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Obviously not all men are liars, you haven’t gone through most men, take heart. There’s many men out there who don’t have these awful qualities.
Who you attract is not as important as who you let stay. I think you need to improve your ‘cut-off’ game and know your deal breakers. Break things off at the first lie, first sign of not caring about your feelings etc. some things are clear deal breakers, lying, indifference to your feelings are some of them so just cut off the moment it happens, and believe people when they display these attributes.

There are things that can be worked on/worked through but fundamental character is usually set for most adults so never assume that you are special enough to change a person’s fundamental way of interacting with the world.

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8 hours ago, Saraaa said:

@Leo Gura  

I had 4 long term relationships(1 or 2 years) and too many short term relationships ( 2 or 3 months) and i borke up with all of them only becouse they dident have good character although they were skillful in sex.

Well, the common factor in all that is you.

So it's time to take a serious look at why you attract such men. Where are you finding them and what patterns might you have for selecting them?

How are you judging their character?

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You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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