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Quitting Smoking is Fun, Easy & a Very Cool Thing to Do

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Hello Friends,

I am Harsh Bagdia And I Quit Successfully 2-3 months before. I don't have any cravings or urges or any discomfort. And Only Good Things Have Come Since Then. 

You will really laugh when you finally realize what this addiction and smoking is really about...And it is such a profound healing experience I can't say...Once You Quit You Will Be On A Highway..

Do you know what is behind the surface of all this?

Smokers don't have a smoking problem, they have a Purpose Problem. 

And People Who Tell smokers to Just Quit Don't Help. It Adds to Their Problem. 

To them those who give such advice, I would like to ask: How much time have you spent studying about addiction, smoking, cigarettes.? Have you ever done that? Do you know how insidious and deceptive it is? 

If you don't know you can just shut up. If you want to help them then come with a solution. And cold turkey is the worst kind of solution. It is not even a solution. It is the problem.

Smokers, I know all this because I was suffering from it?. I can understand exactly what you are going through. 

Watch this it will help you..and no I won't talk about negative effects of smoking and blame and guilt you for it.

And Do you know What A True Rebellion Is?


Majority of society doesn't want you to quit. Because They are benefitting from you. 

Watch the video it will reveal Everything. 

I feel so honored to share this video with you. And don't worry, this is the start for something very profound for you. 


PS- This is for majority of smokers. If you feel like you are so spiritual that you dont care about your body and mind and abuse then this is not for you. But I seriously think that you must consider once again. You can still watch the video and let me know your thoughts on the topic. 

PPS- To all non-smokers who are reading this, Don't Judge, Blame, Guilt Smokers. Share this video with them. 

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Oh I just Now saw that there is a seperate Section for Addiction and Mental Health. 

Moderators how do I move this post there?

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These are some images I took Just After Quitting. It Was Really A Great Achievement For Me.




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Yee  .   Victory

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15 hours ago, Recursoinominado said:

Smoke what? :P

This is about cigarettes and marijuana..

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