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  1. Short answer "NO" to overcome neuroses one must meet his needs e.g financial security sex etcc my perception only
  2. Do you pray 5 times a day?
  3. @Leo-TzuEdhe ktu gjeta shqiptar
  4. @Leo-Tzu is that from Albania (Vlora city) case?
  5. The philosophy of Mohammed was to emphasize that God (allah) is the only one compared to that time where most people believed in polytheism, which means one god one population = no duality, also the religois was spread very fast because it says all human beings all equality so that for poor people was really favorable.
  6. I have been meditating for more than 2 years now ( almost every day) so that I am experiencing a rise in awareness, which i think has improve the ability to control cravings ( or te be aware of them). I still do watch porn but it's not very pleasing nowadays. There are times where I search in pornhub videos here and there but it is more like watching actors having sex for money or watch pixels who form naked women. I suggest watch leo's. Video awareness alone can be curative and implement that with porn " just be aware how you harm yourself doing it, do not resist jus note how your body moves in autopilot mode" try to implement that for 6 months to one year hoping it will be successful. Thank you
  7. For those who haven't fast anytime in lifetime, I really suggest this. You become very aware of how harm you are doing to your body by eating junk food.
  8. I think first person. Do you sometimes mix those? And I would like to ask do you use law of attraction ( the secret) or try anything else with visualization?
  9. B_naz. THe best quote I ever seen is " I know only one thing, that I don't know anything" Socratis I really do not understand what the hell is this world nor wher did I come from or where I am going to be after death. These questions really scary me. Poor me haha
  10. That is instinct to self survive. A person is going to do anything just to survive, so if meditation is supposed to help us ( e.g mental health, emotional health etc) it is ego. nevermind that is the reason i started it either.
  11. Is that from carol dweck author?
  12. I saw this concept before some days, I am planning to read the Book too, from some review on youtube it seems to be interesting. 80 percent of our results come from only 20 percent of our work - (it does not have to be exact 80/20 it could be 85/15, 75/25 etc) In society, 20 per cent of criminals account for 80 per cent of the value of all crime 20 per cent of motorists cause 80 per cent of accidents.
  13. Meditate for 20 min ( the no bulshit way to meditate first video of leo about this) this has become an automatic habit i go to my room everyday at the same time, after practice i feel satisfied calm and more present Reading I do read almot everyday for 1 hour these months usually about university, it is hard to explain I cannot forgive myself for not doing so when i can. No more tv football instead of reading ( my grades are better than last year) Giving gratitude to god for uncountable good things from health to sun and nature, e.g I thank you god that I have such an amazing heart which pomps every second to make me live healthy thank you x3 times (learnt from book the power author of law of attraction). Just one simple example
  14. what I noticed for this fenomenon is that when I find myself watching porn is when I am alone in House, and have no Plan for that day to spend my energy. these weeks I am working (learning for University) so that I think my energy is spent there, due to this I do not have the desire to watch again pron. Maybe the key is to make yourself busy (gym, meditate, reading, or just a walk) because the feeling for watching our favourite pornstars comes and goes, we just have to resist these feelings. (so simple in theory and so hard in practise hehe) we are living in dark ages from this perspective due to so much easy is to find naked women and sex
  15. I see, the dark side of technology is that we are facing pornography materials too early and too easy. Fast internet and big screen makes it horrible for this aspect. I believe that people who lived 50 100 years before were more healthy more motivated to make things done Search benefits of nofap on reddit to motivate a little bit.
  16. I'm in this too hehe 6 days till now not bad i hope for more
  17. 1st decide which book to read 2nd make time every day for an hour to read in quiet place (alone). Do not try to read different books in a Period of time I prefer to finish the book before choose for another one. and 3rd try take notes of how your behavior can change due to that book just as Leo's video (Learning = behavior change) explains. Because the most important part is practice.
  18. Another question I want to ask is that Do we have to look up in dictionary or have a research for a word which we are pounding and asking or we just question that word For example what is politics
  19. I'm almost done with this one, I can say with confidence that the power of habit is the single one most important book I ever read till now for self improvement. Now try to put these insight in practice.
  20. Recently read that book, 1 easy to read 2 great insights. Highly recommend this one especially if you are new to this concept (self improvement)
  21. Before two months I read The Power of positive thinking by norman vincent peal which gave me some inspiration and insights, because like you I felt useless and as I can see my community, happy are those who achieved things in life but not me. In his book He mention "why not using the power of praying" cus he used to be a pastor. Although I'm not really religious man but I found that useful. By repeating some affirmations taken in Holy books one can increase self confidence and self love. At least that's what I think Best regards to all.
  22. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise most of us distract our self with too much TV, Phones and other things. According to me people were supposed to sleep when the sun set and night comes and wakes when sun rises, but is very hard to follow this rule due to social conditions and home environment , For myself I cannot wake up at 6 because in winter is dam cold so my mother says sleep more hehe. however I Suggest you to have a sleep plan, go to bed at same time every night and wake up same time every day this leads in improving the quality of sleep and make sure if you set any alarm let it be "you have set alarm more than 8 hours from now". Have a good time.
  23. Personal I thing do nothing technique did not work for me either, so I tried Mindfulness and found out more interesting, not boring and when i finish all my sessions I feel more calm and present just in the moment and it is working ( at least that what I think ). So I really recommend Mindfulness Meditation.
  24. While I was reading this book i noted that he used to pray for another person so she would be healed, what do you think about it, that sounds not common. what I understood from his message was explaining the LAW OF ATTRACTION but in some another way since this book was relieved before 'The Secret' thus when he talks about the power of subconscious mind he is referring to the LOA.
  25. Affirmation is a way to build confidence in one or more fields of our life that we feel insecure or have limited beliefs thus we use them, and I think it tricks our minds in to thinking that we can do it, Interesting technique.