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  1. Its important to be mentally alert and be relaxed at the same time. Be alert and relaxed like cat. Your frontal body should he soft like a tiger walking on grass looking at prey. Widen your perceptions feel everything
  2. Its trying to open but since toothpaste has fluoride also water. And we eat bad foods and do drugs and drink it can be hard for it to open. Its fine 3rd eye pulsating is nothing compared to people seeing demons and shit. What could help is to focus less on 3rd eye and more on root chakra and the lower chakras. Heart chakra is a good chakra to open up. If you dont love yourself youll have a hard time.
  3. There is just being. Its been here theres nothing to find out or attain. Its been here and always will be. You just need to find out that with self inquiry Who is reading this sentence?
  4. Youtube is the best source. There are some apps for free that fit. I usually do youtube. Isochronic beats are the most potent and best part you dont need any headphones. Type up Bashar C# 432 Hz very powerful stuff i highly recommend that. Listen to I AM affirmations with 432 Hz. 432 hz is good. Solfeggio is good. Also theta is really good for meditation. I reccomend that Bashar C# tho.
  5. Morning middle of the day and night Watch your breath though the day Question your very being also Be mindful of everything Mentally chant OM DO concentration practice with your meditation and self inquiry Listen to high frequency tones
  6. Read about kundalini awakening Do guided chakra meditations Learn about each chakra and know their meanings and how they can apply to healing. Watch chakra tone healing and long distance chakra healing.
  7. Placebo but there are some scientific evidence for some stones like Shungite. Look at Acturus Ra Youtube he has products that have very powerful products. I bought his Dhjedi Key and i had frequent lucid dreams and synchronicity.
  8. Do something you dont like to do then find 3 things you like about it somthing you would not notice. Also in your day to day life focus on things you wouldnt normally. Listen to different types of music genre.
  9. Focus on yourself. Be involved in everything you do. Do whatever you want authentic or not just do it with full involvement
  10. @Leo Gura @Arhattobe mediation self inquiry mindfulness concentration and kriya yoga? Is this good enough Leo? And Sedona method emotional release shamanic breathing and body work
  11. @Nahm it's like his book The Power of Now is it enough to get a glimpse of nonduality?
  12. Thank you all. I have used a hybrid of advices here. You guys are awesome. Time to elevate! ???
  13. Simple question i want personal experience to this only.
  14. @Sahil Pandit how long have you done meditation for?
  15. Self inquiry is easy you can do it while you do stuff. It's like contemplation but it's kind of like contemplating about contemplating. It's the most egotistical form of meditation because you focus on "you" for how long you can. Start with 5 min then 10 then 15 then see how you feel after. Just slow down and don't try too hard.
  16. Being in the present moment us the most valuable thing you can do with your life. If your ideas and concepts run you then who are you really? You got to understand that being nothing is also being everything. You see everything as you are nothing. From this perspective you can move mountains because it's everything that ever was an will be