Car/bike hybrid - As low emissions as it gets?

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Good idea in principle. I think some of the examples in this video where they designed them to look like cars, or to look cool, is the wrong way to go. 

Maybe designing them to look cool is necessary to market them. But I don't see the point of giving them a full solid body like a car and making them so large. Just adds weight and makes them harder to maneuver. If you get hit by a car, you're f***ed either way.

I would go with something like the example around 3:25 in the video. All you need is protection from weather, in the form of a clear plastic that goes all the way around, basically like a shower curtain. It doesn't need a hard molded plastic shell. I'd just make it open and close with a zipper, doesn't need to be fancy. Like those enclosed mobility scooters that some old people use to get around already, but pedal powered.

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If it can hit 70km/h with equal visibility and collision safety as a car, with a price range of 1000$. Id go for it.  🙌

How much energy does pedaling actually add to the system?

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