'm a "pussy" or a "soy boy" or some other dumb shit. I would really love to one day meet some like-minded individuals who I can on occasion go out drinking with and have some fun with, but who also have similar values and similar lifestyles. I want friends who are mature and wise and healthy who I can go on adventures and travel with. This is a dream of mine, traveling around the world is something I deeply want to do, but the thought of going to amazing places with my current friends is a terrible thought, and I'd rather not go alone. I know this journey is meant to be traveled alone and that I shouldn't expect others to join or comfort me, but I value friendship and adventure. This is what I want to know: In your own personal journey, how have you handled outgrowing your friends? Were your friends already mature and on the same journey as you? Were you able to meet like-minded individuals? And if so, how? What are some tips for meeting new amazing friends? I have had the same group of friends since high school and even earlier, and I am so ready to meet new people.
  22. It’s absolutely a value, and actually what I consider to be my top value. Well, learning/understanding is among my top 3 or 5 values, but I would say curiosity about the world, which I consider to be rather similar, is my top strength. This is according to multiple personality, value, and strength tests I’ve taken online. Plus I clearly know that in my free time there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than learning about SOMETHING. I’m just so curious about so many things, it could be history, philosophy, spirituality, astronomy, exercise, nutrition... you name it. For me its really just a matter of figuring out how to align this value and strength into a career or life purpose.
  23. @The_Alchemist Hope you’re kidding about that ?. Tai Lopez? Come on bro
  24. I feel like I’m in too deep and have learned too much to simply turn my back on spiritual teachings. I find them interesting to learn about, as I do many other things (reading/learning about psychedelics included). If I’m honest though, the true genuine desire for truth just isn’t there at the moment. Nor has it really ever been in my young life. I mostly study these things because I simply find them interesting to learn about and think about. In fact, at this moment in time I find stories and discussions about “truth” and things like complete ego annihilation to be incredibly terrifying. Especially stories about really extreme psychedelic trips. I find them as scary as I do fascinating. The “truth”, although undoubtedly the most interesting topic of discussion I’ve ever discovered, seems painful and unpleasant when I hear about it. Is it possible this genuine desire for truth will one day emerge (I’m only 22). Should I stick to it, as in continue reading, watching videos, meditating, journaling and doing everything else I’ve been doing? I simply don’t have the life experience and courage to take this path seriously, although I feel as though I SHOULD, at least eventually. I think I would feel extreme guilt if I lived my whole life without ever really pursuing spirituality hard. I’ve just learned too much already. That said, I do sometimes feel as though it would have been better if I was completely ignorant of this subject
  25. @Leo Gura Khabib is definitely very blue, but for some reason it is actually incredibly admirable. I think it might be because he operates in a world full of stage red and Orange people, and so his strong values and principles are quite refreshing, as limited as they may be.