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  1. Publish some video content about poverty (especially in rich countries eg usa, eu etc) social justice, gap between rich and poor, monopolies, abuse of power from billioners 👍
  2. @Thewritersunion maybe some moderator can do that.
  3. A short describe about some answers what is resistance? what I got so far from short inquiry, I want your opinion about that. Not trying doubt hopelessness inability to focus hesitation Inability to accept resistance fear ratiolanizating playing CSGO and Playstation what does it entails : lazyness, forgetting what do I resist most : going out pick up girls, find a job aka life purpose, making a plan goals If I give 10 percent more awareness to resistance I would... contemplate other topics. Im a bit confused if that’s correct.
  4. It would be interesting to hear from women perspective if they really appreciate when a man comes to her (from nowhere), gives a compliment, start conversation which later lead to intimate relationship is that a reality or a lie from james marshall and Sasha daygame
  5. Journaling, simply sit and write what are you going to do, ask questions and observe your thoughts.
  6. Short answer "NO" to overcome neuroses one must meet his needs e.g financial security sex etcc my perception only
  7. Do you pray 5 times a day?
  8. @Leo-TzuEdhe ktu gjeta shqiptar
  9. @Leo-Tzu is that from Albania (Vlora city) case?
  10. The philosophy of Mohammed was to emphasize that God (allah) is the only one compared to that time where most people believed in polytheism, which means one god one population = no duality, also the religois was spread very fast because it says all human beings all equality so that for poor people was really favorable.
  11. I have been meditating for more than 2 years now ( almost every day) so that I am experiencing a rise in awareness, which i think has improve the ability to control cravings ( or te be aware of them). I still do watch porn but it's not very pleasing nowadays. There are times where I search in pornhub videos here and there but it is more like watching actors having sex for money or watch pixels who form naked women. I suggest watch leo's. Video awareness alone can be curative and implement that with porn " just be aware how you harm yourself doing it, do not resist jus note how your body moves in autopilot mode" try to implement that for 6 months to one year hoping it will be successful. Thank you
  12. For those who haven't fast anytime in lifetime, I really suggest this. You become very aware of how harm you are doing to your body by eating junk food.