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Yesterday I spoke when an old colleague(as in from a previous job). He mentioned that he was going to grab a drink after work with one of his current colleagues. 

Not as invitation but rather because it suited the conversation.  In the end he invited me to join.

However let’s imagine, someone you don’t know very well tells you they have plans. You would like to join however preferably not come off as “desperate” or have them invite you even tho they would have preferred not to.

How would you go about asking/implying your interest? Or would you just simply not do anything?


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You could just ask if you can go with them.

Or you talk about it. "Ah that bar (x), I like that place! We usually go to bar (y) after work, last time (story xyz)"

It's not what you say that makes you look desperate its how you say it and if you really feel desperate.

Of course if you want to go the safe route just wait until they invite you but that way they might don't invite you simply because they think you are not interested.

Also depends on the culture / country you are in.

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By you inviting them where you want to go,then saying your friends can come also you want to meet them...

There is nothing safe with playing it safe.


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