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  1. I would personally advise carefulness. Moving up a stage usually comes naturally because you feel an urge to expand your worldview. If you're not open to learn a higher perspective, you wont move up. This doesn't mean that you can't try not help them move up. Show them cool orange things they might resonate with; talk with them about science and philosophy, show them different kinds of entertainment or any other things that are fun and hedonistic. If they take the bait, then you expose them to more of it and feed their desire to embody more orange. But, if they don't show any signs of being open to move up and feel comfortable in stage blue, then please don't. In the best case, you would just waste your own time. Leaving a stage behind can come with a lot of inner conflicts, let's assume the following example: A 80yo person has believed in God all his life and based all his major decisions on this believe. He hasn't followed his passion, but instead done what he believed to be right based on one fundamental belief this person had. If you would proof to this person one month before their death that God doesn't exist and that they were always free to do anything they wanted, this epiphany would be nothing but an unbearable amount of suffering to them. I personally hold the opinion that in cases like this, it would be better to let a person blindly believe what they want to believe. What I mean by that: the last thing you want is a stage blue person who realizes the limitations of his/her stage, but isn't open to let go and move up. They would just be stuck knowing deep inside that some things they believed are false, while also being too attached to let go of them.
  2. Oh, this sounds like fun. If there's two things I like, it's talking about Spiral Dynamics and sharing music Blue: Theocracy - I AM (Song about Jesus by a christian band) Orange: Edguy - Superheroes (Always interpreted this song to be about heartbroken men who go out and pick up girls to cope with how they feel and them rationalizing they're numbness as being an invincible Superhero) Green: Saltatio Mortis - Todesengel (German song. Very political band which openly supports green values. The song is about a women who was a victim of Josef Mengele in Auschwitz and who decides to forgive him for what he did to her and her sister. The song promotes the idea of forgiveness and love instead of revenge and hate. Yellow: Dream Theater - Only A Matter Of Time (Lyrics are pure poetry. Basically a song about following your dream and that life is about the journey, not the destination. Turquoise: Devin Townsend - Life (Devin Townsend is easily my best guess for a turquoise musician; every interview or song I hear from him makes me believe this more and more. No idea what song illustrates this best though, so I decided to pick my favorite one )
  3. But I do strongly believe that the consumption of meat will decline and animal rights will improve
  4. Probably not. Many places on the planet are already green-dominated and nowhere are we even close to policies as radical as making meat illegal. (At least as far as I'm aware.) And moving up the spiral becomes easier and easier - especially because of the Internet. Given the high amount of yellow people that already exist, it seems unlikely that we'll ever live in a society that is almost entirely green - or yellow, or turquoise etc. - like we did in the past with blue or orange. So, I just don't see any period of time in which green actually is dominant enough to enforce a law like that because too much orange, yellow or turquoise will live alongside green. And certainly orange or yellow would oppose such policies.
  5. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and knowledge, fully agree with what you all said. And @now is foreverI really liked that image with the atom
  6. Not sure if I understand your posts correctly. Which one is it: a) You could connect with other people if you wanted to, but you don't want to connect with those people b) You want to connect with those people, but you can't If it's "b)": use the statement of intent as proposed by me in my previous post. But if I understand correctly, it's "a)". In that case: get off your high horse. Sorry to break it to you then, but you are a snowflake. You think you are so good and other people just can't live up. I believe your problem will be solved as soon as you stop looking down on people and you stop judging them for how boring and non-actualized they are.
  7. Today I made an interesting observation about my own life which helped me understand Spiral Dynamics better, so I though I'd share with you. For this I first need to share a tiny bit about myself. Cognitively I assess myself to be at stage yellow; the way I think, the way I learn, my opinion on most questions is typical stage yellow. Which makes sense based on what type of person I am; I'm a very open person who always enjoyed learning new things and exchanging perspectives. Also, I am someone who likes to think and philosophize. Quite naturally I would rush up the spiral in these aspects and enter stage yellow at a very young age. However, other parts of me would develop in a more normal pace which means these parts of me are sometimes more stage orange or green. I was always confused how it could be that someone is scattered along the spiral and as a very thought-loving person I kind of only cared about my cognitive development. I, however, realized something when I thought about money and especially my current financial situation. I know quite a lot about how the economy works and what someone would have to do if they chose to become rich or at least increase their earnings and I possess the yellow thinking abilities to back this practical knowledge up with a systematic perspective on this practical matter. But it seems like I don't live accordingly; a realized how orange-green my beliefs about my own financial future are. Here a quick repetition of the stages: While stage blue exemplifies black and white thinking like no other stage, orange is guilty of that as well. Just slightly more complex than blue. Blue fundamentally beliefs that things are either or: a = a and b = b Orange beliefs that things follow a set of rules: a = b; therefore if "a" happens, then "b" happens as well. But yellow now realizes that a = b is rather a probability than I rigid rule. If you want "b", then "a" is your best bet, but there are too many factors in place to guarantee such a simple equation in the real world. A good example for how orange believes these matters work is mainstream self-help advice: "the top ten principles for success", "the step by step guide to become a millionaire". Orange cannot yet see the complexity of yellow's worldview and wants a simple step by step plan which unfortunately for orange often fails because it fails to go beyond the surface level. If we go back to my situation, we observe the following: I outgrew orange's obsession with money; so money doesn't really possess any intrinsic value to me and my goals don't revolve around the acquisition of money. And in the near future, there is no need for me to focus on my financial situation; I'm living a rather minimalist lifestyle, my expenses are so slim that even though I don't earn much, I am far from financial problems and my highest priority goals that I am currently working towards don't require additional financial resources. But long-term, based on where I'm heading, more financial resources will be required. Here's where my orangeness kicks in: My idea of how I will manage this is way too simplistic. I seem to have the belief that because I possess the general practical knowledge of what to do, I'll just earn some money when I need to. Basically; I just need to take step 1, then step 2, step 3, step 4 and then profit. So, instead of already beginning to build a system to create money, I used systems thinking as an orange method; I just need to apply the systems thinking and knowledge and these will equal success. Ironically, because I know that the matter is more complex and less predictable than they seem, I perceived it as overly simplistic and predictable because I knew that I was aware of the hidden complexity. So; I understood the matter on a yellow level, but wanted to use this understanding in a way that orange uses its knowledge. Orange fails to see the big picture, green only sees the big picture and yellow sees how each and every pixel constitutes the big picture. Even though I have the yellow perspective on the whole, that doesn't mean that my instinctive way of going about things isn't to just focus on a single pixel and its rules and forgetting the other pixels that interact with this one. Thinking in yellow means realizing how the big and the small pictures interact with one another. Living stage yellow means to instinctively and actively create systems to solve problems. I instinctively think in systems and look at the world from a yellow perspective. This means my views on topics like spirituality, politics, relationships, society, money etc. are yellow, but this does not mean that they way I behave in these fields, or rather how I use my yellow understanding in these fields, is yellow as well.
  8. This might not be a direct answer to what you wrote, but it made me remember what two pickup artists that I met once told me. So this post is more a practical answer than me stating my opinion on your claim that people are boring. Interestingly the two pickup artists don't know each other and couldn't be more different personality wise and therefore it is unsurprising that their advice was different. 1) The first one said that if you find someone uninteresting, then that is your fault. It is not their job to entertain you. Ultimately, you should be able to entertain yourself. When you have a problem with people being boring, then that is because you meet them with the completely wrong mindset; you are asking the question: "how can they entertain me?" which basically means: "what can they do for me?". People usually aren't interesting when they talk to someone who isn't interesting either. If you were having a good time yourself, you wouldn't care if the people around you had anything interesting to share. It is your job when talking to someone to draw them into your reality and if you create a conversation that isn't boring for them, they wont be boring. So, stop waiting for other people to entertain you and take responsibility; ask "how can I make this more interesting?" instead of "why aren't they making it more interesting?" 2) The second one told me this after he had met a lot of girls in a very short amount of time and I believe he came up with this after he had like seven dates within one week. He realized after date four or five that people (or in his case girls) are boring. They are boring because they are all the same; they talk the same, they all dress the same, they watch the same shows, listen to the same music, like the same things. If you date one girl, there's no need to get to know a different one because 90% of what she says or does is the same between seemingly all of them. So, he didn't really want to go to the next date that he scheduled just to meet another replica of girl number one. The thing he told me which made him enjoying dates again was a technique that the PUA community calls "statement of intent". The idea is: when you meet someone you make a statement why you like them. This thing you like should be something that sets them apart from other people and is something you could see yourself liking about them. For example; let's say I met a girl who at the first glance seemed very basic and boring; no idea why this would be a person worth getting to know, but when she laughs there's always some weird, but funny snorting sound she makes. The statement of intent would now be that I actively tell myself that I like this girl/am interested in this girl because I like the way she laughs. And really phrase this statement of intent in your head. Make a firm decision that you like this person because of something. Now, again; this something doesn't have to be something spectacular like "has won a nobel prize". It can be a small, objectivly insignificant thing that you might not even know whether you actually like it. It can be a physical feature, the way they carry themselves like "he wears socks that don't match which is odd", an interest like "she listens to similar music as I do", something they do/did like traveling (but instead of everyone else who travels to South America or Australia, they went to Antarctica) or if you can't find anything just the fact that they are open enough to talk to you. It just needs to fulfill two criteria: a) it sets them apart from other people and b) you could see yourself liking this about this person. The idea is that being interested is less something that just occurs, but rather an active decision someone makes. If you meet people with a mindset of "they need to prove to me that they aren't boring", they will appear boring. Hope I could help.
  9. Fully agree. There's a polarization going on which a) prevents people from listening to one another and b) creates a vicious, warlike atmosphere where opinions are not anymore something one can simply agree or disagree with; there's a strong moral attachment; if you're against X, you're evil or if you're for Y, you're dumb etc. People are being reduced to nothing but their political beliefs. Here's where we share different views: You write: "claiming its too PC and blaming SJWs and feminism.", "very dangerous ideologies". How about: Those people have different personalities, had different experiences and have simply different value systems than you. Maybe they are right and Doctor Who is too PC, maybe feminism is a threat to be stopped, and maybe their ideologies are rather help- than hurtful to our society. My question to you is: Why aren't you becoming a blackpill-supporter? The reason why you wont become a blackpill-supporter or feminist or MGTOW is the same reason the supporters of those movements wont leave their ideology behind. They, same you and me, - I assume we share similar opinions about those movements - believe that they are right and that the others who they or we diagree with are dangerous or that they need to wake up to some sort and see how things actually are. My claim is; through our lenses some things are clearly better than others. BUT, only through our lenses. Only through those lenses should an incel stay away from blackpill-beliefs. A feminist is a feminist because based on her experiences, values, conditioning and character that is the ideology that is obviously correct in her eyes. And just as much as I cannot see myself become a feminist, she probably can't see herself stop being a feminist. To get back to my question: Why aren't you becoming a blackpill-supporter? How do you know that you are right and they are wrong?
  10. Why? Please explain why it is important that we get to the root. Why is it bad if we ignore it? Because to me it sounds like your confronting ideologies with ideology; "those people believe in the wrong things, how can we get them on the right track?" Why not let them have their own opinions instead of them sharing yours?
  11. Role models is a tricky one since your followers and fans don't have to be in the same stage as you. For example I know orange, green and yellow people who would call Owen Cook (RSD Tyler) a role model.
  12. There still seems to be a correlation between level of awakening and Spiral Dynamics. The most famous current enlightened people are all stage turquoise. They are even listed as examples in the according thread for this stage on this forum. That enlightened people - or at least the ones in the spotlight - are all to be found at the same stage seems peculiar and raises some questions: What influence did their awakening have on their movement on the spiral? (Since I strongly assume that almost all of them weren't on tier 2 before their awakening) Did they sort of skip yellow/(green)/(orange)? Why exactly turquoise and not coral or higher? Does their awakening maybe hinder them on moving up even higher?
  13. @theking00 Can you pay my rent?
  14. Why does it matter what Leo thinks about Jordan Peterson? If you resonate with what JP says - listen to him. If you don't resonate with him - don't. Does Leo have the ultimate opinion? When Leo says something is good then it is good and if he says it's bad then it is bad? I personally believe that Jordan Peterson is very often unfairly portrayed on this forum and that he is being competely underestimated here. Don't fall into the trap of using SD to not having to make up your own mind; just because someone whose opinion you value - like Leo - says that JP is blue/orange does not mean that 1) What JP says is invalid or bad and 2) It does not even mean that JP is actually blue/orange. Whether someone praises or criticises Jordan Peterson or anyone else, take that as what it is - an opinion. No need to start a crusade to make everyone here agree with what you think of him - regardless of whether you like him or not - and no need to change someone's mind or behavior; let people rant, let people praise.