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Going To A Bar With Work Colleagues / Advice needed

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10 hours ago, Something Funny said:

Ha, I went and only drank water with ice and lemon.

And it went great :D

First of all, nobody gave a fuck that much. Especially, since I handled the situation with humour.

Secondly I wasn't that awkward or closed off / shy at all. I participated in conversations, even initiated some, laughed and had a pretty good time in general.

Sure, I wasn't  the sould of the company, there were a few moments with uncomfortable silence where I didn't know what to talk about, and one awkward hug when I was leaving, but in general it is a big stepforward for me.

I am also really glad and proud of myself for having balls to be myself and do the right thing :)

Thank you for support guys!

P.S. my teamleader was amazing. I am so sad that she is leaving.

@Something Funny Great dude!


Made it out the inner hood

There is no failure, only feedback

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