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  1. Yes fully understand this . But what should I be ? If I am not the body I am nothing but I feel to exist
  2. Yes . I feel a very strong emptiness inside me . Not having the image of me "being the drummer of the band" makes the ego scream
  3. Two days ago i decided to leave my band members. I wanted to start new, making new experiences and so on. Also because the main aim in the band was becoming famous. I was also worried about my personal Growth because they where quite unconscious. In the beginning I was sure to do this , but now that I have done it I'm suffering a lot and doubts are arising if I have done the good thing or not. My mind sends me only the beautiful moments that I have had with them and this makes me feel very nostalgic and guilty. It feels like I had a heavy break up with a girlfriend. I do not understand why in the beginning I was clear and secure about what to do and now all this shit comes up.
  4. I would suggest to observe yourself . Your tendencies and so on. In my opinion it is useless to get rid of bad habits by changing them or resisting them because they really exist only in your mind. The more you become conscious of your patterns the more things will fall apart by itself and the so called good habits will manifest spontaneously.
  5. "A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. " Lao Tzu Try to focus on the process . Enjoy the process . The growth and the failures. Often we get coguht up in the fears of failures on the path. They will be there, you can not deny them. But how can you develop without failures ? Take the step and enjoy the rest of the trip whatever may happen. But one thing has to be always with you. Your absolute involvement. Good luck
  6. Samadhi on Youtube pt1 pt2 pt3
  7. I found my self in long periods of indecision . I decided to study it, how it works and why. I realized that is a big illusion of fear. If you are struggling with it , this can be helpful. This article is very well structured with lot of resources.
  8. Sadhguru offers inner engineering online for free in occasion of Diwali. Only till October 28.
  9. Very beautiful. But in practical very difficult ahaha
  10. After deep realizations and glimpses I find my self to rebuild the fundaments of my life that in the past I have built unconsciously. It can be hard to start things again from the floor. I have a big contrast within my self with the actual band I'm playing in. The level of consciousness is quite low in the other members. The main aim is to become famous and make Mooney. Nothing wrong in making Mooney. But the Inner tendencies are very egoic. So sometimes one part of me tends to follow the flow of ego ➡️ wants fame and recognition. But there is a bigger part that denies it. I enjoy to play with them but I'm very scared that this situation can cause some damage on my spiritual level because there are a lot of compulsions in them, mostly on the sex level. In that situations I feel very distant and different. When I make in my mind the decision to leave a fear appears about a future regret "you could have been famous and have a financial security" and so on. I just wonder if It can be dangerous or not. "Should I stay or should I go ?" I"m so weak in this point.
  11. TThis time is very precious. Could you stay in this job and at the same time be happy ? That is a big one for spiritual practice. It is not going to be eternal. This can be you best sadhana. Are you crawling trough your work or are you dancing ? You can push your self above your stronger barrier➡️ Your likes and dislikes. It's a precious occasion !! :))
  12. Hey I know what it feels like to be in this stage. I'm 21. The greatest mistake I've made was FEAR ! Yes. Fear of making a mistake,fear of not doing the perfect decisions, fear of change , fear of leaving wrong relationships. Take courage now ! Experiment . Do not be afraid to do wrong things . You have this time now to take wrong paths. One of the most important things to do in this age where we have the necessary energy is to know how to handle our body/emotions/mind. In my opinion this is the most important sadhana you can do right know apart of what you are going to do materially with your life.
  13. Buy the "Inner Engeeniering " book of Sadhguru. The you can find a good introduction of what yoga is and what it's not so that you can clear all your doubts about it. If you want the practical part I would suggest you the Inner Engeniering Program total. There you can taste what real yoga can do, not the superficial yoga studios in California. You can find this programs all over the world .
  14. Thank you all
  15. Hi. Why should i trust my feelings and emotions in situations like making decisions ? I really doubt evry thought and emotion. Why should a "bad" feeling be wrong and a "good" feeling be right ? I really can not trust them fully. I always wait for that perfect feeling before taking an action, and often it really doest not express it self and so it takes a lot of time before i decide something. Is intuition a an emotion/object in consciousness , or only a knowing ? Also this famous concept of "gut" is an illusion in my opinion. Like sadhguru says " The way you think is the way you feel " and vice versa. What do you think ? I'm curious how you see this . Thank you 🙏
  16. If we take the example of making decisions. You follow something (could be thought,emotions,sensations) and you trust them so to speak.
  17. Such beautiful words
  18. Ahahaha maybe. I think it is more a chronic scepticism
  19. I would suggest a great empowerment. Inner Engeeniering program by Sadhguru. This programs are all over the world. This will boost your body energies to high states. Lot of things will fall in place by it self. If you are not familiar with IE you can buy his book "IE a inner guidance to joy" obviously it is not the same as the full program.
  20. Thank you very much for your patience and for your words . I'll will answer that band question. No,I'm very sure it is about success . My fear is that if we become in some way successful I'll get too much trapped in ego. That's because I have fear to be influenced by my band members that are quite unconscious or that my mind could not sustain fame.
  21. Hi. I have never experienced a state where I'm am blocked like this. My paralysis in making decisions and trying to know what to do becomes bigger. Everything is about my external situation. Some time ago I decided to attend university, just to try how it goes. It is hard situation because I do not know if it is worth . I have to spend a lot of Mooney and time in train. I have a band in which I play that can have some success . In the last period where I got various spiritual glimpses I started to question my band. I got a fear of becoming "famous" fear that my spiritual path would be contaminated or stopped. I like to play with them but there is also an opposite force. I do not know if i should continue everything, leave everything . The truth is just that I do not know or maybe I know and have the fear to admit it. For the band I have fear to hurt them in case I decide to leave them. All this concentration on spirituality and enlightemnt made a huge distance and loss of interest from external activities. I also thought to stop everything and do some volunteering in sadgurus ashram, just to breath and take distance from the situation. What I know for sure is that my life is about spiritual awakening , what to do externally I really do not know . I'm good at lots of things and love lots of things I'm 21 years old so maybe it is quite normal going though something like this but sometimes I'm really desperate because it is quite long that I'm stuck in this.
  22. Hi. I'm going to university by train . It takes 1 and half hour. Can you give me some meditations that I could do while sitting in train ? It is quite challenging to remain present . Often thinking about the destination , going home and so on. Do you know also something to reduce the tiredness while travelling ? Thank you
  23. "Just see things the way they are " something like that. What does is really mean ? To go beyond our likes and dislike? To do not judge anything with wrong good ugly beautiful and so on ? So I would not have any preferences.
  24. I agree fully with this
  25. Nice :)))