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What's your unanswered existential question?

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5 hours ago, ZzzleepingBear said:

How do I distinguish between a problem and solution. If the best solution I come up with, could be judged as problematic at best.


That is correct .

A solution to some problem might a problem of a different kind .

you just have to find the less problematic solution that fits all parts of your situation without causing extra problems .


"life is not a problem to be solved ..its a mystery to be lived "


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On 4/28/2022 at 8:31 PM, DecemberFlower said:
  • Maybe better question will be actually why are the laws of our universe the way they are and not some other way. So I can get description and mechanics of laws from a physicist but never a reason why laws are like this. I guess Leo would say its cause of Love but honestly that doesnt do much for me... 

You can also ask - if i am Infinity why am i cosplaying as this one particular finite being and not some other?  Why am i looking through these eyes and not my mothers or some other?   But this is an illusion.  Consciousness appears one particular way when in fact it is Total and Complete.  It becomes one particular way to be that way.   Its tautological.   The laws of physics are this way so they can be this way.  But in fact they are the dream of finitude.



Wisdom.  Truth.  Love.

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Perhaps keep in mind that all existential questions ultimately aren't real questions, but veiled declarations. For example: Why is there something rather than nothing? The question essentially assumes there is a real difference between something and nothing.

"Your experience" is reality as it is, appearing as it isn't. Endlessly pondering these questions is not what actually answers them. Even meditation itself can be mere bliss-consumption and not conducive to answers.

Keep staying where the rubber meets the road, once you find that -- perhaps via meditation, then investigation (or noting) meditation, then inquiry into what you know absolutely for sure / how you might actually not know what you thought you knew for sure.

Any awakening that happened in the past, and isn't here now, can be said to be incomplete.

Let's define "an awakening" just to be sure what we mean here. An awakening = an irreversible shift in perception, on the level of identity (what you take yourself to be).

The true nature of your self, and the cosmos, is exactly synonymous.

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