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  1. I haven’t been on this forum for about 6 months or so. But I always feel like a lot of people here are going the same journey together. So when I have a problem, this is the first place I thought about sharing on internet hoping some encouragement and teachings. It’s not a big problem but another emotional stepping stone. However, I still have small anger and disappointment in the back of my mind. What I want to share here is I was FIRED from my job. I was accused of stealing and two of my coworkers told the manager about me as I am someone who’s not trustworthy and that they don’t like working with me. But I did not steal anything. Funny part is I had a dream about drowning in water before I started working and dreamed about a snake bit on my ankle two days before I was going to get fired. I’m not too sad. Just disappointed and a little angry at my coworkers for why they told the manager like that. We never fight before and in fact we were laughing and talking all the time. I thought of them as my seniors at the job. But it was a good thing I’d say. It wasn’t meant for me.
  2. @How to be wise Samadhi experience is easy and hard. Easy because you will only be doing one thing and hard because doing only one thing or concentrating on one thing is hard. Most people today are very distracted by so many stuff so focusing on one thing is harder and harder. I love doing breathing meditation for Samadhi.
  3. What is evil? It's your egoistic mind.
  4. Pleasing people is not a bad thing. Bad thing is expectation. Please people without expectations.
  5. @Sukhpaal loneliness is from selfishness.
  6. @Barna Well! I will research more in this case then. I just need to be sure of everything I'm doing and following.
  7. @Martin123 Of course not... I don't stuck with any teacher because I take actions to have my own experiences. I actively search for the Truth. Info without experience will just hang in my brain and won't be decided right or wrong, this or that. I do listen to many many many teachers and gurus and everything they said will just hang in as information. With Leo, most of the things he says just click me. Some of the things he said, I just put it aside because if I don't know, I better not judge. It's just depend on our nature. "It would be quite strange if you stuck to one teacher your whole path given the variety availible..." (I love this part tho)
  8. @Martin123 Were you asking me about selfishness? Well! This is what I feel personally though. In one video I watched, he said that being greedy is good. That is just one part I didn't like and I found (personally again) some of the things he said was straying away from a true Yogi and the real peace. To be very honest, I'm too stubborn to believe or not believe easily. ( But that's just me. Who care, right?) I just want to say he is a good guy. But ..... I just feel I walk different path than him.
  9. @Barna I personally don't like that group or the teacher. Some of his teachings are leading to selfishness, to boost the ego. I like Leo better. He likes to speak the truth or at least whatever he thinks is true. I feel like he's sharing his true self and knowledge instead of making others feel better. That's a true teacher for me.
  10. "Real strength is when you know how to be kind and gentle"
  11. @Baz You "FREEZE" because you think about losing before even trying.
  12. Me... too... !! Well, I knew and know what I want in my life but..... Ahhh! My parents are the problem (I still love them). They want me to become something like .... whatever. But me, I just want to go somewhere in the wood and meditate. Be alone. So now I'm doing something but then I'm not really into it. But recently I decided to work hard since I can't be a yogi yet. I decided that I'll give my all to accomplish whatever I need to accomplish as quickly as possible and do whatever I want. But then, it's really hard because I'm a little young. My biggest obstacle right now is RELATIONSHIP. I tried and am trying to stay away from being attached to someone. My advice is if you can't put your dreams away now then accomplish it. Then, start enlightenment path. But of course, practice meditation everyday tho. Because that's your next coming up dream.
  13. @Marks199 Hey... What you've done was done, gone. My advice is ... well, this is how I face my problems. You know people can't dis someone forever. When they get over it, they'll stop. It's like when you pick up a dry leaf and put it on fire. It will burn and out quickly. Just focus on your future and your dreams. If someone points a figure at you... look at their face with "So what?" attitude. LOL... That's me tho. I am not a perfect so are you, right? You took off the shirt, so what? Even if you were walking around naked, you did what you wanted to do, so what? Now, you are thinking it was wrong which means you want to become better and better. That's all you need for your present and for your future. I'm 22 by the way.
  14. @Alphard Sorry if I miss understood what you said. I'll read it again.
  15. @Alphard Buddha had said "Etta or the ego or No You" man many times and his teaching was all about that.