Personal-development is Scam

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On 12/9/2021 at 11:28 AM, Striving for more said:


Nah I'm good my own intuition is way smarter. I trust my own answers. 

Authentic happiness is relative because we're all different & have different needs & prefer different lifestyles, Money DOES have a HUGE lasting effect on happiness if used intelligently, & how much money you need or fullfills your "basic needs" is relative & varies massively per individual. 

My understanding of basic needs includes far more than base survival, it includes other higher needs that are 100% facilitated & shortcircuited via money. 

 BUT it's not actually the money causing the happiness, the money is fuel used to create other stuff in your life (not just material) that improves happiness. 

Thinking u know everything & having the urge to express your views like gospel with that ironically inauthentic language that you both clearly paraphrased from another but also use to sound profound and smart, IS A REAL BITCH SOMETIMES. 

Dont respond or @ me because like I said I know my own answers. I know what makes me happy. Dont u dare try tell me u do no u don't mr profound.

By the way, direct experience is king. So i aint gonna read your stupid book

Spreading it like the gospel? Lol

😳Triggered or something? I wasnt trying to sound profound at all. Definitely not  Just had a GOOD POINT to politely add which is what I did. There was 1 thing you said that I didnt agree withth and I politely gave my differing opinion. This is how forums work pal.

On 12/9/2021 at 11:28 AM, Striving for more said:


So i aint gonna read your stupid book I'll go & get what I want & we'll see if I'm happy, I bet u a million I end up happy, i might be so happy I don't even bother going on this forum anymore. 

Well if your gonna throw a temper tantrum whenever a person online doesnt agree with every word you say than FAREWELL! ✌👋

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Of course it's a scam, most personal development guru's are just as miserable as their disciples. They don't teach the truth, or even any valuable life skills. They teach you to think how they think, including their own subjective delusions. A brainwashing course.

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RIP Roe V Wade 1973-2022 :)

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