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  1. for a long term retreat I can recommend you this place: I was fortunate doing a Darkroom retreat there this place is amazing. You can stay for over a month for around $2000
  2. I would recommend buying a sleep tracker. Im using Apple Watch App Autosleep. This gives you the ability to measure your sleep quality and to see if the steps you are taking are improving your sleep quality over time.
  3. @Quanty how many mg do you recommend taking per day for the effects you are describing.
  4. problem is I cannot find a goal that is compelling enough to get motivated. I have enough money house cars all this stuff doesn't motivate me at all, I also dont care much about other people.
  5. Is the Goal supposed to be some form of materialistic attainment or is having a new skill enough of a goal. Since I do enlightenment work for over 2 years now I have really a hard time to find a compelling goal. I realize that everything is inevitable. I have a comfy corp Job now and this doesn't make it easier either.
  6. Good Question I really had to ponder that question because its been already so long ago that I cannot remember. I believe I always liked innovative technology that
  7. Hello, I am working as a professional Software Developer for a big cooperation for over 10 years. 10 years ago when I got in this field I was very diligent to research and watch training videos as much I could to learn everything about software development. And I still love this field today However I have difficulties to motivate myself to educate myself further with new technologies. I order books about software development start reading them and drop them. I buy Udemy courses about Software Technologies but loose motivation after watching the first 20% I was wondering if somebody in this Forum overcame this obstacle and can give me some tips how to harvest motivation to get back on track with learning and mastering this field. Appreciate your input Thank you very much
  8. @WorthyBird let us know how it was when you come back :-)
  9. thanks for sharing this
  10. I intend to visit 2 weeks of the fall retreat. Which Workshop would you recommend taking? Week 1 Experiencing the Nature of Being Week 2 Pursuing Consciousness through Transformation Week 3 Consciousness Training Camp Final Week Contemplation Intensive
  11. sometimes you have to curse to underline a Point in a particular way!!
  12. @Leo Gura is Enlightement a moment or a gradual process? I mean do peoples become enlightenment like in a second or is it a process over years?
  13. How exactly does the process of purging go? Do you sit down and think about the past and try to forget everything?