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I am looking for life coach recommendations, I seem to be hitting a brick wall with psychotherapy.

I am look for help with self esteem, confidence and general / social anxiety.

Thank you! 

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Go on Yelp and search for Life Coaches in your area. Read reviews and test out various coaches until you find one you like.

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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Why are you hitting a brick wall, in what way? 


- Coaches with different approaches and backgrounds

- Gestalt therapy could be a new approach 

- Are you allowing yourself to truly feel and express your emotions? 

If being emotional or hurt is "wrong" it's only because the ego says so. Emotion is an experience. Clinging to feel good all the time is often resisting the experience. Some people meditate, some people use art, music, some people exercise and flow with the tides. Go try to talk it out in therapy. I think it's useful to not get stuck on the goal that you want to "change", because acceptance is a change you can make right now. Something to contemplate regarding fear is "can you enjoy it?" can you enjoy fear? as an experience. And can you separate yourself from the fear. Like looking at it from a higher perspective. "oh, there is fear, what a rush, what an interesting experience." 

- Breathwork is like psychotherapy on yourself (rebirthing). It has a tendency to blast through brick walls when you do just a 1 hour sesh. If you keep going like me every week, you'll blast through any obstacle and see that there are not really any obstacles there, you're in your own way creating your own challenges. Youll start seeing life as something of a playground. Atleast, thats what happened to me. Felt trapped by my depression for so many years, and at some point I realized. That's what happened to me. 

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