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  1. Love: I am everything Every illusion/bias is valid I appreciate you I care about you Let me give you a hug Wisdom: I am nothing Nothing is real I'm indifferent I'm detached I'll let you suffer a little so that you can grow The Truth encompasses Love and Wisdom. Every situation asks for a new response, a new lesson, a new creation. Which side do you need to practice more?
  2. That's part of being a man of truth. Kill your reputation. Stay true to your honor.
  3. Just made a post yesterday. Perhaps it would help... "Why do I feel so much"? "How can I control my emotions"? I wondered if I was alone in this overwhelming sensitivity towards emotions. Not paying attention to my emotions and not knowing what to do with them, I took it all out on the outside world with my intense, destructive fire. Then I found out that in fact, I have a superpower. I could tune into the subtlest to the most extreme feelings, so I could understand them, learn to use them as guides, and transmute them into creative energy and passionate love. Thanks to my emotions, now I know with crystal clarity when I'm out of alignment with my true self and when I'm on the right path. When an unsettling emotion arrives, I treat it as a friend who asks me to turn inward to find the truth and the love in the situation, so I can release my grip and be truly free. I thought I found liberation in escaping my emotions, but then I discovered my true power in surrendering to them, listening to them, embracing them, and loving the fuck out of them.
  4. This is a reminder for those who choose positive polarity (aka Service to Others if you've read the Law of One). After you realize God in yourself, realize the God in others. Instead of claiming God as a title, become a beacon of Love and Light in Service to Others, not as a Martyrdom but as a humble servant of the Creator as the Creator for the Creator, giving away your ego-based tendencies for the love of God. Here's a beautiful quote that further touches upon the topic: "It was a great temptation to consider the so-called social complex or subcomplex as elite or different and better than other-selves, this one of the techniques of service to self... to inculcate(instil) the thoughts of the elite rather than concentrations upon the learning/teaching of oneness." – Ra, The Law Of One
  5. One of many...
  6. She makes solid points but she doesn't cover the full picture. Sometimes, what she is saying is right but other times it's not. Many spiritual teachers gaslight people because they want them to find the Truth for themselves. And so many people get triggered because they haven't done the shadow integration work or because of their belief in unworthiness (which is activated by ego), and not because the teacher is narcissistic. Both points need to be considered and then people can find what is true for them in each case instead of generalizing or judging from the outside.
  7. Hahahahahahaha -------- Shadow work is thrown around everywhere in spiritual talks/teachings. It's simply two steps: 1. Make the unconscious/rejected part of you conscious by observing your triggers. Other people are great for showing us what our shadows are. 2. Integrate your shadow by finding the opposite or upside of that part of you. For example, you notice despising someone who judges people a lot. So you become aware of the fact that you don't like that part of you that judges others. Then you accept and love that part of you that judges others as you integrate the upside of judgment which is the discernment of truth/illusion or right/wrong. You can still be less judgmental toward others, but you first love judgment itself for what it is and then embrace the upside while minimizing the downside of it from a place of acceptance.
  8. True freedom comes with bondage.
  9. From India, but I live in Bali, Indonesia.
  10. Death doesn't exist because life doesn't exist. Your incarnation is a dream in which you can wake up, like a lucid dream. After you "die", you go through a life/dream review and then set intentions for the next life/dream for the lessons of love and wisdom you want to learn. Then you sleep again (behind the veil of forgetfulness) to dream again.
  11. Not caring about other people is unbalanced Wisdom, which needs to be balanced with Love. Caring too much about people is unbalanced Love, which needs to be balanced with Wisdom. When Love and Wisdom are balanced, you care about the other but you don't care about their opinion of you. How do you do that? Practice. Awareness and Love.
  12. Once you're awake you can dance at any stage. Having said that, I see so many spiritually wealthy people who don't pursue material wealth and I also see so many materially wealthy people who have no clue about spirituality. But correlation doesn't mean causation because one can be at the highest stage and yet play the money game or the dating game consciously and lovingly.
  13. Blueberries are known to help too: 1. 2. 3. 4. Perhaps try one by one after a few days/weeks and tell us which one works best.
  14. The wheel of bad karma ends with forgiveness.
  15. Happy Birthday, Leo!