Suicide is starting to be attractive to me from time to time

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52 minutes ago, eTorro said:

@Leo Gura, I've found your YouTube channel in 2018. Since then, I'm meditating on a daily basis — my consciousness has increased exponentially.

Back then, I had no idea about the dark side of meditation; I blindly started to meditate. It was out of foolishness and enthusiasm at the same time. 

After a year and a half of meditation and mindfulness inquiries, I plunged into "The Dark Night of the Soul." It was so scary that I didn't know or had no idea if I'll make it through — that was dark man. But somehow, after two months of being patient, without suppressing my awful moods, I started to feel better. And now, when I look back, I laugh so hard because I no longer have a false sense of identity. I only have egoic leftovers.

It was due to you that I've become interested in spirituality, and for that, I'll be eternally grateful to you.

1. Less suffering.

2. No more junk food — just a little from time to time so I won't harm my body.

3. I'm a lot more confident. 

4. I let go — daily — of anything constraining. 

5. I'll soon be enlightened, meaning that I'll be able to lock the enlightened state as long as I'm alive. 

6. I can stay present for hours, effortlessly. 

7. I don't take everything too seriously; the present moment itself is a joyful experience. 

8. I'm no longer nihilistic. I'm falling in love with reality. 

Thanks, Leo! 

Wow I am so happy for you man!!! Way to go!!! The Dark Night of the Soul is no joke!!! Glad you made it out stronger!!! I'm so grateful for you for doing the work!! Thank You for sharing this!!! You just illuminated my day with this post!!! Bless you!!

The same strength, the same level of desire it takes to change your life, is the same strength, the same level of desire it takes to end your life. Notice you are headed towards one or the other. - Razard86

Your ACTIONS REVEAL how you REALLY FEEL. Want TRUTH? Observe and ADMIT, do the OPPOSITE of what you usually do which is observe and DENY. - Razard86

Think about it.....Leo gave the best definition of the truth I ever heard...."The truth is what is..." so if that is the truth.... YOUR ACTIONS IN THE PRESENT ARE THE TRUTH!! It's what's you like what you see? Can you accept it? You are just a SENTIENT MIRROR, OBSERVING ITS REFLECTION..... can you accept what appears? -Razard86

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