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  1. @Shroomdoctor I too struggling with it and still working on goal setting. But for scheduling, I found Google Calender is useful, especially PC web version. You can manage events and tasks separately. I schedule on a weekly basis with it and set tasks for each day within that week.
  2. Searched in youtube 'Understanding positivity' because it was in the lyrics of a song i liked and i wanted to know more about it. And i found Leo.
  3. Name: Thaw Wunna Tun Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: Yangon, Myanmar Occupation: University Student Martial Status: Single Hobbies: Learning, Self-improvement, Creative stuffs I got into personal development about one and half year ago when I started to pursue my dream career, being a singer-songwriter. I was really serious about my dream and faced many problems on my way. I found out that most of my problems were because of my porn habit and got into the Nofap thing. From there, I started to learn personal development materials. I found while I was searching for videos about 'Understanding Positivity' on YouTube and the video I found of Leo was about a Zen story about Positivity. After that I watched Leo's videos more and more and got into the personal development world. Personal challenges I've overcome: Was short and overweight throughout my high school years break free of my porn habit set up a meditation habit stopped watching tv and playing games What I'm working on now: Reorganizing my life and finding my way to get back on track Finding my Life Purpose with Leo's Life Purpose course Starting a reading habit
  4. @StudyOops..I thought I am the first one...Really glad to know that I am not alone here!!
  5. From Yangon,Myanmar!! Pretty sure I'm the first one from Myanmar in this forum..