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  1. @shree I'm sorry for being the bearer of bad news but your situation is very serious and the symptoms are absolutely related with the removal of Amalgams .

    They should only be removed by SMART dentists ( dentists specialized in the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) to minimize exposure to mercury and mercury vapors during the procedure.

    Urgently sign up to the Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol Facebook group and explain exactly your situation to the mods . It's as serious and no BS as a Facebook group can be. They will point out where to start. They give advice to 90K people out of charity and belief in the cause of spreading safe Chelation information.


    You can not follow the protocol Leo laid out and will have to wait 3-6 months before beginning to trial chelation, with doses way lower, of around 12 mg to begin with

    The Facebook group has a very clear "start here" section  explaining step by step all the information you need to understand, and most importantly the do's and don'ts.

    In Leo's defense he did say in his HM detox video to do your own research and that your process may vary if you have amalgams.


    Feel free to ask me questions or check out my heavy metal detox journal where you can see how the process of building understanding from ground zero went about heavy metal detox.

    But the proper resource is the ACC fanatics FB group.



  2. On 14/1/2024 at 9:41 PM, ZenSwift said:

    I DREAMED of VanLife. Never got it off the ground because Vans/ Cars in general are in such high demand. 


    I still would like to do at least a year of it one day. The freedom and adventure alone would be phenomenal.  


    At this point what's going to really enable me to do that is to make money online. 

    You can try it for a week. No need to make a big deal of it

  3. This so obvious in retrospect. It brings a whole new perspective to learning for me.


    I have unconsciously held teachers as an authority and as people that "have mastery" and "have it figured out". Someone I look up to as the master - period.


    The specific example for me is learning guitar. I've been learning for the past 6 months and there are certain YT teachers I've modeling.

    They are incredibly skilled, don't get me wrong

    I was holding them in my mind as " they  KNOW how to play guitar. They are the teacher"

    But as I learned my first songs , I realized I can teach guitar now, to a certain level, to certain people.

    And THAT is what they are doing to ME.

    The teachers are actually still learning!

    It brings somewhat of a relief when thinking about the concept of Mastery . You never arrive!

    The skill of guitar never ends. It NEVER ends!!!

    It never ends!!!

    Therefore the teacher doesn't have it ALL figured out, he is just ahead of me.


    Not a single person has "mastered" the skill of guitar in the absolute sense. Because music, as many other domains, is infinite,  and you can infinitely come up with new combinations and train muscle memory and so on.


    Yes, 10k hours gives you a decent amount of mastery.  But the process of mastery and learning never ends.

    It seems so obvious from retrospect, but I'm sure it has been a frame many of you hold as well.


    This insight was influenced by me recently revisiting the " learning from partially wrong perspectives" blog video.


    You are learning from people relatively ahead of you.




    Looking at you L e o  n a r d

  4. @Princess Arabia what you quoted refers to real life experiences and life from the human surgical Pov. The topic starter was confused about the nature of good , bad , suffering, the " greater good" and so on

    The title asks "how" is reallity perfect

    As for your question, Reallity=Consciousness=Nothingness=Infinity=Intelligence=Love and so on , are labels for the same thing 

  5. Absence of body hair is another sexual dimorphism.

    Males are genetically more hairy than women. 

    Accentuating this difference subtly triggers attraction. Or at least doesn't subconsciously produce repulsion because of resemblance of male traits.

    I remember having a crush on a girl in highschool. We were talking physically close of each other and I noticed the tiniest ammount of almost invisible mustache hair, and immediately I noticed  myself having an emotional reaction of repulsion. This was momentary though, after this I still was into her.

    Clothes with an exposed belly  or tight clothes can also work if you're fit because it gives further confirmation of not being pregnant and shows off your fitness and health.

    Of course nudity or partial  nudity is attractive for obvious reasons.

    Growing your glutes works for reasons we said before 


    I feel a little superficial for saying this but plastic surgery is objectively significantly more effective for women.

    Nose jobs,  breast implants, lip fillers ( all have to be extremely well done, otherwise it will signal an uncanny feeling and bad health)

    - This is just for triggering the absolute maximization biological evolutionary  male attention, and I'm saying these things for the sake of Understanding 


    Real life human beings are infinitely more complex and coupling doesn't follow absolutely rigid rules .

    But high sexual value men go for high sexual value women, and  low sexual value men go for low sexual value women.


    Since women's issue isn't getting laid but making the guy stick around, I've been thinking about how to maximize the chance of that

    Looks still play a crucial role. Don't let yourself go, and stay looking as sharp as possible. Don't listen to critiques like " i don't need you to weak make up or dress cute etc". Even if the conscious words don't mean harm, mens attraction is driven by instincts.


    There is a lot more to be said on his to make a guy stay


    I'll keep updating if I come up with ideas worth sharing 

  6. No offense but the reasoning you gave to move to these cities are pretty silly

    The most important thing is to figure out is what the fux are your priorities. What do you want out of life, what do you want your life to be about. What your domain of mastery will be , what your favorite preferred impact towards mankind is, what your life's work will be about.  AKA chip away at your Life Purpose.

    And reverse engineer your logistics from there

    Also there is no need to move anywhere for the rest of your life. You can go somewhere for a few weeks or a few months, check It out and dip somewhere else

    If you're that minimalistic and frugal, check out this other post . It may reasonate with you.


    Also with these two you're deciding if you would rather get accidentally shot or accidentally stabbed 😂

  7. It's important to point out that the process of "mastery" never ends. You will never have "mastered" a field, you never arrive to *mastery" , there is always more. 

    So in essence its mostly about being a life long learner. Noselfself's position about the Importance of thinking for yourself is a valid point but very little people can actually properly guide themselves into the right direction, a d mor often than not it just leads to stubbornnes and close-mindedness, so I'd say just learn from as many sources as possible, even from your own intuition

    Check out Leo's blog post on learning from partially wrong perspectives



  8. That Reallity is Perfect is more of a context for the larger phenomenon of existence than a truth for your personal human life.

    Reality is perfect only from the Absolute POV because it welcomes and embraces everything. EVERYTHING without any exception whatsoever.

    Which is not the case for creatures that have skin in the game. You as that hairless chimp have clear preferences and dislikes. Now you can be closer to the perspective of "Reality is Perfect" depending how you frame the problems you face in your life and Into what context you put it.

    It also depends of what your state of consciousness is. Reality is certainly not perfect from an egoic state of consciousness.

    There are infinite degrees and states. In some reality is perfect, and in some it isn't 

  9. @sleep

    It feels to me you're using these substances as an emotional coping mechanism to compensate for needs that aren't being met.

    I would recommend being compassionate and understanding with yourself. It's self medication and you're doing what you can.


    The things that make a psychologically healthy individual are very definable , and if some pillars are missing , and the person doesnt possess the mental tools necesarly to cope with the situation , he will turn to distractions ( what I call self medication) as an emotional band aid to deal with the confusion, pain , anxiety or whatever the case is.

    It's helping yourself however you are able to.

    My point is that you first have to identify why do you need a crutch in th  first place before trying to kick it, and then wonder why you limp and feel the need to go to the crutch.

    What do you have going on for you? 

    What do you wish to have going on for you?

    What specifically do you not have going on for you that you desire or feel a lack of?


    Feel free to provide any extra context that you may find relevant 

  10. More insights about male biological attraction cues towards women, and the nature of beauty in the eyes of mankind.


    To build further on the make-up part :

    Make-up mimics youthfulness, and makes use of colors. Colors trigger attention in the human psyche. Because from an evolutionary PoV, they have provided important survival information as mentioned before.

    Make-up also emphasizes the eyes and the lips, which have sexual connotations.

    Eye contact can mean sexual interest, and is vital to the non verbal communication of sexual interest.


    The lips are related to kissing.

    One of the reasons kissing is sexual is because the lips are full of sensitive nerve endings. So is the tongue.

    When you kiss, you are giving each other a degree of pleasure, therefore release neurotransmitters like dopamine ( the feel good neurotransmitter) and oxytocin ( the bonding neurotransmitter ) , and a cocktail of different neurotransmitters. You can see where this is going.


    For more info, check out the Sensory Homunculus. It's a visual map of how our body would look like if our bodies grew in proportion to how sensitive they are because of the presence of sensitive nerve endings.


    There are also theories about humans unconsciously being able make use of  scents, taste and pheromones of your potential mate to judge her/his compatibility, but that's beyond my scope for now.

    Aparently primates do make use of pheromones to signal status, fertility and territorial boundaries.


    Once I met a girl that said that she felt turned on by the scent of male sweat 🤔

    Something I haven't mentioned before:

    Rosy cheeks/blushed cheeks. It signals youthfulness and can be, and often is  mimicked with make-up.

    It's an attraction cue I couldn't point my finger at before. It signals youthfulness , but also subtly may signal fertility, because of the menstruation  cycle:

    Hormonal changes , mainly  estrogen and progesterone, have a vasodilator effect, aka they increase blood flow, and the cheeks happen to have a specifically dense network of blood vessels


    Make up also contributes towards increased beauty . DUH. But specifically why?

    Earlier we pointed out mankind's appreciation and preference for beauty as a species.

    Therefore, beauty is an attraction trigger for both genders


    To not speak of "beauty" in an abstract and fuzzy, unclear way, we pointed out the Golden Ratio as a standard for beauty for mankind and nature at large.

    It is one of the main definitions for facial aesthetics and beauty.

    But then, besides face there is also body proportions.

    Body proportions that match with the Golden Ratio are seen as more beautiful.

    There is more .

    Properly applied make up brings women closer towards the Golden Ratio standard of colors, by matching it to your skin undertone and creating an overall picture of harmony of colors.

    Check out the Golden Ratio of Colors (It also exists in music, math , nature , animals, etc.)

    Color Theory.

    Color Harmony Theory.


    Long hair is another attraction cue. Evolutionary it requires overall wellbeing , good health and good nutrition to maintain. It also adds to aesthetics ( beauty ) and draws attention by it simply being there. Long hair is a physical display and demonstration of these qualities.


    Jewelry, nails,  clothing, high heels ( they modify posture and therefore  accentuate butt and breasts) and other props give them an additional canvas to increase overall beauty with a mixture of aesthetics and colors, and draw more attention.

    Tight / fitting clothes display presence of breasts and shape of butt.


    Higher pitched voice is also an attraction cue. signals youthfulness, fertility ( puberty) and high estrogen.

    These are also a clear sign of what's called sexual dimorphism ( differences between males and females of the same species).

    Concrete specific Female-only traits are a natural trigger of attention of males.

    The color pink is a social sexual dimorphism  ( so is the hair,  but hair is way more grounded in evolution) 

    But colors are not arbitrary. Pink may have been chosen as the female color , because it resembles the color of newborns. Newborns have an immature circulatory system, where their blood vessels are closer to the surface of the skin, giving that pinkish tone.


    Also pink is present in the act of blushing during strong emotions, like embarrassment or arousal. High empathy, aka emotion inteligence is a sexual value cues in males because of its importance in raising healthy offspring.



    Just today, I noticed that a woman stood out in my eyes from a large crowd of people. I saw her from the back, from a distance of 10 meters. She immediately caught my eye because of the pink color of her shirt and her luscious long hair. I only saw a part of her torso and hair from the back. I noticed myself immediately being intrigued the millisecond I noticed her presence. As we walked by each other and I saw her face, I noticed that in a single millisecond my brain assessed and confirmed her youth, fertility and sexual value.

    That's so fascinating . I'll share more with time.

  11. I just realized this is a part of the cure for ADHD and ADD. Heavy metal detox being the second part ( or first , depending on the case ) 

    Of course you can't get your yourself to focus no matter how hard you try.

    Because you have to absolutely minimize stimulation for months until your brain rewires, since you've  been bombarded with it for years and decades.

    Otherwise all effort is useless and you feel helpless . And nowadays it's treated artificially by ingesting pills. It's ridiculous once you understand neuroplasticity.

    The answer is so easy but not simple . I would love to see a research paper and properly made science experiment. 

  12. LOA is one of these concepts that get overly mystified in this field. The very essence of " law of attraction " is basically the psychological phenomenon of selective focus and the reticular activation system. 

    Do this experiment.




    Focus on everything that's red in your environment.

    Notice how you have the mental capacity for this.

    Notice that there exists a specific mechanism in your mind to be capable of Selective focus. Play around with this if you haven't before.

    Now focus on everything that's made of wood.

    Now focus on everything that's edible

    Now focus on everything that bothers you about your house

    Now focus about everything you like about yourself

    And so on

    You could even frame some types of depression as selective focus set on negative and disempowering  perspectives.



    So,  of course if you think a lot about becoming a stand up comedian, all of the sudden you will start noticing all the valuable action steps and opportunities towards what you're thinking about .

    And then if you think about it enough, it will become part of your subconscious mind and  become more automatic.

    And then thoughts become actions. And actions have consequences. And consequences have consequences.

    So you think about signing up to a local gig. And you actually do it. And you happen to meet people from the industry, which is normal. And you keep showing up and eventually you get a paid gig, and suddenly you're a stand up comedian.

    And all of the sudden  you have " attracted " your goal with your mind.

    Which Is still amazing, but no need to mistify it.

    The literal physical equivalent would be if you look at a  tea pot , you see a tea pot. Why? Simply because you're looking at it. So if you look ( "mentally focus " ) at your goals, that's what you "attract", to use that terminology.


    There is truth to reality being " imaginary " but that's a different and very technical Spiritual topic.

    I remember very vividly how I mentally controlled physical reallity directly through thoughts while lucid dreaming and astral projecting. What I thought of, materialized.

    So the concept of vibration rather brings unnecessary unclarity. You could talk in terms of depth consciousness. If you have higher consciousness you think about more quality things , take action towards more quality things, and therefore " attract" more quality things.

    A lower consciousness person thinks about pride and status. That's what he thinks about and therefore that's what his actions will guide him towards.

  13. Another thing I forgot to mention in my initial post about attraction triggers for males in women is displaying a wide range of emotions and displaying a facial  range of facial expressions.

    It signals high emotional intelligence and possibly empathy, which is very benefitial and required for upbringing healthy offspring.

    This one would be secondary to the main trigger points defined before and not easily spotted , but you can absolutely confirm it during sexual intercourse in the form of increased arousal.


    I'm sure scientists would love to perform a double blind placebo- controlled study of this phenomenon lmfao.

    Science meets p*rn in the name of Understanding Evolution 😂

  14. 22 minutes ago, Israfil said:

    There's nothing inherently sexual about tits, man. Indigenous tribes of the Americas don't walk with shirts and males from those tribes are not constantly walking around with boners.

    your position is backwards. Breasts appear in females during puberty, signaling the beginning of fertility, therefore triggering sexual attraction in males.  The fenomenon you're pointing out is due to partial nudity being socially normalized, that has led to reduced arousal and ultimately desensitization. The logic puts the cart before the horse

    But I appreciate challenging my perspective. makes me think

  15. @ZenAlex Interesting. I doubt it's the music what's triggering it though. I'm almost absolutely certain of that.  What you're sharing usually happens if you have pending and unresolved problems and are not adressing them, whether mentally or by taking real life action.

    physical exercise is known to be powerful for coping with anxiety and clinical depression, so it's normal that walking helps you out.

    So what's on your mind?

  16. @Israfil yes, personal preferences , personal obsessions like crush psychology  ( aka " infatuation"  ), ethnicity , emotional connecion and cultural upbringing are a factor in attraction, both for females and males, but  only after biologically wired definitions of sexual reproductive value.  A long neck or a twisted foot will never be a trigger of attraction for males by itself, but ass, titties and youth will, and the point of the thread is to point at the possible evolutionary reasons why they are what they are. Pick up explains all of female attraction psychology mechanisms beautifully and this is male's version, often dismissed and undefined

    the title of the thread should be " understanding male biological attraction " . If any mod reads this, edit the title.

    The biological evolutionary origin of the existance of the " crush " fenomenon is pretty fascinating . It's a psychological strategy to increase reproductive success by facilitating mate selection and bonding. So cool. Reminds me of the " imprinting mechanism" in ducks and other birds