Leo, metaphysically what is YouTube, Tiktok, Reddit, TV?

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@Leo Gura Hmm, then the entire universe is being imagined in the now out of nothing, and consciousness can imagine the entire universe in one moment only because it is that powerful and creative and imaginative and intelligent? Consciousness does not need a 14 billion years of evolution and becoming etc to be able to create the illusion of a 14 billion years of evolution, "it" can just create in one moment? 

For instance, when I'm reading the Lord of the Rings, I believe that it was written some decades ago by an author named Tolkien and the book is pressed and edited by publishers, and, like, I have a memory that 2 years ago I bought it and read it, and that's why the content of it is in my mind, but I, as consciousness, am actually imagining the entire thing and my memories of the content of the book etc right now in the moment out of, like, nothing? 

Creating that book right now in the moment out of nothing while I'm reading it now, and believing that this book is something that is coming from a process, from the past etc, but I actually am just dreaming it up in its full content right now, and I can even imagine a page on the book, for instance, that says my name and says "hey dude, how are you doing, you know that you're imagining this book right now yeah?". I mean we are talking about that level of an imaginaryness, yeah? 

Now, I probably will not see that written on the book, because I've constructed the dream in a very very limited way to create the illusion of continuity etc, I guess. And so I will, highly probably, not start to have a dream like that, I get that, yeah, but the point is it is possible, because we are talking about that level of imaginaryness, yeah?

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Sorry if I sound stupid, like asking stupid stupid questions, and I think I kinda am, haha. 

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