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  1. My weridest experience while meditating is that i had no control over my body and my whole body started shaking for about 40 seconds
  2. I bought sex many times from escorts around my area some were actually stage green telling me sex is healing and is a truth serum. Reading this article that says a ucla study that suggest men who buy sex are more likely to commit a rape or sexual assault. I don't buy that I think it can help you be more comfortable around women and you get to meet interesting women who just need money to support their family or careers Any thoughts ? Experiences ?
  3. I had many experiences with LSD SHROOMS and some experiences with MDMA I feel ready to try out DMT but what is the best route to consume? Should I get a half gram in powder form? Or should I get a full gram in a cartridge? Thank you. ??
  4. I never done anything like this before I'm going on Yelp and I'm finding the best one. Bit what should I ask her?
  5. I am feeling like a robot lately following what other people say. How do I start living more intuitively ?
  6. I have some mdma and I'm wondering what can I do with it in terms of self actualization self realizations chakra work shadow work any tips? Thanks
  7. @wavydude no it's not dangerous just respect them and give them and offering if you can
  8. I worked with bume santa muerte Aphrodite beleth asmoedous and I have hard time feeling anything but I definitely do know there is se presence when I invoke them
  9. Let's go pick up ladies any area in Los Angeles PM me. No flakes lol.
  10. I started listening to 432Hz on YouTube for a week 30 min when a wake up and leave it on while I sleep my effects where slight mood boost in the morning while music is playing vivid and strange dreams twice a week more of a sense of peace when going about day by day It’s weird but how does that work?
  11. I’m starting a self help YouTube channel need help on what to make
  12. I am a newbie witch and I see some value in the occult. When I researched Demon summoning and angel summoning there are a total of 72 demons and angels and they all serve a specific purpose. Some demons help you with your inner self enhancing your psychic abilities and clairvoyance. There are some demons that serve a purpose for emotional and spiritual healing. Demons is Daimon which is Spirit so these are spiritual entities that actually want to serve us. It’s just how Hollywood portrays demons as reckless and wild. Demons are ancient Gods and some are Kings Dukes and Earls if your so open minded as you say you are why don’t you look into this?????
  13. People seem dumb ass a rock before and after mass meditations
  14. Please don’t leave this cult
  15. @Trickyp can you please elaborate on your experiences with demons?