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  1. Your mind feels like that would be resistance because it would be, which is likely more unhealthy than the original thought. You are having low vibrational thoughts because you are operating in a low vibration. When you elevate your vibration to a higher stage, you will begin to have less and less of these lower vibrational thoughts. This is what is happening when someone moves from different stages of SD. It's why a Blue thinks/behaves differently than a Green, and a Green thinks/behaves differently than a Yellow. They are operating within a certain vibrational range that leads to predictable behaviors. The makers of SD and Ken Wilber noticed these shifts in behavior due to one's current vibration and created a model to help people navigate these shifts with some direction. The real question you should be asking is how do I raise my vibration, and in turn raise into a new stage, where such thoughts/behavior simply dont exist? Send me a message if you want clear, non-obscure instructions on how to do that.
  2. Greed is an attachment to having money for selfish reasons. Being attached to having money is different than having money or doing what needs to be done to have it. You let go of egoic attachments by raising your vibration, which will cause these lower vibrational attachments to dissipate from your life. There is no other way that is also healthy, because if you resist the urge to be greedy then you are in resistance, which is just as bad if not worse than the original attachment. If you are open to raising your vibration then message me for an easy solution.
  3. I understand you now.
  4. You're projecting on to me, I have no attachments or egoic desires. I allow Truth to flow through me, nothing more.
  5. Avoiding responsibility was the whole tone of your first message. You realized something was wrong in your interactions and you posted here to get insight into why. Now you're avoiding your avoidance, and this will only hurt yourself. "People are just constantly becoming angry with me. Is it because they think I'm questioning their knowledge? They are taking it personal? Like I'm attacking them? I'm not by the way." I'm happy that you've recognized the fault in your approach. I'm sure the quality of your life and the lives of the people you interact with will improve.
  6. There's no such thing as unconditional hate.
  7. The idea of Maya itself is the true illusion. It's archaic ideology used to manipulate you into thinking the Absolute Void is what you should strive for. The Absolute Void is pure, unconditional love, in umanifiested form. The Relative, the world we live in, what is incorrectly referred as an illusion, is where that love is given an opportunity to express itself. Do you think it's a coincidence that it hurts in increasing intensity when you resist what is? Resistance is the opposite of love, it's the opposite of your true nature. This life, the Relative, is the most beautiful, important, meaningful, real existence you will ever know. Has life ever suggested to you otherwise? Insight, healing, growth, connection, this is the Truth you've been searching for. That is Absolute love manifested in the Relative, it's pure unconditional love. The demonization of this existence is one of the biggest blunders in humanity's spiritual development, that we're still recovering from. When we should be encouraging people to be radically authentic, being completely honest with themselves, we instead tell them to suppress the way they feel at the deepest depths of their soul. It breaks my heart seeing people torture themselves because of the dogma of men who lived thousands of years ago. If you completely surrender to love, to unbridled honesty, to authenticity, experiencing the Absolute Void will come effortlessly. Then you can start rapidly spiraling up into a spiritual life you never could've even dreamed of. Let love carry you, it's been waiting to catch you your entire life.
  8. I didn't say the Absolute was peace or bliss, if anything it's the complete opposite. It's love, pure unconditional love.
  9. Just nondual dogma that doesn't really help lead anyone to anything, other than back to millennia old beliefs. Once you get further down the spiritual path, if you open up enough to love, you'll burst into tears for not seeing things with more clarity sooner. The true nature of existence is so magnificent, so important, so grand, that even just witnessing a slice of that Truth for a moment is enough to make the most jaded man weep like a child. This is what Sadhguru is referring to when he talks about having tears of love and ecstasy, and everyone around him having the same tears being the greatest gift he could ever ask for in his life. The true nature of the Relative only starts revealing itself when you've begun to surrender egoic attachment to Absolute Truth. Absolute Truth is what people have always been told leads to the dissolution of the ego. That's why it seems so counterintuitive and paradoxical that clinging to ideology around it is egoic. It's only one step in a much longer journey, that's the whole reason the spiritual traditions of yesterday are so outdated. Jesus was the only one who had a clue, embracing his humanity with his Divinity. But his message has been so distorted and manipulated over the years that almost no Christians even realize he was enlightened, or have any understanding of what enlightenment is. Not to mention what lies beyond enlightenment! The Gnostic Texts is a good example of what was intentionally left out of his message to suit more egoic agendas. Christians are so disconnected from the important of Jesus that they would crucify someone with his exact qualities who went on the news today. They would write him off as a psychotic hippy speaking blasphemy by claiming a connection to God. It's extremely unfortunate that the unconditional love he shared didn't permeate further into the world. That unconditional love is what existence is about. The Absolute Void is pure, infinite love. The Relative is the realm where God, where love, where you, have chosen to express itself. But you've confused being shown where love comes from with what you should care or not care about. But the only point of showing you Absolute Truth is to better equip you to radiate that Truth without hesitation. Because you know where intuition comes from, you know this isn't all just some coincidence. If you've seen Absolute Truth you know there is a power at work that is beyond intellectual understanding. Pushing us towards unity, wholeness, and greater degrees of love. Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen describe the mechanism of love very eloquently here. Importance is the driver of love, otherwise nothing would go in any direction. Evolution is love.
  10. We stand on the shoulders of giants, but that means we stand taller than them. Divine pride is a good thing.
  11. I really appreciate you both being open minded enough to receive this information. This degree of Truth is very difficult to convey and lies at the bleeding edge of spirituality on Earth.
  12. Don't listen to this, it's an extremely unhealthy view. You don't want to lie because you know in your heart it's not right, it doesn't resonate with you at all. You've clearly seen what lying leads to. It leads away from spiritual growth, not towards it. Only lie if it is to save someone from undeserved harm, this is a lie for the highest good of all involved. When we're being completely honest, with both ourselves and others, that's called being authentic. It's what love actually is. When you finally surrender to complete honesty, to the reality that you aren't in control, the world opens a path right in front of you to a life you could've never dreamed of. People say enlightenment is so simple, but this is even more simple than that, and this is usually done after enlightenment, and still even rarely then. You might think the world is going to turn on you if you open up and become completely vulnerable, but it's the complete opposite. The universe quickly removes what doesn't serve you're highest good, and fills your life with everything you need for exponential spiritual growth. This isn't just some feel good saying, this how the existence we're in actually functions. It's a mechanism built into reality to encourage evolution. But people are so terrified of being themselves that they never even try to see what would happen if they were honest for once in their life.
  13. Referring to this sort of explanation of the Absolute Truth, nonduality, and it having more importance than Relative Truth. "Dualistically I agree, of course, but it doesn’t appear you are speaking about duality. You are referencing absolute truth, that all is one, and then conflating it with duality: individuality, purpose, moving beyond, importance, “levels”, duality of existence and not, and God “dealing” in perfection. Individuality does not exist, that is duality, illusion. There would need to be two for there to be uniqueness / individuality. Nothing “exists”, and Nothing does not “exist”. If you can move “beyond” absolute truth, then it is not absolute, and was not the Truth. “Enlightenment is the beginning”, is reference to the illusion. In Truth, there is no beginning, and no illusion." If this doesn't clarify what I'm referring to, one good example is the use of the word illusion to describe the Relative. The Relative is as real as the Absolute, and starting off with terminology that suggest otherwise leads people towards nondual dogma and spiritual stagnation. The Relative is the most beautiful, important, sacred form of existence we will ever have. Some refer to the Relative as a video game, but it's the complete opposite of a game. It's the realest thing we'll ever experience. Individuality ties into this because it does exist, it exists on the deepest levels of existence. The further we get down the spiritual path the more important it is to recognize this if we want to bask in our true nature. If we embraced radical authenticity from the start, we could skip a lot of unnecessary growing pains. It's incorrect that we can't regress down stages in SD, and this becomes very obvious when transitioning from Turquoise to Coral. Children are born in Coral. They are born completely authentic, expressing Divinity with ease. It's why people wish to be children again when they grow up. But when someone is several stages above everyone surrounding them, including the people who control their lives, they regress to the stages their society is at, or worse. Social conditioning beats authenticity out of children. And instead of recognizing this phenomenon, and trying to correct course back to our true nature, we've come up with all of these distortions that keep us away from Truth. This is all to say how important individuality really is, it's where we should be building our spiritual practice from, not moving away from. It's crucial for humanity to have people who recognize the flaws made in even our most advanced spiritual traditions, so that we can start correcting for the future generations to come. The amount of resistance or complete lack of interest such mentions of Truth receive even in spiritual circles, should highlight the severity of egoic dogma that needs to be overcome.
  14. It makes me happy to know you feel the same way. I do want to clarify though, that there is significant differences in the way we're speaking about the needed move towards surrender and love. The focus on nonduality that has been going on for 2000 to 3000 years has inhibited the elevation of human consciousness. It's important to have a more integral approach to Truth, if we want to accelerate the spiritual growth that this world so desperately needs. I hope you understand what I mean. I do appreciate your dedication to love regardless.