1 year Meditation, 1h daily. Start at 10.01.22

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7 hours ago, RickyFitts said:

@Gregory1 It's like John Lennon said, my friend: 'Life is what happens when you're making other plans'. Life often doesn't go to plan, but that's all right, that's just how it goes sometimes - there's always another chance to make things right, you don't have to be perfect. :) 

@RickyFitts Congrats for 1111 posts man:) thanks for your loving words, it means a lot to me<3

Please do not take anything I say as an insult. I have 17 warning points and I'd like to stay on this forum.

You are Love.

1 year meditation, 1 hour daily

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Hehehe, cheers bro, and you're welcome! <3

'When you look outside yourself for something to make you feel complete, you never get to know the fullness of your essential nature.' - Amoda Maa Jeevan

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