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  1. @seeking_brilliance well im naturally out going, so i never had a problem conversating with a stranger. It's a ego thing like you allotted too. There's notthing cringe about that. The universe speaks to u in a number of ways .
  2. @universe yes I am fully aware its a dream when im in this state, because its a conscious shift totally different from a regular dream. And when i was a newbie if i tried to control to much the state wouldn't activate fully i be aware but no control of what was going on. And i stumbled upon lucid dreaming when i had a natrual sleep paralysis episode and left my body by mistake. Did some reaserch figured out it was a gate way for lots of things.
  3. @seeking_brilliance wow very intriguing i never thought to consciously talk to my dream characters. Definitely something to think about because its all you at the end of the day . Your subconscious being brought to the forefront might can give yourself some nice insights. Also hey dont be afraid to randomly ask people questions too ,because they are you ,just like your dream. Think of people in that way. And im familiar with Robert work but never read his books.
  4. @abrakamowse lol that's pretty funny too ,only because ik how it feels. The most false awakenings i had was 4 .
  5. @Aakash hahaha 😂
  6. @Soulbass Yes!! Think of lucid dreaming as a sub part of Samadhi I've been meditating since 15 im 25 now . Therefore harnessing conscious awarness is fairly easy for me now. Basically deepening my consciousness and activating pure conscious as i sleep. The body will rest all dimensions are open ,the union between oneness is at yourfinger tips. Also all these techniques are cool but inducing sleep paralysis is the key ,its the gate way . My first trip was intense energy following through my whole body viciously. I was scared but it was soothing at the same time . Now and days it happens naturally . I believe meditation and my reunion with oneness is the reason . And i play lots of sports ,im a part time soilder and supervisor for a electric company .Has no effect on spiritual work .
  7. @oMarcos I definitely surrender because you can't control all the scenarios all the time. Maybe certain aspects. I can control my actions during the lucid dream, but it still plays out as a story . I cant go complete god mode and control everything all the time. Keep trying you get there, try surrendering before you start controlling. See if you maintain your complete awarness if so your on the right path.
  8. @tecladocasio In simple terms it's your awarness. But really its indescribable. Me having many altered higher states of conciounsess it's the only tangible thing you can ever cling to its beyond everything it is everything. Therefore it is God. Therefore we are God having a direct link to it. The meat suit makes this realization hard , because most ppl just know simple awaking consciousness.
  9. @tecladocasio Yes i actually have . Can't be to sure. @seeking_brilliance @AlwaysBeNice Ok thats plausible. But i believe the human consciousness does not reside in the brain. I would only assume at that point that the brain is more like an antenna and consciousness energy. Which energy can't be destroyed, I think the human consciousness will experience things similar to having a lucid dream. Maybe not exactly but similar . Also, I think it would depend on if the person that's in a coma has brain activity or not. If they dont, they could be experiencing a near death experience which at that point they are not in their bodies to begin with. If they had brain activity, doctors would be able to tell if the person is awake or if they are asleep. To induce a lucid dream, you have to be in your rem cycle, thats why i mediated or close my eyes and contemplate without actually sleeping which is difficult at times.
  10. Namaste!! I'm a master lucid dreamer ,been for a while now. After a good meditation session i can pretty much induce a lucid dream or obe at will. With that being said anybody that has done this practice often would be very familiar with false awakening. Basically a cruel trick that when you decide to wake your actually put in a realistic scenario where your back in your bed but still dreaming . I have reality checks for i won't get confuse. I punch myself in the face 😂 if I feel no pain im asleep .from my personal experience my consciousness leaves the body and i just induce another lucid dream or i force myself to a real wake up. Long story short i was wondering how close is this related to comas ? Any suggsstions !!
  11. So, I have a new found appreciation for People at blue stage. Very annoying but highly motivated and dedicated towards there believes .I feel like most of the things I did the past two months was mundane and highly unnecessary. But me being at a stage of turquoise I found it intriguing how people reacted to me ,and my mind state of going about basic training. I was either admired almost like a occult leader, or hated. People was jealous because I found my way to be in the inner circle with the higher ups. But jealousy is just love and hate at the same time. My experience was very easy and a breeze I miss meditating in peace,and doing dmt. I will Definitely be engaging in those activities tonight. Peace and love to all. May your minds always be empty and joyful .... Namaste
  12. As a toddler there no programming, so your more in tune with reality. Raw reality coming at you infinite directions . That innocence of just being is why toddlers are mostly Happy. I know this story where a 2 year old ask a baby "what is heaven like I'm starting to forget "
  13. Every concept is inherently a paradigm, that's the problem with language.
  14. Meditation helps with emotion mastery,your way more grounded within yourself. Keep up your practices you will understand your emotions better and others.
  15. Me being turquoise stage I say nothing matters. Money is apart of the 3d paradigm that where in. Therefore enjoy whatever ride you get on. Everything exactly how it should be. Honestly if your miserable with a regular job,you have major enlightenment work to do You can manifest W.e reality you want.