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  1. All of the things mentioned like yoga, meditation, shadow work, are just aspects of a larger mechanism. The reason why you are noticing some behavior improvements is because these activities raise your vibration, i.e. vibrational healing. You haven't noticed the significant results you were looking for because you don't understand that the major underlying mechanism of spirituality is vibration and vibrational healing. Spirituality is about letting go of what you are not, so you can recognize your self for what you are. When you do something like shadow work, what's actually happening is you face lower vibrational wounds you have, and by facing them you release them. When you release lower vibrations, you have a higher vibration, a higher resonate frequency. When you operate at a higher resonate frequency, your behavior changes to suit it. The changes in behavior outlined in SD are really just the effects of raising one's vibration. If you want to see improvement in your ability to feel love, joy, and serenity, focus on vibrational healing instead of shooting randomly in the dark hoping you hit something enlightening. Enlightenment comes naturally to a higher vibrational being by the way, because you can't help but realize it after entering a certain vibrational range. Which means aiming for enlightenment when you are at a low vibration is futile, or at least extremely difficult. It's like a child that's learning long division attempting algebra, it's just beyond you. It's because you haven't done the necessary healing to understand existence on a deeper level. Healing completely is the first step of spirituality, and if you do that you will be ahead of almost every human being on the planet, as in less than .1% of the population.
  2. Unconditional love. We wouldn't exist without it.
  3. For the reasons I stated below it.
  4. Unconditional love is so much more than that. You're only describing recognizing the innate beauty and divinity in all things. Not to downplay that, being moved to the point of having tears of love and ecstacy is one of the most rewarding aspects of being human. Imagine the person who means the most in the world to you. Someone that you want in your life until your last day. Then you discover that their suffering in some way, like most human beings are. You have the means to heal enough of their suffering for them to live a more enjoyable life, but if you share that love/healing with them, they're likely to cut you out of their life permanently. And you don't think twice, you immediately do it, because you recognize it's what's best for them. Even though it hurts you deeply to trigger their pain like that, even though they'll think the worst of you, even though you would feel so grateful to have them in your life, you still do it without hesitation. That is unconditonal love. When you'd sacrifice your own happiness for the higher desire of their eventual happiness, that will be had with other beings who will never show them the degree of love you did. And after all of that, you still feel blessed to have been able to play such a role in their journey. That's just one small sliver of unconditonal love.
  5. Why would you talk about yourself with such disdain and hatred?
  6. You fall mostly in the vibrational range known as Orange in SD. Skeptical, neurotic like every stage below Coral, discounting the unknown, and highly resistant to unconditional love. I tried to explain things as best as I could in a way that someone within your vibrational range could understand, but you wanted to talk about things beyond the understanding of your current vibration. And I could only explain so much, so I apologize for any confusion you might feel in what was being discussed. Just know that the world is more magical than you could possibly imagine. And if you want to get a taste of the paradise known as existence, go on a deeper journey to discover who and what you truly are. Spirituality is the peeling away of everything you think you are and know, so the true beauty of unconditional love can obliterate all illusions. Sounds pretty exciting if you ask me.
  7. The ego usually enters denial when it's the most comfortable option. When you're comfortable, you're likely not to grow. Perfect environment for an ego to blossom, good to know how rooted you are in delusion.
  8. I've seen your message and will be replying to you, even though telepathy doesn't apply to what happened here. It was a reading of intention via communication, if we're getting specific. I've had a lot on my plate the past couple days, but felt called to dig heavily into a few threads before replying to messages. I do apologize for not replying sooner, and I will be in touch. Just to illuminate how I discuss with people, I find it most effective to dive deeply into conversations with a few people rather than shallowly with many. This has great applications with healing, but has downsides with me not being able to respond to everyone when I become busy in other areas of my life. I'll reach out in the next hour or so.
  9. I live my life in dedication to the service of others, so no need to make assumptions on what I embody and don't. I've only embodied Divinity here in this thread. Even though you're not at a level of awareness to comprehend what took place here and how healing it was, it doesn't mean that time was wasted. You've only typed this because of a wound of your own about not living up to your own expectations. I've been their myself, and I feel your pain more than you know. I was always my own harshest critic, my own worst enemy for most of my life. Most of my wounds were centered around me being overcritical of myself, never showing myself the compassion I would show others. I suggest spending some time contemplating this tendency to be too hard on yourself. I have a feeling one of your core wounds is related to this.
  10. You're projecting on to me how you would be being in my position, from an egoic perspective, because you're still functioning with an ego. My ego flew the nest when the last of Kundalini energy left, since it interestingly enough resides in your Kundalini energy. And for months before that I had already halted all egoic desire, and ego was just along for the ride. What is left could be called different things, in different ways. The most honest and descriptive way I could put what I mean when I say "I", is individualized intuition that functions as a unique expression of unconditional love. I am an individual, but not in an egoic sense. I reincarnated here with the purpose of adding my own unique flavor of the Divine love that we all are, with all energetic blockages clear, leaving only pure authenticity. I don't act based on any selfishness. My mind, which isn't the egoic mind, but the intuitive/cosmic mind that Ken Wilber describes, is only use to move me towards helping others in the ways that resonate with me the most. I only take care of my self with self love, which isn't something you actually start feeling until you feel unconditional love for others. And I only do so because if I'm not at optimal health, then it will hinder the healing I can offer others. The things beings normally do selfishly even though they consider them self care aren't even done by me without selfless intention, so your assumptions are misguided. 'You've set yourself up as "the savior". I think you have some good insights but I believe that your motives are misguided. What makes you think you are in a place to be "healing" others? Sounds like ego.' The reality is this all was just one big egoic judgment. I've never given the impression my motives were impure, you've only projected your impurity of intention on to me. What is so repelling about me that makes you think I'm not in a place to be a healer? That I'm not holding someone's hand as they walk through the fires of purification? Do you even know what it means to be a healer? The thing that most people don't realize is that once you develop past a certain point spiritually, reaching a certain level of vibration, you are automatically a healer by nature. That means every being that elevates their vibration beyond a certain point is literally healing others just by being in their presence. When you operate from a place of pure intention, pure unconditional love, your interactions with lower vibrational beings become healing without any effort on your part. It's one of the most key mechanisms of this universe, and is how things inevitably move towards love and unity. Not to mention most people who reach these higher vibrations, choose to dedicate themselves to a life of service in whatever way that resonates with them the most, because they have no greater desire than to help elevate consciousness. Healers are forged by beings who commit fully to their own healing. I don't need 3 letter credentials to be myself. I have suffered immensely this lifetime, and because of that I know how others feel when they suffer. Because I'm deeply empathic I have the desire to help people through their hard times because I know what it's like to be there. It's not a savior complex, I just love deeply, and if I'm going to turn away from someone's suffering when they need me the most, what in the hell am I even doing here anyway? It's unhealthy to try and call someone out on possibly not overcoming something you haven't overcome yourself, so focus on dealing with your own ego before claiming someone else check theirs. If you still have one functioning at that controlling level like you do, then you don't even know what it means or looks like to not have your ego calling the shots, much less non-existent.
  11. @TheAvatarState This is just an online forum, but this hasn't been a typical interaction in any sense. You are absolutely correct, many people would not be able to take this intensity of healing this long without walking away, much less begin to really open up sincerely. I really appreciate you keeping an open mind and trying to open your heart. I'm currently using this method of healing, the tough love approach, because it's usually the most effective for doing serious amounts of healing. Depending on what the individual can handle, I adjust the intensity accordingly. Unfortunately the more resistant someone is, the tougher I have to be, and that's usually what people need in this era. I would much rather use a more gentle approach, but that requires someone to open up more and become more receptive. You've probably noticed that since you've done so this conversation has become much less difficult. And I can assure you, there is no sort of complex or condescension on my part. I'm no better than anyone else, nor am I more capable than anyone else. I've suffered very intensely, had many wounds, and am in no place to judge anyone. There is no ego here to judge, so just know every word I use is done so out of love and for the betterment of all involved. Just imagine love to be what you need not what you want. And what everyone needs the most of in this world is healing. The only way to heal is to dig through our pain so we can move beyond it. It doesn't always hurt when something is healed, but it often does. Whatever method is most effective at doing that, and getting through it as painless and quickly as possible, is the way I implement my love. There's no other agenda here than to help you become the shining example of Divinity you came here to be. I know what it's like to not have anyone to talk to about spirituality, and all of these complex aspects of the human experience. If you want need someone to talk to about spirituality I'm more than willing to be a part of your journey if you want to be a part of mine. I use this way of interaction to heal others as long as they can tolerate it. Even if we only go back and forth a couple times it likely ends up being the most healing experience of their life, but it's not the only reason I do it. If someone can move past their ego, and at least take the chance to open up to a possibly extremely healing experience, after getting triggered and rubbed the wrong way like above, then it means that they are genuinely ready to finish their journey down the path of healing. Because if they can take this kind of heat, this fiery love, then they can handle the rapid elevation in vibration like I can offer. That's because it's a lot easier of an ascension from here on out, if someone is open to taking my hand. I have methods of elevating your vibration that are easy, and much less difficult to work through. You can think of this as an initiation on the healer's path, if you want to continue that is. I've developed a model and practice that's much more effective than SD, and would bring you into unconditional love rapidly, if that's what you truly want. Just message me if you want to continue talking. I'm not sorry I was so rough, but I am sorry that it was bothering you like it did. It really hurts me to be that hard on people, even if it's what they need.
  12. I didn't assume anything, you just don't understand how powerful and revealing your words and intentions are. You didn't feel what you think love is, because you don't actually know what unconditional love looks like. It takes a lot of inner work to even recognize unconditional love, it puts into perspective how long of a journey it is to actually feel it for someone else. A jab at me loving, it's a nice touch. When loving others isn't considered the most important thing someone could be doing with their life, as if being a loving person means you can't practice self love. The world has much further to grow spiritually, if this is what is found on one of the largest spiritual public forums. As long as you're willing to let me continue to heal you by responding to me, I'm more than willing to hand it out, even if you don't know what genuine healing looks like. I'll tell you one thing, the most effective forms of healing rub the ego raw in the worst way.
  13. Unconditional love isn't what you want, it's what you need. Do you think I like triggering you, bringing up pain, being abrasive? It hurts me more deeply than you could possibly imagine to bring someone's suffering into their awareness, even if they are only partially aware of how much pain was actually addressed. I just know that they will suffer less in the long term by healing, and so I take on the pain of hurting someone I love for their sake. And you don't even care, you haven't even done the spiritual work to even be aware of how you truly feel. You thought I was giving you advice, when all I did was show you the deepest love there is, which healed you in so many ways you can't even possibly imagine. But go on, respond to me with irritation and disdain. Jesus was such a great man, or whoever that figure actually depicted. He loved so deeply, that they crucified him just for showing his compassion. And he still loved them as they lashed out, how incredible is that? "Forgive them Father, they know not what they do." I'm grateful for the chance to elevate you anyway, we need people to be more loving and kind in this world, even if they don't recognize that yet.