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  1. @Javfly33 Thx for sharing! What was your dosage like?
  2. Have you seen this video from PsychedSubstance? Does anyone of you have tried this combination? What was your experience like?
  3. @Emerald Hi there, what is the best thing I can do right now to overcome my genetic muscle disorder? Thank you in advance!
  4. I think you've gone pretty far with your doses. To me it seems that you are on a really good way. Do you know how many trips you did so far?
  5. 11th day without a pause. 3x30 + 1x40 breaths. breath hold 1min, 1min30, 2min, 2min30. Cold shower 1min20. Directly after the breath work I take a short warm shower and then I finish with the cold one. I seem to have a bit more energy during the day so far.
  6. @Consilience Thx for the great read. You trips remind me more and more of Chris M. Bache's descriptions in his Book 'LSD and the Mind of the Universe'. You have read the book, no? Have you already entered, what he calls the diamand luminosity?
  7. Chris Bache wrote the book "LSD and the mind of the universe" (2019), where he speaks about his 73 high-dose LSD sessions over the course of 20 years. If you are interested in following a psychedelic path toward enligthenment (or more), I really recommand you this book. Here is the text from the cover: "On November 24, 1979, Christopher M. Bache took the first step on what would become a life-changing journey. Drawing from his training as a philosopher of religion, Bache set out to explore his mind and the mind of the universe as deeply and systematically as possible--with the help of the psychedelic drug LSD. Following protocols established by Stanislav Grof, Bache’s 73 high-dose LSD sessions over the course of 20 years drew him into a deepening communion with cosmic consciousness. Journey alongside professor Bache as he touches the living intelligence of our universe--an intelligence that both embraced and crushed him--and demonstrates how direct experience of the divine can change your perspective on core issues in philosophy and religion. Chronicling his 73 sessions, the author reveals the spiral of death and rebirth that took him through the collective unconscious into the creative intelligence of the universe. Making a powerful case for the value of psychedelically induced spiritual experience, Bache shares his immersion in the fierce love and creative intent of the unified field of consciousness that underlies all physical existence. He describes the incalculable value of embracing the pain and suffering he encountered in his sessions and the challenges he faced integrating his experiences into his everyday life. His journey documents a shift from individual consciousness to collective consciousness, from archetypal reality to Divine Oneness and the Diamond Luminosity that lies outside cyclic existence. Pushing the boundaries of theory and practice, the author shows how psychedelic experience can take you beyond self-transformation into collective transformation, beyond the present into the future, revealing spirit and matter in perfect balance." Here are some YouTube videos:
  8. Thx for sharing. If you want to pursue the psychedelic path seriously read Chris. M Bache's "LSD and the mind of the Universe". You will find a lot of answers there.
  9. Thx, that's what I will try today.
  10. @LfcCharlie4 Not today because that session consists of 3x30 breaths.
  11. Did 4x40 breaths today. In the second round I had already crampings like after 30 or more minutes of holotropic breathwork. Is this normal or am I breathing to forcefully? Took a cold shower then and started my daily 70 min meditation session. At first I had a lot of Energy, but after some time I fell practically asleep during my session. Normally this nether happens… kind of strange...
  12. My brother punched me once in the nuts about 20 years ago… I'm still happy it's over.
  13. In his mini class he says, that you breath into both, first filling the stomach (lower part of the lungs), then the chest (upper part of the lungs).
  14. Holy shit, did my first cold shower yesterday evening. The water was so fucking cold, that I really had to concentrate on my breath. I did it for like a good thirty seconds. After the shower I had to laugh for a few minutes because I felt so happy that I actually did it... or because of the relief.
  15. @LfcCharlie4 Only did the breathing so far. Will do the shower also in the future.
  16. Started your challenge already yesterday. 3 rounds, 30 deep breaths and then holding the breath for 1min20s, 1min40s and 2min.
  17. If this were really a cult, you couldn't leave as easily. It's just an online forum.
  18. I think it's mostly obvious that the things discussed around here are mainly not new. However I wasn't aware of the books you mentioned. I know Walsch's "Conversations with God", maybe the Seth books go thematically in the same direction.
  19. Thx for the book tips! Never heard about them.
  20. @Dazgwny If you are interested in this topic you should have a look at this book from Christopher M. Bache:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=life+cycles+bache&qid=1583309827&sr=8-1.
  21. I know exactly what you mean. @Cocolove Cool!