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  1. @xxxx No problem, just do whatever works for you If you have any questions or concerns about how to OMAD I am glad to help you out!
  2. Dude perfection is an illusion. If you keep trying to be perfect you are always going to mess up and blame yourself for it and keep repeating that cycle. Ask yourself why you keep eating the Nutella. There's probably an underlying issue. Work on that. The Nutella is not the issue for your cravings. Trust me, I know what you feel like. I have been through it too many times and I know that you want to be perfect and you don't want to allow yourself any junk food. It's okay to have chocolate from time to time. If you fix your mind set then you won't crave for it as often. Work on fixing your attitude towards food, that's the key. This isn't a quick fix, it takes time and a willingness to change your perspective. You need to be open minded and trust that there is some truth to what I am saying. Wish you all the best and have a merry Christmas!
  3. Hey I have done OMAD in the past for about a year and I didn't have any negative affects from it. I didn't do it consistently because sometimes my family or friends wanted to eat with me or I was just really hungry. But overall I stuck to the OMAD diet for quite a long time. I was following the amen ra regimen, not sure if you have heard about it, but it's worth to check out. Anyways I didn't loose much weight because of the diet because I think my body just adapted to needing less food. For feeling hungry, drinking black coffee or sparkling water helps and since they don't contain calories it won't break your fasting. Just try it for yourself, there is really nothing to worry about. If you feel it is serving you in your life then go for it! For me personally I stopped doing this diet because I wanted to enjoy eating with other people and because I only ate one meal a day and my diet was very restricted, I was missing out on socializing. Also I discovered I have irritable bowel syndrome and in my case it is better for me to eat multiple meals a day. So what I want to tell you is, just make sure it is the right thing for you! No worries, you can do it!
  4. Hello dear community! I hope you are all doing well and making progress towards your dreams. I am looking for likeminded people to grow my social circle. I am living in Graz, Austria and was wondering if there is anyone near me who would like to meetup sometime? Also if anyone is interested to be friends on Facebook or other social media please just contact me. I am sure we have many experiences and advice we could share that could help us both grow as a person. Also it's just nice to have other people to reach out to, that are on a similar journey. So please contact me if you are interested, we can exchange contact information in the private chat!
  5. Yesterday I had a strange experience I wanted to share with you all. Please let me know what you think and if you had similar experiences before! So I was meditating for an hour when I got sleepy and decided to take a rest afterwards. I must have fallen asleep but it felt like I was awake and my body was totally relaxed. I’m not sure I was dreaming or not I think maybe in between dreaming. What happened was it felt like my body sensations were completely gone and then my mind just suddenly said: you don’t even exist!! And suddenly I felt very strange and fearful and like some sort of force was pulling my body into a sitting position. I was thinking to myself is this before enlightenment, or an out of body experience? I had a similar experience in a dream before with the I don’t exist feeling and also other dreams where I was leaving my physical body. But this one combined both elements. So as I was laying there I opened my eyes just a little bit and I could see a pure white ceiling and then my mind just kept repeating: you don’t even exit! You don’t even exist! And every time it did my body felt very strange, almost as though I was submerged in water and I even heard water, maybe because it was raining outside. The sound I heard was more like a waterfall though. And as I had these sensations, I repeatedly got pulled out of my physical body higher up to the ceiling but I always stopped there. I was a bit afraid but whenever I surrendered my fear I felt like I would go higher up. It felt like someone was reaching my arms and pulling me up there. What is really freaky is that you don’t just feel strange but your body is making strange sounds and tensing and moving on it’s own and you have no clue what is going on.
  6. @The Don thank you, I found that very insightful and motivating!
  7. yo wasp y'all, I was thinking the most important life skill that we need to self actualize is strong willpower. Cause no matter what we wanna do whether that's meditation, eating healthy, strong workout routine or hustling on our life purpose, we need willpower and discipline to commit to all of the above. Now Leo already has some content about discipline and willpower, however I feel since this is such an important topic it would be dope if we could get an in detail video around this topic. Maybe he could go into how to stay consistent with positive habits, how to break bad habits and addictions, what to do when you fall off track and whether it's possible to be 100% consistent with our longterm goals. Anyways let me know if you feel like Leo should make a video about this topic. Just a quick reply, lets make it happen!
  8. thanks guy, just broke up with her. gonna take some time now to take care of myself!
  9. Hey guys, so I've been in a relationship with a girl for half a year now. Unfortunately we have a lot of fights and arguments. Recently we are just fighting constantly. We broke up once because of this but got back together. I am into self development, she says she is too but I don't think she is. She isn't open to learning new things as much as I am. I am not saying she doesn't like self development, just that she doesn't really care to improve herself because in her eyes there is nothing to improve for her. I don't agree because I have a growth mindset and am always trying to improve myself. She is constantly upset about something I do and usually its the smallest things. I think she expects me to be perfect.. I don't know what I should do, I am thinking of breaking up with her again. Please tell me what you think..
  10. I took Leo's advice on facing emptiness head on to get rid of addictions. However I find the longer I do nothing the more anxious and depressed I start to feel. I start to feel like I am going insane and feel strong negative emotions. But I only feel this way either when my cravings are really strong or after giving in to my cravings and meditating afterwards. Any guidance is appreciated. I truly want to be free of all my addictions..
  11. Is there a difference between being and meditation? How do you practice both if so?
  12. Hey, so my life purpose is to become a US Marine. I was wondering if there are any soldiers out there, that have advice for me. I'm a US citizen based in Europe at the moment. I am planning to move to San Diego, California with my gf in 2 years. I don't have a high school degree but am planning on getting the GED in America. Anyways, I appreciate all advice! Thank you
  13. hey, was wondering if any of you have hyperhydrosis and have found a way to treat it affectively? Thx
  14. I recently rewatched leo's video about spiritual detachment. Not quit sure how to transition from a carrrot stick motivational system to unconditional happiness. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions, god bless
  15. Hi, I bought a thermos flask with built in cup. The thermos is out of safe metal however I think the cup is made of plastic inside. I tried contacting the company but they couldnt help me. I want to know if there are any health risks if I drink out of this thermos daily?