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1 hour ago, tuku747 said:

Don't take it so personally... God is Infinitely beyond your person

Exactly. God doesn't have any "personality",he's beyond it,also,his dog doesn't exist,never did,he just suffers because he was attatched to it (ego),which proves that compassion/empathy = ego (devil).

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8 hours ago, De Sade said:

Accept it. Don't deny God. HolyKael is suffering because it can't be accepted that it's the one doing all of it. The world is a reflex of God,its "HolyKael's fault. Want to blame the false "other" named "God" but the truth is that HolyKael is a ruthless sadistic narcissistic machiavellian psychopath with no emotion/feeling towards its zombies/ghosts,the reason all of the dream is created. To lie to itself by claiming it can "love" (that is not hurt,supposedly),but the truth is: God loves suffering exactly because it comes from itself,it loves (accepts) itself. No bias. Don't deny it.

I think its a spiritual ego that is spiritually bypassing every problem.

Refuses to see ego problems and refuses to believe in ego solutions.

  • If you dont feel good go exercise
  • Feelings shape your thoughts... i know its crazy... 

This is what a basic ego will understand and take action on.

A Nihilistic spiritual ego on the other hand will explain how they cant exercise because its predetermined for them not to. 

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How is this post just me acting out my ego in the usual ways? Is this post just me venting and justifying my selfishness? Are the things you are posting in alignment with principles of higher consciousness and higher stages of ego development? Are you acting in a mature or immature way? Are you being selfish or selfless in your communication? Are you acting like a monkey or like a God-like being?

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11 hours ago, Vibroverse said:

You first need to be the vibration, or the state of being, of the reality that you wanna be, and don't get lost in the details of what would be the components of that reality, focus on the feeling of it. 

If you can find the state of being you believe you will be in when you die, which is love, joy and freedom, then this reality will begin to morph to reflect that shift. 


I like this. Did you see the video I posted in this section. It somewhat speaks about this in detail. Very enlightening. I think you will like it, if you haven't seen it already. LMK.

One Love....

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