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  1. You can do both. You don't need to choose 1 or the other. I love Leo's teachings and I love Christianity. I love both. I read Christian books, listen to Christian music, go to church every Sunday ..........and still watch Leo's videos. haha Christianity has some gold mines of wisdom that you don't get from non-duality/new age/spiritual circles. Some Christian books are more calming than a meditation retreat. haha What you really need is freedom from fear. Fear leads to psychosis. Fear based new age teachings can lead to conspiracy theories about aliens or dark secrets in the government that make people loose their mind. Fear based Christian teachings can lead you to nightmares about demons and hell. When you are freed from fear...... you can learn from Atheists, you can learn from Christians, you can learn from New Agers, you can learn from Pyschologists, you can learn from Philosophers, etc. Right now, you are actually scared of Christianity....... You think you are scared of Leo's lamp.... but it's actually Christianity that is scaring you. Find ways to be less scared of Christianity. What helped me with psychosis is reading books like "I Hear His Whisper: Encounter God's Heart for You" from Brian Simmons..... or watching sermons from Christians who were more loving, kind, and more Christ-like. And what helped others is watching a ton of Atheist videos that debunk Christian theology....which reduces fear. There are some Atheists who debunk demons and hell very thoroughly.
  2. Stage Blue conservatives have been going against the manosphere/red pill lately. Because I think the manosphere/red pill is actually Stage Purple mixed in with Stage Orange. They aren't truly Stage Blue. They kind of skip Stage Blue........but mix Stage Purple values (women giving up their body to sacrifice for the tribe) with Stage Orange (money, success, individualism etc.) values. And Stage Blue conservatives are noticing this lately.........and they are trying to create distance from the Stage Purple/Orange manosphere. Stage Blue conservatives and Stage Purple/Orange red pillers have a lot in common, when it comes to women submitting to men. This makes Stage Blue conservatives very confused because they want to support the manosphere....but can't do that because the manosphere men are having sex outside of marriage, not valuing marriage, not practing monogamy, not commiting to 1 woman, etc. What is arising is a combination we haven't seen before haha which is a Stage Purple/Stage Orange mix.
  3. It doesn't work like that. The clarity, happiness, love and bliss you had before is still within you. It is metaphysically impossible for it to go elsewhere. It's more so that you "gained" more inner noise. Not that you lost anything.
  4. This reminds me of Jordan Peterson. Your entire post, actually, reminds me of Jordan Peterson. Jordan sees through a lot of lies. But he purposely holds unto lies and mythology to "create order in society"....even if he doesn't fully believe in them himself. He thinks none of the Bible/God is real but that the Bible is the best book for fools to follow. Alex O'Connor called him out on his bluff:
  5. A lot of stay at home mom's are millionaires, nowadays, due to social media. haha
  6. No one will ever see who you are. Whatever they see, is not actually you. It can never be. Not to sound scary. haha But on a metaphysical level, no one can actually see who you are. Also, you don't "create" who you are. Because who you are never changes from the day you were born. It doesn't ever change. We all have the same identity ....... in the ultimate truth of things. We share the same identity. However; you can shape an identity to engage in the human world haha with I AM statements. How do you currently see yourself, right now? I AM ___________________ (Ex: I am an avid reader. I am loved. I am whole. I am beautiful. I am caring towards others. I am anxious but take risks. I am good at math. etc.) Who do you want to be in the future? I AM BECOMING ____________________ (Ex: I am becoming a great chef. I am becoming a parent. I am becoming a more patient person. I am becoming more aware.) And then be proactive on your goals. However; none of this is who you are. This is more changing the human conditioning..... than changing the human identity. The human identity can not actually be changed from birth. We just usually identity as a million things that we are not.
  7. I don't think you move "beyond belonging". When you were born, you already belonged. You can't escape or ever leave belonging. Belonging isn't something you "gain" or "lose". It's always present.
  8. Maybe I am wrong but I think it's possible to be even Stage Turquoise and conservative. The higher the stages .... the more you see the grey in Liberal vs. Conservative. It's not this Black and White thing. Good vs. Evil thing.
  9. "Value" and "Worth" doesn't exist. They are illusions of the mind. Hierarchy of worth and value creates seperation and distortion. Levels of Consciousness like the LOC system and Spiral Dynamics are also an illusion. But people use them as a tools in the world of duality to make sense of what is happening. But even these tools are illusions and not ultimately true.
  10. What are they doing that is worrying you? My parents are Stage Blue but I've never seen them as "something that needs help".
  11. The Law of Attraction works in the material world of duality. I actually think the Law of Assumption by Neville Goddard is even more powerful. Neville Goddard's teachings on the Law of Assumption almost remind me of witchcraft because of how much they can control reality. But I agree with what Ken Wilber said about ego and narcissism. Law of Attraction's weakness , in my opinion, is the topic of death. None of these teachers go deeply into how everything we manifest into our lives will decay and die. Realizing that all manifestations end in death is not a hot topic for the Law of Attraction. The ego/narcissism hates talking about death. But you can't really avoid death. So the Law of Attraction is an incomplete teaching.
  12. These videos below are a more accurate description of what a "younger" Christian church looks like in 2022: White, Black, Asian etc. Christians worshipping together like one family. The "white is better" Christian churches you are referring to are decreasing in numbers amongst Millenials and Gen Z. This is why white Christians might vote either Republican and Democrat. You can't assume they will always vote Republican - especially Millenial and Gen Z white Christians.
  13. The Daily Wire is Stage Orange, in my opinion. I am very surprised by the success of "The Comments Section with Brett Cooper". I thought they would never pull off targetting to Gen Z but her channel is blowing up more and more every day.
  14. I agree. Teal just takes on a very unique approach of saying "having our needs met by others, is having our needs met by ourselves".
  15. This is a tricky topic with Teal Swan. She is actively against hyper independence in the spiritual community. Teal doesn't like the whole "All I need is myself" mentality in spiritual circles. Her teachings encourage emotional dependency on others. In my opinion, emotional dependency causes you to need another person in order to feel peace within. Without their support, you are emotionally starving and start acting manic.......which can be seen from the documentary. But I also understand where she is coming from. If there is no seperation, and there is no self and there is no other...... then our division between "my love" and "their love" collapses. It seems like her shadow work integration and non-duality integration is strong. But her awareness vs. object integration (stuff Rupert Spira teaches) is weak. With awareness vs. object integration, emotional dependency will literally turn off. She is also weak in the metaphysical stuff that Neville Goddard teaches on imagination. Because this also shuts emotional dependency off. Some videos where Teal promotes dependency: Video teaching that you need external love from others: Video on "Using People" to Get your needs met: Video on "Resourcing People" in order to get our needs met: Video on how wanting to be alone is often unhealthy: Video against hyper individuality in the spiritual community: Video on the trap of spiritual teachers attempting to transcend their humanity (which I respect her take):