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  1. I've also have been thinking about the definition of happiness. A therapist once told me that life is like a rollercoaster. But, buddhism taught me that our true state is content and peace. Excitement, joy, euphoria are all passing states of emotions. This dichotomy of emotions is I think the result of a society that is always seeking pleasure, multitasking, and searching for the next best thing. I guess happiness is loving the plateau or the stillness in life.
  2. @Ulax That is interesting. It sounds like you are still working on yourself but on a specific issue. Maybe once I start therapy I can pinpoint the major problem I need to work on. @Nahm You're right the use of therapy and self development skills can improve the quality of life. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Hey! Let me know how it went! I was looking into IPEC too but I havent scheduled an interview yet because I'm not sure if you can pay the course through monthly installments..
  4. I started volunteering in May as a crisis counselor. Its important to give back to society this way. I think I read in the bhagavad gita that to reach enlightenment you should meditate, do yoga, or do selfless work. Its a great experience because I can strengthen my skills in listening and communicating in an empathetic way. Its a grounding experience, in a way you are losing your identity and status to help others.
  5. I started university the beginning of this year. I've been contemplating on whether I should go to therapy at school. My first semester was really hard I had suicidal thoughts and skipped classes a lot. I start to feel confused about my mental health and personal development work. Sometimes I think these problems of depression are problems of the ego. That I need to do more inner work. But I've realized that my sadness is not a phase. I've had it since I was 12 years old. Does anyone also see a confusion between mental disorders and personal development? Do you pass your disorder as an issue of the ego in order to avoid professional help?