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  1. Lately I have been trying to find out how self-inquiry works. I could not find a good 'tutorial' or step by step technique to do self-inquiry work. Please, if you find out/know how it works tell me in the comments.
  2. Hey I am back again with something I 'discovered'. For quite a while it felt like I was focusing on things myself. Now I found that I do not really control what happens to my focus (it feels like that anyways). Correct me if I am wrong here, maybe I am sidetracking . It more feels like I am experiencing the focus, instead of being the one that is focusing.
  3. @Phrae, I haven't thought about that yet. I think meditation should be a lifelong practice. I also feel like meditation should not have to replace anything, unless the things you're doing are destructive to yourself.
  4. Thank you, @Donald! Right now I am focusing on meditation and self-inquiry. Thank you for the reply. @Phrae, thank you for the reply. I am not skeptical about meditation. I am sure it will have a great effect on the amount of satisfaction I will have in my life (I am aware there are many other benefits to meditation). Oh and I have watched that video already. Thanks though!
  5. Hey I am back again! Sorry for not updating this journal of mine! I told you I keep slacking off! I want to tell you about the things I have been doing recently. 1. Meditation Meditation is a habit which I have been trying to develop again and again. I kept failing to make it a habit and probably will keep doing the same. 2. Self-Inquiry Although I might not understand how to do it exactly, I have been trying to do it. Sometimes while I am meditating I ask myself "Who am I" and I try to look for myself. 3. Found interesting guru called "Mooji" I highly recommend you search for him on YouTube if you're interested in enlightenment. On YouTube he is called "Moojiji". Questions: What tips do you have for making a habit stick? How do you effectively do self-inquiry work?
  6. @Lorenzo Engel , it could have been astral projection.
  7. Hey So, last time I meditated for a longer period of time than I normally do. I had a lot of pain in my back, because of the postition I was sitting in and I just observed the pain for most of the time. When I was almost done I stopped observing for a while and noticed that I felt bigger or 'more open', like there was more space in me.. I don't know how else to describe it. What is this exactly? Has anyone else experienced this as well? Thanks
  8. @Corte, What do you mean with the "I'm waiting" one?
  9. You shouldn't feel concerned. Just drink some water, and continue meditating.
  10. I don't fully understand, what do you mean by seeing, seeing who you really are? And if so, how would you do this? Also, is this proces slow, or does it come all at once?
  11. How do you use it? I didn't really get it, when Leo told about it.
  12. What is it used for?