How do I use Actualized.org?

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only your conclusions are valid. and even those are valid up to a point. there are many angles from which to reach a conclusion. Watching Leo's videos will make you contrast one vision with another, realize the flexibility that is necessary to understand. But don't believe what Leo says. Believing what someone tells you automatically makes you an idiot.

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Like a lot of the others have iterated on, trusting your own conclusions is more important than Leo's. 

In my experience, most of what you have learned from Actualized you will forget eventually. what'll stick is what is pertinent within your own experiences. This is why drawing your own conclusions is important. It engages you directly and makes your brain work to actually disseminate information instead of it being passive. In that case, information is leading to action, which is ultimately the goal IMO.

To me it seems like an issue of critical thinking, the ability to discern information in order to limit inaccuracies. Its possible to entertain ideas without necessarily believing them wholeheartedly. Like trying on clothes. You do this by being alert of anything that affects the accuracy of the information shared, both on part of the informant but also yourself. Your own biases will make you want to readily accept or reject new information, depending on the topic.

If you like Leo, you are naturally inclined to believe what he says. He actually stated in his episode about the future direction of Actualized.org to willfully include blatantly false information just to keep you alert, exactly because of this tendency to default to his ideological positon.

Don't automatically believe everything. But you can still entertain ideas. Be open-minded but guarded. But more importantly, stay curious.


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