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  1. Now you have exposed your main error. Do you want me to comment your main error?
  2. This thread is incredible bullshit. Obviously there manifests the will of the deluded to keep everybody else on the same level of delusion.
  3. you shouldn't impose your delusion on them. So don't touch them, don't teach them unless you are enlightened. For the time being They know better than you.
  4. There is no limit to delusion. Therefore of course each deluded may be restricted to its own sphere of delusion.
  5. Basically enlightenment is not in opposition to any of the human capacities and characteristics/properties. So the intellect and enlightenment are fully compatible. Without the intellect nobody would head for enlightenment and enlightened one's could not teach. Generally if one tries to renounce any of the human capacities and characteristics/properties because one thinks that such renouncement is a prerequisite for enlightenment then this is called ignorance and ignorance is the biggest obstacle for enlightenment. However this does not mean that one acts out the human characteristics/properties called 'passions' - like hatred, greed etc. So there is an essential difference between 'not renouncing' and 'acting out'.
  6. The sutra path in Mahayana buddhism is said to last eons. The vajrayana path in Mahayana buddhism is said to last up to 7 lifes depending on the specific vajrayana path. But since they believe in rebirth it is unclear at what stage someone is in her/his present life. The progress in this life will show.
  7. However often some preliminary practices are useful to somehow 'mature' the mind as a prerequisite for advanced practices to have effects. The traditions I know all have such preliminary practices. E.g. ethical conduct is said to be necessary and patience, or joyous perseverance or humility.
  8. Innumerable. The best is the one that meets your circumstances in a given time-space. Since time and location continually change the best methods may change as well. When all times and locations have become equal then one method might do.
  9. Ethics is the basis of all religions and religions pick up ordinary people where they are. One who is liberated has gone beyond religions and ethics but appears to ordinary people as if strictly following ethical guidelines. Why? Because he is liberated he embodies ethical guidelines without following any ethical guidelines.. And being asked by ordinary people to teach he would teach them ethical conduct first. Why? Because he would know the ignorant minds of ordinary people and because his intent would be to mature the immature. One who needs to attach will attach and one who's ready to detach will detach. 'Dualism vs non-dualism' is just another dualism. Being fixated on non-dualism is the trap of taking this dualism to be true.
  10. Neither does this quote imply the assertion that you were nothing nor the assertion that you were something. The quote makes explicit that you are empty of truth. Also, what do you want the expression 'I am to be/recognize' to imply? Do you meant that you have a task to accomplish? If so then that's an instance of belief in destiny, a god's determination or similar. Everything occurs as it occurs. Nothing to affirm, nothing to negate. Nothing to accept, nothing to reject. Occurence doesn't establish any truth. Everthing is neither something nor nothing, nor both, nor neither. There is unbounded openness in spontaneous presence. Everything's perfect. you know exactly when you slipped out and re-integrate again. That's the perfect yoga.