The real challenge of starting a business

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There are a bunch of challenges that come in starting a business, that can be broadly classified into 3 parts : 

  • Finding a product-market fit
  • Building a brand around this product-market fit
  • Having a USP and having it click with your niche

It is so much work to get this handled that most people just don't go through the pain of doing it. 

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I think like the dicipline and staying on track is the hard part, and quickly adapting to changing circumstances. 

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Good list. Those are definitely burdensome points. 

If the product is niche enough that in itself is already a USP but figuring out how to get more people to care about it is the real challenge. We are all just so busy and our attention already so incredibly preoccupied that it seems like there just isn't much attention left. 

Not to mention the market is so polluted and prostituted with the businesses who are willing to annoy 10,000 people to get one sale that consumers have lost almost all the trust in a new products - its a tough market out there , whatever you do. 

Patience and faith are your strongest weapons. And obviously hard work 



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“If you find yourself acting to impress others, or avoiding action out of fear of what they might think, you have left the path.” ― Epictetus

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