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  1. I also think at this stage it would be good for you to be in close proximity to someone who has very strong presence. Maybe you could travel to India, Amma is in her ashram near Cochin in May. Sending much love to you!
  2. @thesmileyone it's just a stage. It shall pass. It feels unpleasant because there are still impurities, blockages in you.
  3. There's a tiny line between helping and debilitating people.
  4. No, we only serve one master. And we need to choose wisely.
  5. I think I read Tibetan book of the dead, years ago....somehow it did not resonate with me....I also remember reading somewhere that Castaneda said that it is misleading. What I think of NDEs? I really had to think about this one...... I used to be interested in NDE s, but now I think they are interesting, mind induced physiologically triggered perceptive experiences- mind interpreted energies.... It is interesting though that different cultures perceive different beings /gods from their own cultural upbringing, so it has to do with our minds differentlt interpreting energies. But that's just my 2c. Some interesting explanation may be found here: ?
  6. I've never meditated or taken psychotropics or did any kind of self inquiry. What I did was I spent some time with 2 teachers with very strong transmission - magnetism. 3-4 times in India and 3 retreats in Europe with an not well known teacher. Their mere presence stopped my mind. No mind experience is nothing special, but offers great relief. A lot of life energy gets liberated which is otherwise trapped to sustain " the idea of an I", an "identity". Most of our life force - energy - goes to sustain the "identity", unfortunatelly. This released energy allowes us to use it for other things. You are asking how to get in touch with pure consciousness. For me it happened during one online class with this european teacher. We are like embers, we glow and catch fire in the presence of an awakened being. But I have always, from young age, been open and suseptible to energies, I just knew things on my own. For example, when I was four, my grandad took me to a construction site of my aunt's new house, but couldn't enter the house because it was locked. I just knew where the key was hidden, it was not any usual place one would think of, and my grandad thought that I had been there before but of course I hadn't. We can only share what we have. It is important who we associate with.
  7. I actually find this an intelligent question. It did interest me a lot, too. It can be answered on different levels. From the general knowing, from the mind level experience or from beyond the mind - no you experience. Speaking of the NDE - through the tunnel, reliving every experience of one's life, knowing very well what you did right or wrong, and you are the judge of yourself and the message: don't waste this life, it's a tiny line between life and death- in the sense that one can lose it in an instant, stupidly. Into the light, peace and everything....and there is a sense of presence -I ness, identity, although only presence. In other experiences, awakenings, I was washed clean, purified and it was clear to me that there's no karma (there are consequences in this 3D world, but not karma in the classical sense). In another one it was understood that all happens at the same time - in this instant - past, now and future and what we call different incarnations - all happen simoltaneously at he same time...It's like there are many realities happening simoltaneously and one could almost get trapped in a different reality. There was still a sense of me there- so I consider these mind experiences... When one goes beyond the mind - there's no you there- no identity, no you/me, no mind to bring back memories, just consciousness, Home ...and nothing compares to it... It becomes clear, upon return, that the mind creates our body and physical reality and that truly only consciousness exists, all the rest is a mirage, Maya, it is not real. So in that sense there's no creation, no birth, no death. As my ex teacher said just before his death, when people were crying and begging him not to leave the body form: "Where could I go?" It is not possible to understand unless one experiences that consciousness is all there is and alway here. But on the 3D level the world, birth, life, death...are percieved as real. So I would say that it makes a difference how one dies - with or without identity. If the mind identity is still present, it creates new body, new world... I am unable to explain why but I feel that it is important to - through life - prepare for death - transition and that the last thought/s is/ are very important. Some very good material on spirit forms and reincarnation is found in Billy Meier's material. Blessings.
  8. Amun, you don't get it. And your comment is nasty and primitive and humiliating. You have no idea what was going on. David, I find your your insights and practical guidance among the top commentators here. Wisdom and time that you are willing to share! Please stay. It would be such a loss if you go. I have so many questions for you! Your insights are priceless!
  9. A good guru teaches by his mere presence. Word explanations are for the mind, for those who are not yet open enough and not able to receive on some other level. One, who has some sort of magnetism - transmission and not many followers, so his attention would be totally on you and not just giving talks for the masses. I met Mooji twice, around 7 years ago, he wasn't so well known then, his energy is light, warm and heart opening, after 5 min I wanted to hug everyone. A lot of laughter present at satsangs and a feeling of mind/ body becoming relaxed. What he says rings true. Is he enlightened ? In my opinion, only to a degree. I lacked seeing - perceiving something that I percieved in two others. But it's still great to be in his company.
  10. Being in the presence of an awakened individual with strong magnetism - transmission helps.
  11. I thought I woke up in my room, full of sunlight. I could see clearly every object in the room. Except it wasn't my room. The room was different and the objects were different. I wanted to blink and realized that my eyes were closed. I opened them and it was pitch dark, I was on a retreat, and it was in the middle of the night. I closed them and everything was visible again, the whole room and clearly every object in it, in the sunshine like light. I opened them and it was night, dark... The next day I asked in private the teacher what was that and he said: you accessed your spiritual body.