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  1. For my existance
  2. Very good topic, Philip! I had the same opinion previously as most of you here in terms of understanding the person and providing advice on the level this person can understand. However, it was changed not a long time back. I think advice and experienced should be shared from highest level we're in today without any adjustments. By that, you kind of sharing your reality and experience as of you're NOW and inviting to learn/experience of what you're today. If person isn't that advanced but open minded to advance concept he/she will grasp it pretty quick. On the other hand, there are folks who think they know everything and therefore can't grasp many different concepts. I found it's almost impossible to be productive with those people regardless which level they are in. Anyhow, what most think is advance concept isn't really that difficult. It's very intuitive and straight forward. The difficulty comes from the fact that in most cases it goes against common knowledge/society and most people habits cause those habits are driven by society. Therefore, complexity comes when person need to change habits and some of those habits are coming from very early childhood. Therefore, most if us don't even question some concepts and think it's ridicules if someone have different opinion on one subject or another. As long as you're open minded and agree to question absolutely everything to find truth, there will be no issues in levels of advancements. Namaste
  3. @Epiphany_Inspired may the force be with you. I won't wish you good luck cause I know for sure it's not about luck. It's all about you and finding it within you. You and everyone else already have it, all you need is re-discover it and enjoy results
  4. haha, they pretty much confirmed that I'm a God, can't argue with it
  5. @LinLin It also applies to internal arguments within your mind. This is much more difficult cause you first need to be AWARE it's happening in your mind and second, let it go... I still don't see much interest in this subject so we might not start is as a group but rather start it on your own and feel free to post updates.
  6. @Thesis I know it might sound crazy but stop reading any of your books and concentrate on understanding and letting go of all your fears. You will see how much more benefits you'll get from it...and yes to do so no need to read long books, find a practical video and practice.
  7. @Steven oh no, let's not go this direction...I'm not into 3some
  8. @Kelley White right or wrong I'm here for the truth and truth only!!
  9. Steven and Nomad... guys, you seem to be in a deep state of love...good thing gay marriage is legal these days in most of the US states
  10. @Abhijeet Singh Hey body, tells us what your dream with Leo all about in details...
  11. @NoOne The problem is simple, you're NoOne. Become SomeOne and not just SomeOne but The One you would love YourSelf to BE. Every given moment you have a choice to make out of many different things you can choose in this moment, make a choice you'll be satisfied and proud off and pursue it till the moment you're happy and excited about your choice. Once pleasure is gone chose your next best object and same way take it to the maximum of satisfaction and joy and so on...Be truthful with your choices and make those choices in alignment with reality and nature so they don't hurt other life being. Follow this and you'll be fine...simple enough?
  12. @abrakamowse Abra, meditate on it and have one desire - to see truth, and truth only. Once you see it you will realize that the only existing God is ME
  13. @abrakamowse Nah, you might be charged with insanity, but not manslaughter since there is no dead body.
  14. @misko55 You're not stuck my friend. You have a goal and now it's about finding a way to achieve it. Stay positive and you will do fine. Take care of nessesities and persue your dream and you will see it will work just fine for you...give it some time though...
  15. Thoughts are pretty real so the subject you thinking about. It becomes real for you but not for everyone else since others might not focus on same. Focusing on arguments and fights will bring to your life same. Everything in this world relevant to subject who experiencing it. What true for one person isn't true for another. Today was another beautiful day and it's pretty real for me. Many experiences and satisfaction from what's been achieved, life have many colors to those with 'open eyes'. Existence has a lot to offer but it's up to you and what you channeling to experience from that infinite. This is one of the reason why it pays to work on self-actualization. Eventually you will be able to see what you thinking off and be free of what others pushes to you to make them more important/powerful or rich. This is how you're becoming one with existence by letting all go and just focusing on reality and realizing it flows through you and it's the only unchanged thing which fulfilled your body and always be...