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  1. What would you do if you knew it could not fail?
  2. It’s probably worth to mention that I probably have SIBO / Leaky Gut Syndrome, and super generally sensitive to any drug. Whether Caffeine, Alcohol and psychedelics.
  3. Is it possible to have Coffee Allergy or Intolerance? Have you experienced this yourself? I’m curious if any one of ya’ll have a similar experience to what I’m writing here? I’m having a strange reaction to coffee. I dont usually drink coffee, but I tend to get weeird reactions. The first cup feels like cocaine, and gets me hyper social and stuff. That’s what I used it for as a teenager. But if I keep drinking it the next couple days I tend to get diarrhea. Gut pain. I get dry skin. And I wake up in the morning with a stuffed nose, and my body feels achy. I can also get a headache. When I take a few days off, I get a relief and I feel good again. When I was on Keto I tried Bulletproof Coffee for a short period. Which is just Organic coffee, blended with grass-fed butter, ghee and MCT oil. Which felt a little better, but after a week I was having a stuffed nose and having to sh#t like 4-5 times a day. Btw, I dont get the same reactions from Tea. Do you guys feel like sh#t when drinking coffee?
  4. @Vlad_ That sounds great, Vlad. You might be a natural at this. If you are able to create a great relationship solely on that, hats off to you. What you’re describing would be called «Immersion» in the Sex God Method. One of the four pillars to becoming a Sex God. Sounds like you may have the others naturally in place as well. Experience trumps all. And in the case that you have issues, or want to Take the sex and relationship to the next level. You May want to learn some New things. For example how female attraction works.
  5. Sex God Method is by far my most read book. It’s like I enter a new paradigm when Im reading. Suddenly all my negative beliefs about sex and women become irrelevant. And I start Looking forward to all the amazing sex I’m gonna have with women. The Multi-Orgasmic Man is good for breathing, cock-stretching, learning to not ejaculate etc. It focuses a lot on solo techniques. Not as much on the dynamic between two partners. Have any of you guys read any great sex books? I would love to hear Bonus Mentions Leo’s episodes: - How to have Amazing Sex Part 1 & Part 2 - How to make a girl squirt - David Deida books
  6. @Spiral yeah, have you been there?
  7. Hey guys, I've long wanted to engage more with the forum, so why not share a little bit about my summer. I am going to a place called Angsbacka for a Tantra Festival + Sexibility Festival. It's gonna be a good mix of stage green and stage turqouise there I suppose. And a great place to relax your worries and build up on spiritual energy. Prana, chi, love, life-force, or whatever you call it. I am very happy with myself, or should I say my spiritual ego is very happy with itself for going to a cool festival to master sexual energy. Have any of you guys been to Angsbacka? Or is anyone of you experienced in tantra and want to share some insight with me?
  8. @bambi Have you tried checking out sexual practises which do not include stimulating the genitals? I mean stuff like Solo Tantra, breathing tantra. The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia or Enlightened Sex Manual by David Deida
  9. Hey, when Leo talks about contemplation, this comes mainly from the teachings of Peter Ralston. And you can read all about the approach in "The Book of Not-Knowing", and I know he has a website with a bunch of resources. Why would you contemplate, "what is work ethic?"? Are you trying to reflect on your thoughts on what work ethic is? Because thats what it sounds like is happening! Ralston has mentioned you should keep it simple. And that the sentence should be so simple that you dont need to think what you mean by the sentence. The point is not to think or reflect on it. Rather to grasp it directly. I imagine it's way easier to contemplate and grasp something you are clear on what is. Like what is water. You can sit with a glass of water. You know what you believe to be water. And then drop every belief you have about water. "what is water?" "what is water?". Or let's say your'e dealing with fear or anger, and your'e trying to think your way out of it. You can contemplate "Can you enjoy it?" "Can you enjoy it?" But something like "work ethic" or "discipline" or "habits" these are not the questions you want to ask when your'e going for an enlightenment experience. "what is hard work" or "what is a schedule?" doesnt really sound like you are trying to grasp it directly. To be honest it sounds more like philosophical questions than enlightenment inquiry. Hope this helps.
  10. Why are you hitting a brick wall, in what way? Consider - Coaches with different approaches and backgrounds - Gestalt therapy could be a new approach - Are you allowing yourself to truly feel and express your emotions? If being emotional or hurt is "wrong" it's only because the ego says so. Emotion is an experience. Clinging to feel good all the time is often resisting the experience. Some people meditate, some people use art, music, some people exercise and flow with the tides. Go try to talk it out in therapy. I think it's useful to not get stuck on the goal that you want to "change", because acceptance is a change you can make right now. Something to contemplate regarding fear is "can you enjoy it?" can you enjoy fear? as an experience. And can you separate yourself from the fear. Like looking at it from a higher perspective. "oh, there is fear, what a rush, what an interesting experience." - Breathwork is like psychotherapy on yourself (rebirthing). It has a tendency to blast through brick walls when you do just a 1 hour sesh. If you keep going like me every week, you'll blast through any obstacle and see that there are not really any obstacles there, you're in your own way creating your own challenges. Youll start seeing life as something of a playground. Atleast, thats what happened to me. Felt trapped by my depression for so many years, and at some point I realized. That's what happened to me.
  11. Tarantino Movies Studio Ghibli Movies Donnie Darko Groundhog Day Singin' in the Rain Enjoy
  12. Who is creating your internal reality?
  13. You are living in freedom when you are doing what you truly want. And not doing what you think others think you should do.
  14. Today you're getting an explanation of Epilepsy Epilepsy is a neurological disorder. It is an umbrella for different conditions that occur within different cell networks in the brain. The cause can therefore vary, it can be genetically pre-disposed, it can be developed through teens and adolescence, it can be the result of brain trauma or head injury, and it can always be unknown. The common denominator for the different conditions we name epilepsy is returning seizures. Epilepsy seizures can be focal (partial) or generalized. Focal seizures are those that affect only one very specific part of the brain. This can manifest itself in many different variations of epileptic seizures, from muscle spasms, loss of consciousness, the person becoming stiff, person seeming dazed and confused, all depending on which cell network of the brain that is affected. Generalised seizures are usually the most serious, as the person is guaranteed a loss of consciousness. People that have this usually carry acute medicine with them at all times, as these seizures can be fatal if not handled correctly. Thankfully epilepsy is very treatable. The most typical treatment is medicine. This is not necessarily the very first treatment to turn to. Stress is the main cause for an epileptic seizure, and anything you can do to reduce stress will significantly decrease the chances of seizures. Sleep, diet, hydration, routine, comfort, exercise etc. all greatly affect the possibilities of having seizures. And it helps around 70% of epileptics become free from seizures. Although effective, these also have side effects that everyone should consider thoroughly. The people who doesn't achieve the desired effect form these drugs, turn to other forms of treatment. These include Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS), an interesting device that stimulates a nerve that somehow lowers the frequency of seizures. Ketogenic diet. Makes sense as a ketogenic diet can contribute to stable energy and mood, lower stress and eliminate food sensitivities. The last one is brain surgery. Epilepsy is not an illness. It is a neurological disorder. Treatable. Possibly healable. Metaphysically speaking epilepsy is a disorder that is neutralized by harmony. Epilepsy is epilepsy. Epilepsy is not the word. The word is a label. The thing is not the word. The concept of epilepsy is the word. But that is just an idea. What we are speaking about with epilepsy is something far greater, it is a function of a brain that is stressed. Epilepsy just a part of the universe out of balance, and epilepsy is love, just like anything else. So let's love the epilepsy so much that it will probably dissapear completely. We are the creators, and we are forming new cell networks in our brains every second, programing every thought we think into our brain. therefore, as we lower our brainwave frequency, and we go into the infinite present moment, we can see and feel anything into reality. We can also just accept that we are one with the universe, and as you love the universe, the universe loves you right back. What a way to heal.
  15. Exercise for The Higher Self Do you struggle with inner conflicting thoughts? Here is a genius exercise to gain clarity of thought. Write down the thoughts as a dialogue between two parts of your mind. And give them names 1. "Sadboy Doubty". "You can't do it, you are broke, and you're not able to get a job" 2. "Gary The Adventure Guy". "I am amazing, I am supported by everyone around me, and I will attain my dream job easily" 1. "But you don't even have any job interviews, and you are too afraid to get anything done" 2. "I might be nervous, but nervousness is but exitement to me. I am ready for these challenges to help me grow the living example that you can manifest your dream job easily." And you are neither of these voices, although number 2 sounds alot more positive and uplifting. The are nothing but parts of you, and you are not these parts, although they are part of you, they are not you. You are the essence, the Higher Self if you will. The observer that stands on the sidelines watching all the thoughts of your mind happening, not associating with them. You can even respond as the Higher Self. Higher Self "I love you guys fighting. You are loved and you are parts of me. And you are not in control, although you are welcome top speak up when I let you. But beware that you will not be taken that seriously. THanks for the entertainment and input though. Love and chi"