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  1. I disagree. haha Many stage green, yellow and purple women don't engage in casual sex. (mystics, yogi teachers, Law of Attraction teachers etc.) I follow a lot of these women, and they often post these "why I don't have casual sex" type videos, especially on Instagram. And they often teach about being careful with sharing your body with a man who has a ton of unresolved trauma and shadow - because it will enter into your auric field. haha And many stage blue religious women are worse. They will lead a date already talking about marriage or there will be no 2nd date. There is no mystery or game playing. It's "are you pursuing me for marriage or no 2nd date".
  2. This question is similar to asking "How do I make the snow feel hot?"
  3. "I am good, I am kind, I am selfless. I am virtuous. I am moral." is the Christian viewpoint of God which is different from the non-dual perspective. The non-dual perspective does not split life into organized categories of good and bad or wanted and unwanted.
  4. "How does one _______________" The one in "How does one" is the ego
  5. Your nervous system isn't having it. Implement more self love into whatever you are doing. The nervous system is freaking out because you are moving from a place of lack. Heaven is now. Heaven is not in the future. And anytime, we move from a place of "heaven is in the future", the body releases cortisol.
  6. The appearance of anticipation is also perfect. Waiting for the next sound to come is also perfect.
  7. Because it's even deeper than that. It's not that value is arbitrary. It's that value is inherent. You were born worthy. You were born complete. You were born whole. Nothing you have done, felt, or said ..... has ever modified this, decreased this or changed this. Your value does not increase or decrease. It doesn't move. You are complete and whole.... always was and always will be.
  8. I AM GOD does not mean that "I, the ego, is God". This is a misunderstanding. That's the tricky thing with I AM statements. The ego uses them to clothe itself and create a solid form. And I AM GOD is a huge misunderstanding if the ego grabs unto it for clothing. I AM GOD both includes the ego and is beyond it.
  9. You don't wish for the body to die. You wish for a peaceful mind. The body doesn't have to die for the mind to be still.
  10. All ego minds do this to a certain degree. Just like how we create an image of ourselves in our mind, we also create an image of others in our mind. And we edit the images, add to the images, and rearrange the images constantly. It's essentially an ego image of the external world. Just like how we have a mental ego image of ourselves. We also have mental ego images of other people. This is where a lot of Law of Attraction and trippy Parallel Universe stuff comes in. Where if you can change the ego images that you create of people, then their behavior towards you will often change. Because ultimately, there is no separation. It's quite eery and creepy when you see how it works. haha
  11. Unrequited love is a belief system. These are some of the core beliefs in the system: 1. I am a separate self living in a world of objects and people. 2. That man/woman is separate from me. 3. Married people and romantic couples are separate from me and the rest of the world. They successfully separated themselves from wholeness. Married people and romantic couples are not part of wholeness. 4. Dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin are objects that a man/woman can transfer into my body. 5. I can not feel dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin unless a man/woman loves me back. 6. I can own objects and people. Certain people "belong" to me. 7. I can increase and decrease in worth and value depending on what I have or what happens to me. 8. Love is not infinite. Love is a finite resource that can be shut off and turned on. 9. On some days, I have less love than other days. Yesterday, I had more love than I have today. 10. Some people have more love than other people. All of these beliefs are B.S.
  12. I am really interested in the direction that Sam Vaknin is going. He is saying that the cure to narcissism is "nothingness". I don't agree with many of his points but I think it's a good direction to lead the ever-growing narcissism community.
  13. I love him. He has 0% tolerance for the "Ego is my friend" arguments haha
  14. As long as you are seeing, "separate people", then you are experiencing duality and division. It's not the individual "separate people" that have low consciousness. It's the viewpoint of duality that is creating an appearance of clouds. There is no separation. There is actually no conversation happening on the forum. We are all speaking to ourselves
  15. Sometimes it helps when you see the perfection in people, regardless of if they understand non-duality. If you think non-duality will "improve" their life, then it can make you get preachy. But when you realize how perfect they are, regardless of whether or not they get non-duality, you can just chill with them.