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  1. The process of believing has many layers to it. There are cultural assumptions, ones personal belief systems, which has many things to do with ones past. Thinking, which is basically a making of distinctions, is the most easiest of things to catch and notice. Second in line would be ones personal beliefs about one self and the environment around. These can be quite tricky to unravel since it goes against the programming of the ego. Cultural assumptions is one of the hardest nuts to crack. Takes a lot of time to unravel, nevertheless contemplate and hopefully comprehend. Believing comes from all of the above. For example, one observes a rock. The thought arises "there is a rock". What just happened there is a distinction "rock" from its environment. Then one provides a rock with all qualities a rock should have. This basically means putting ones beliefs onto and into a rock. And of course, one perceives the rock as a rock based on ones cultural assumptions. Everything ones culture taught one about the rock seems unquestionably true from the first sight.
  2. If everyone in the entire universe could just swallow an enlightenment pill and become enlightened, 99% of them wouldn't do it. They actually don't. Everyone is enlightened, it's just that almost all of us choose to deny it. Everything at it's own time, friend.
  3. Hey there. Nothing special is going on in my life. Nothing I have to say. How do I feel now? I feel at peace, feel loving. My path is very gradual. At least it seems that way. When I feel down it's no big deal, when I feel blessed it's no big deal. Everything is effortless. Overcoming fear is getting easy. Shifting mood is getting easy. Am I realising my true self? Hah.
  4. When you use a word "Me" you are confusing yourself with something you are not. This is where the fear comes from. How is it that your existence is a lie when your existence is the only thing you have ever experienced?
  5. @Max_V I would recommend you to get distracted from the idea for now. Seems like you've been revealed to something your ego can't cope with atm. Let it go. Go out, call a friend and have some fun. Go for a walk or something. Whatever you like. I know it doesn't seem that way for you now, but it will pass. New heights are waiting for you, friend.
  6. @Lento Serotoninluv has a point there. When the sensation of pain is there, a big part of the components producing pain is actually conceptual. Notice that. For me personally, I can sometimes, for a slight second get rid of physical pain. It just disappears for that brief second. Don't know how to describe it yet, have no concrete explanation how I do it. All I know is that it's possible. Oh and make sure you do take care of your health in general ways also!
  7. I am looking into emotions lately. Trying to find out what they are. Classic ones: fear, desire, pain. So this was the intention. I've had the dmt ready, sitting there waiting to get torched since the last evening. (Couldn't get over myself and stay grounded enough to do it, so I postponed it). Woke up in the morning, watched Leo's episode on division versus unity, meditated for a while. Drank a cup of cocoa. Sat in front of a bong for a while, trying to get my mind rid of any expectations, images from the last trips and stuff until I finally got somewhat grounded, got my balls together and lighted it up. Managed to get everything into my system. (most of the times I wouldn't be able to take a third hit.) Substance hit me like a freight train. My body fell like a leave. I've got revealed to a most beautiful dance. And there it was, dancing for me. Reality was falling into and onto itself. All the good and the bad united into a biggest orgasm pouring out and into me. This was depersonalized me, right in front of me. Pure fucking consciousness. No attachments, no distinctions. Infinite. Then I got revealed how consciousness gets confused with itself, mistaking it for being a me. How it chooses what it likes and what it rejects. How it starts fearing itself for the infinite beauty it is. How it actually creates it's own suffering by rejecting specific parts of itself. Its undeniable. This was a huge step towards realizing the dynamics of emotions. Will see how well it sticks.
  8. I might be completely wrong, but i think Leo's agenda is the one of a rat race. Don't know for sure though, don't care either. He knows his shit. The important question to ask here IMO is why would this matter? My experience and intuition tells me that one cannot grasp external truths. Wasting time is all this is. Look inside.
  9. @Chi_ There is no there. Have you ever been anywhere else than here, now?
  10. Realized how much i actually don't give a shit about anyone but myself. All of my ideas about unconditional love are gone. Ideas about enlightenment are gone. Everything is gone. Am egotistical. Feel unbalanced. However, typing this, feelings of untrueness is present. It's like I am happy with the state I am in right now. This happiness is negative. There is nobody I can talk to about this. Help.? Reality feels like a fucked up game. I feel like a fucked up game. Giving up, letting this all go is the desire. I feel unconscious AF. Life continues. With every twilight there comes a sunshine.
  11. Hey there. I will tell you one thing - it's simple. It's so simple it's laughable. Trying to solve 2+2 with equations and formulas, that's what humanity is doing..🙂 Well, light shines upon all things anyway. They all know it, unknowingly.
  12. Thank you all. A lot of points, a lot to contemplate. @Nahm You, sir, is amazing. I would love to meet with you one day.
  13. @Zigzag Idiot Thank you. ❤️
  14. I am having a bit of a backlash. Feel tired of everything, of this environment. Feel unconscious, frustrated a bit. I want some space. Want to get away from everything, want to be alone for a while.
  15. We don't know. Accepting this not knowing will take us further down the path. Much, much more investigation and exploration must be done to accept it a bit more. Parafuckingdox. Not sure if it's possible to fully accept this not knowing. The problem is that we want to know!