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  1. @Moksha i wouldn't be mad if I get reborn again and again but have no ego.. but that's impossible so now I'm depressed how long again ..when will I even be free from this hell..
  2. @Someone here don't get me wrong, I just asked what I have heard him talk. Maybe he is talking about the measure of detachment, and how much the consciousness is aware of itself.
  3. @Moksha lol, not trying to be mean but ..they way u said "People don't raise consciousness, consciousness raises them" .. U just flipped the sentence but it still is dualistic like , consciousness raise whom? Lol
  4. I have heard David Hawkins said that it's not possible for any person to raise his conscious more than 10 percent. Is that really true?? Thus it mean that someone who is below 200 has no chance of getting enlightment in this lifetime or 40 life times ? That's really depressing..
  5. All kinds of views are wrong views.. that what we need to realize and have no views at all.
  6. When a enlightened being say that they have seen their past life, how do they know that it's real and not just imagination??
  7. “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” Buddha. I love this quote ❤
  8. Your suffering is your spiritual talent... Use it wisely and it will lead us all the way to liberation but hard work and consistency is necessary.
  9. Because how can such people exist...I cannot compare him to any human beings I have ever meet .. was he really that perfect or he was just as normal as sadhguru or ekhart tolle.. what do you think??
  10. What are some enlightenment facts vs fiction?? I really wanna know what exactly is enlightenment vs what are some false imaginary ideas about enlightenment.