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  1. yes me i would find this so useful too. email me: @olivermorris05@gmail.com
  2. Watch "Justin Sung" on youtube he is BRILLIANT so good, focused on academic but general too. Two main models of memory and multi-store-memory-model and the working-memory-model.
  3. Very true. I cherry pick the nuggets of wisdom and he helps me integrate orange, just have to not take his marketing and exaggerative jokes seriously. Also whoever said he has a pyramid scheme is being manipulated, affiliate marketing does not equal pyramid scheme.
  4. Whole soul soundtrack is amazing Favourite feeling love/awakening/introspective song of all time This whole album and all this guys stuff is next level. This song has caused chakras to open. Very good for meditation and similar to one above Chinese song This LOTR instrumental and singing is sooo good gives me chills and makes me feel some type of way more goodness This for mediation / awakening / love - makes me feel so much love makes me cry CLASSIC If you like electronic music This music is Non-copyright music it seems funny and cringe but TRUST ME. This one is very loving and everyone should listen Another bunch of meditation/awakening ones This one is from Farcry 5, fucking AMAZING Classic again Another electronic music gem My favourite album of all time I hope you enjoy!