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  1. Fine, be miserable.
  2. @Echoes We're programmed to have goals. If we don't have goals, everything sucks. It's called emptiness.
  3. Why don't you make a worthwhile goal. We aren't happy unless we are using our creative energy and striving towards something important.
  4. I live in an international community where left and right have very common goals. It's quite pleasant.
  5. @Serotoninluv Purple is dead because we killed the native Americans! Blue isn't dying, who do you think comes from Mexico!?
  6. @Serotoninluv Green like to immigrate Blue and Red people. You can't have a completely green nation.
  7. I wanna unite the left and right in America.
  8. Simple as that. That's called hypergamy. It's your hormones, and it usually doesn't kick until you're just about 30 or a little earlier. People need space and abundance to start families, and so do mammals. This is instinctual. This doesn't mean you won't be attracted to edgy guys. Dual mating strategy is a thing in birds and people. Cool, it's not going to be the same for everyone. Not all men provide for three families either, but it's just a small example of something that could easily be offsetting power balances that nobody cares to properly look at. I feel like feminism has completely disregarded hormonal drives as a source of inequality. Definitely nothing to dismiss.
  9. @Serotoninluv I assure you it is not as niche as you think, lol.
  10. All I can say about the crying thing is, there have been various discussions on Reddit about it, and when a girl cries on a man's shoulder she sinks into him. I don't mean making her cry, I mean just crying in general for any reason at all often turns to something badass in a few minutes. I certainly agree with you on the Red pill movement. It is an extremely inaccurate version of masculinity and also extremely unhealthy for those men. But right now, it's the only support they have. There aren't extensive support networks for positive masculinity. Real Social Dynamics helps some men, but that stage should only go on for so long, and it's not for everyone. Yeah I agree, shared values is key in relationships. But right now, zero cultures come to my head where hypergamy isn't existent. That is something that the Red Pill is correct about. I'm about to order the book Sex at Dawn to see what happens with that paradigm. Obviously, I don't believe society has one set of ways of doing things, but I do think that power accumulation is primarily driven by reproductive hormones in order to provide for families. I'll leave you alone on body acceptance campaigns, I don't really have an issue with it. But men will be attracted to certain body types.
  11. @Emerald No. But I do think hormones drive behavior just as much or more than social conditioning and culture. Why do women only marry equal or up in sexual rank throughout all cultures during all time periods? It's hormones. Why do so many men get erections when their girlfriends cry. I know most women don't get turned on when men cry, but a lot of us are sure ready to go when she does, and I know it's not just me. Is that because of expectations or hormones? For me it's hormones, just like body-positivity campaigns aren't going to help with erections either.
  12. @now is forever It got hijacked on page one.
  13. @Serotoninluv Well before today, I don't think too many people here counted any of the male issues. If it was known and quantified like that, I think we'd have everything ready. And we could just proportion it directly. The problem comes when facing what an injustice is and isn't. Like when I'm older, if my erections for younger women drive me to accumulate enough resources to start a second family, I really don't know about messing with that.
  14. @Emerald I don't now Emerald, I think a lot of the difference has a lot more to do with people's hormones than you think.
  15. @Serotoninluv Why would you limit resources?