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  1. So I just turned 29 recently. Anyways I've always been insecure when it came to approaching Women. If I knew them it's easy to talk to them. Plus I knew their interests. However when it's someone new it's a different story. You know nothing about them, what to say or how to even get to know them. So anyways here's my question. Recently I've become way more confident. What's a good way to approach Women you've never met and a good way to start a conversation with them to have a good chance at leaving with their number? I've been single a long time and I'm ready to get back out there. I'm definitely more of the quiet type in general. Sometimes I do get approached by Woman.
  2. @aurum i seem to bring the ones who are a bit needy and not as independent as I am. Their need I'd what causes issues. Also sometimes they try to find someone else while with me xD. That's a start. Not my last one but before her they like to create drama and chaos in their life too. Also their issues can get in the way too.
  3. Anyone know how to bring a healthy relationship in their life? When it comes to dating and relationships I seem to only bring the unhealthy relationships into my life. However I really want to change this. I really want my next relationship to be a healthy one.
  4. @MM1988 my experiences are that depression is your mind/ego resisting what your subconscious wants to let go. I suffered from major depression most of my life until I learned I was resisting these changes. I stopped being depressed when I started accepting how I felt/ let it go. These days theirs brief moments I feel that way but I just let it go and I'm happy again. I hope this helps!
  5. @Serotoninluv I checked out the video you sent me. I just wanted to let you know that I'm not a beginner by any means. I'm quite far into Kundalini activation. I'm actually pretty close to self realization. When it comes to spiritually I'm really into the deep stuff. The lighter stuff is really boring to me due to where I am spiritual. It was a useful video though and I'm glad you sent it! Currently I'm trying to figure out the meaning to life so anything associated with that would be grateful. However I'll check out some of his other videos too. When I say pondering I forgot to add that I took your advice with not coming up with new ideas with what I ponder that way the mind doesn't get involved. I sldo know that something and nothing are a paradox and their polar opposites. My current feeling is that you have everything and nothing. Which is separation as everything and nothing is oneness. However over both you have true oneness.
  6. @Katlicitas orginally telegram. Theirs some good spiritual groups on there. One of her goals is to Helo humanity with evolution by that I mean higher conciousness. Which in my opinion is one of the points to life.
  7. When I say pondering I forgot to add that I took your advice with not coming up with new ideas with what I ponder that way the mind doesn't get involved. I sldo know that something and nothing are a paradox and their polar opposites. My current feeling is that you have everything and nothing. Which is separation as everything and nothing is oneness. However over both you have true oneness.
  8. Awesome thank you! Believe it or not this helps a bit! I've been pondering this for awhile. It definitely is helpful! I've never thought to use psydelics to help with answers actually. That's good information! I typically use LSA when I use those type of drugs. I'm curious about kriya toga though. Especially if it helps with self inquiry. I'll look it up and give it a try! Thank you for the information!
  9. Yeah I need this! If it helps me with what I need help with. Than I'm all for it. With the exception of a few big blocks most of my blocks are mind blockages. I'll watch them all over time. Thanks again everyone!
  10. I love everyone's reply on this! I usually laugh when I see when someones ego can't accept ideas that go against their beliefs. People should be open minded. Just because something goes against your belief system is no reason to discontinue it. Instead ponder it and try to figure out why someone believes it. Than decide wether you believe it or not. Leo is correct. We create our own suffering due to our own mind. Being free of the mind and having control over it rather being controlled by it like the OP here is part of Enlightenment. Never discontinue an idea just because it goes against your own belief system. Beliefs are just illusions and lies anyways. Instead of calling it ridiculous with your ego you should of asked how is suffering caused by ourselves. That would of been a better post.
  11. @VioletFlame sorry on the delay! I just joined this site under a day ago so I'm not sure how to know when others tag me. I actually o lynsaw this going through my own feed! Also I did leave one thing out of my technique that actually makes it way more powerful. However people that fear negative energy would not enjoy doing it at first. With everything I listed I also see the negative energy going into my heart chakra. So basically I'm purifying and integrating that bad energy into myself. I'm helping my own growth by doing this. However if your heart chakra isn't open enough or if you don't have enough love this can hurt at first but it definitely opens up your chakra more by. What I listed in the above message the love being sent out still makes the energy in the room very good. I'm glad you find my technique powerful! I hope it helps you too! I did see you mention that on the body and chakra cleansing. I actually don't know how to do that. I usually clear my chakras of blocks which I'm sure does similar affects. It still cleans them out. Except that by getting rid of the blocks it keeps it clean from that block. I'm curious on your techniques though! I'm always learning new techniques by things I'm guided to. You're right on purifying your own energy as well :). I actually hadn't thought of that but you're right! Thanks for this actually :). Your visualization sounds very interesting! I hope you don't mind if I try it! However if it's love you're after I can send it to you energetically all you have to do is ask :). You will feel it too even if you're not aware I'm sending it to you. That makes sense! I used to use sage smudge sticks. It kept spirits away and purified the energy. However it didn't make the energy in the room feel really good and amazing. Also the sticks took time to use as well lol that's why I stopped using it with the exception of hanging sage above my door to outside my apartment. Thank you for the information! Also btw I've updated my profile. You should check it out again! I wasn't aware we could add more information on our profiles until 30 minutes ago.
  12. I had a great teacher. She has full embodiment for enlightenment. Yet even she keeps growing more and more. That's past self realization btw. Further than what texts speak of and what I've seen leo speak of. However I haven't read all his info so it's possible that he has mentioned full embodiment. Anyways she taught me so much and i learned a lot from her. Thanks to her I try my best to help whoever I can even if it's just a little! I. Glad the information helped you and I hope you get back to where you were! Once you've dealt with those pains you will get back into it though!
  13. @Katlicitas your welcome! Im glad I helped! I've been through a lot so I can relate to most people! I've suffered a lot too. Eventually you'll see suffering as different too. Whenever I start to feel depressed I just accept everything I'm feeling and it stops. If you ever have issues accepting anything just force the energy into your heart chakra than you've accepted it. Learning to accept everything will keep you so much happier and it'll help you grow so much more. It's a very useful skill anyways. Only our egos want to hold onto everything.
  14. It's people's issues. Seeking approval feels good because their giving into their issues rather than trying to fix them. I used to be like this year's ago. I had an abusive childhood so I couldn't really see my own value/ worth. I had self worth issues and I was needy due to my own issues. Getting others approval made me feel better about myself temporary and like I had value. However eventually it didn't really help anymore and it caused me more pain than anything which caused me to start to Working on those issues. Now I'd rather be alone than seek others approval. This is why I used to be like this. I hope this helps!
  15. You didn't lose anything. You're in the low right now you could say. Typically theirs high and lows especially when. You get further. You're alone feeling all this because this is what your true self wants for your self. Being alone will help you over come these lonely feelings. Also depression is always caused by resistance. You're ego is not willing to let go and since. You're trying to let it go both sides of yourself is pulling in opposite directions you could say in a sense. (Using that as an example.) Which is cause for the pain. If you let it go it would be blissful and it wouldn't hurt and you wouldn't feel down. The lessons and the stuff you're feeling now. I've also been through it so I understand. In general I used to be depressed frequently. It was the worst in the winter for me though. Once you're through this you will be happier! Try to get yourself back into meditation though as it'll help greatly! Even if it's just 10 mins a day at first. Deal with those issues first causing all this than make you focus getting back into your habits. Sometimes it's best to focus on one thing at a time to get yourself back in track. Dealing with issues like these should be your focus first. I hope this helps!