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  1. @Salvijus Yes authentic is the right word. He lived in caves and had several gurus that teached him the vedic yoga life. If you want to know more about the origin of his teaching check out the book: Swami Rama - living with the himalayan masters. I also realized that my body was not at all ready to practice Kriya yoga on my own. My spine is quite deformed and it has to be fixed first.
  2. @Salvijus Yeah I did the 200 hour ytt last month. In conclusion it was a good experience because I learned alot about asanas, yoga philosophy, alignement and so on. But it was also very commercialised and the teachers were rather young and inexperienced. Also the whole group dynamic and instagram culture by the other students was rather annoying for me because I'm searching for true spirituallity. Now I'm blessed to have found a real original teacher - a true yogi who was able to tranform me within 3 weeks of practice. Never in my life I made such a drastic change for the better in all aspects of life- physically, mentally and spiritually. And I will go on with the training for 2 more months. So if anyone is interested to check him out just write me. He has no advertisement. He can also prepare you for a Kriya Sadhana.
  3. Feels bad. I had that reaction too with antibiotics. It's no joke: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevens–Johnson_syndrome
  4. What do you mean with "help me with spirituality"? If you want to learn about yoga and meditation go to Rishikesh. Be aware - today there are thousands of yoga schools and so called ashrams that just want your money. It's hard to find the perls. If you are serious about connecting with your higher Self send me a PM. I found a true himalayan yog teacher who was a disciple of Swami Rama and he will transform your whole life - a no bullshit guru.
  5. What pluto is saying
  6. What would you do if you were free from financial struggle and just had one more year to live? Here is an app by Om Swami that could help you getting a direction: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rt.pinprickeffect.meditation&hl=de
  7. @Anirban657 Wow these are the informations I hope to see.
  8. I will go to India in 10 days and stay there for half a year. My first visit will be Rishikesh to do a yoga teacher training for one month. The programm contains alot of cleansing and emotional healing stuff. Other possible destinations will be Osho center in Pune (check the work-as-meditation programm) and Isha foundation.
  9. Doing this type of kundalini yoga in the morning And kriya in the evening. Sometimes a bit of hatha to stay healthy and flexible
  10. I was born in Würzburg :-). But now living in Magdeburg.
  11. @Girzo I came back from a vipassana course 2 weeks ago and just knew that I will be doing kriya yoga from now on. Vipassana is a mighty technique but you have to invest a lot of time and the benefits compared to kriya are rather small. I asked a practitioner who came to the course for the last 10 years at least twice a year and I asked him if somebody got enlightened here and he just laughed my question away and said “this takes lifetimes“. @DEV I also had a small ego backlash. Mainly craving unhealthy sugary food and porn. The benefits are that I see my emotions way more objectively (detached) since then. Nonetheless I would recommend it to everyone who wants to know him or herself better and who wants to improve their personality.
  12. I just quitted my 9-5 job today. It was a quite relaxed job in the social sector in Germany but it was often boring office stuff and highly bureaucratic - I didn't see my future there. Also like @Shiva I didn't enjoy the lifestyle being secure and predictable. The new plan is going to India in December and do a Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Of course it is a high risk move but it gets me excited all the way :-). So you get my view on massive changes ;-). Do it as long as you are young because often older people regret it when they had the chance to get out of theit comfort zone life. Now is the time to to change something - not later.
  13. Why do you need a right to live? You just live! You have no more rights than anybody or anything else to live and vice versa.
  14. @Leo Gura A video on Ego Backlashes (recognize them as such) and how to deal with them would be interesting.
  15. Mark Hyman says sth. different than Dr. Greger how says sth. different than Max Lugavere who says sth. different than Dr. Morse. Here we are again. Everybody has to see for him/herself what works and what works not. But it's beneficial to compare the information nonetheless.
  16. @Sockrattes I recently read an article about a guy who shared his insights after 4300 hours of meditation and one paragraph stuck with me: "The only thing we can control is our attention We can’t control the external circumstances of the world. We can’t control our bodies. We can’t control our thoughts. We can’t control our emotions. Everything that happens to us, and that we do, is the result of our unconscious mind reacting, and to circumstances arising in order to invoke reactions from our unconscious mind. The only thing we have control over is where we place our attention. This is because the only thing that really exists is our attention, and it’s what we are. By directing our attention to the core of our delusion, we can use it to untie the knots of delusion which bind us, and free ourselves from this self-imposed prison of suffering." https://medium.com/gethealthy/what-4-300-hours-of-meditation-has-taught-me-51ad3440149e
  17. What about how there are nuances between existence and non-existence (or thoughts that navigate the perception from non existence to existence)? For example: 1. My hand on the one side is 100% real and existent 2. Some kind of middleman exists in my head (pool of concepts and believes) that moves the perception to the back of the hand (thought/concept navigates me to 100% existence) 3. And then there are thoughts that don't lead the perception to real things (like: I think there is a ghost in my closet - I have a look and there is no ghost in it -> navigating to 0% existence) So the different nuances would be: Front hand > back hand > ghost in the closet
  18. @Nahm Wow thank you Nahm aka myself aka nobody. That was kind of an eye opener. I try to let that sink in and contemplate it.
  19. Lol even perceiving the world in 3D is a concept. I mean actually I do not know if my hand has a backside until i turn it around. Actually there is just one dimension to be perceived - like a movie on a screen.
  20. I try! Nonetheless the talk is funny. We could go on in this circle for hours - like usual in this forum. But let's just stare at our hands :-D. One more question: Why are we writing in this forum?
  21. What is right and what is wrong? It is the perspective I actually have so how can it be wrong? Also you are argumenting with sense. So you believe that things should make sense? Could be a believe my friend ;-)
  22. Some questions that pop up after seeing the video: 1. Why do enlightened people teach their knowledge/wisdom to students and write books? Don't they just "believe" that there is somebody to teach this stuff to? 2. Isn't practicing techniques like Kriya Yoga highly conceptual? Some of us assume that there are things like chakras and visualize energy going up and down the spine. Hocus-Pocus? Vipassana Meditation seems more accurat because it wants you to see the reality as it is (scanning the body "objectively" and observe sensations/feelings). 3. Why is Leo talking about getting "deeper" into the truth/consciousness in some videos? Does deepness exist actually when the most real thing is watching my hand as it is? 4. What is quality? Why do we say something has a qualitatively higher/lesser value? Is it just a feeling? Why does a picture of Mona Lisa seem qualitatively higher than a poster from a random artist in my kitchen? Is there something behind it? Some deepness/quality?