Baby powder may contain asbestos

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It's becoming mainstream news now that Johnson & Johnson baby powder may contain asbestos. Not only that, but the company knew about it for decades and kept on selling it: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/johnsonandjohnson-cancer/

Now that the lawsuits are starting to pile up, they're considering passing on all the liability to a separate company and just bankrupting it, which would basically allow them to get off scott-free (aside from the irreversible damage to their brand): https://globalnews.ca/news/8038379/jj-baby-powder-bankruptcy-company/ Talk about the epitome of devilry.

Makes you wonder how many other things we're putting on or in our body that are actually toxic or cancer causing. Especially products aimed at the youngest and most vulnerable among us.

Petroleum jellies like Vaseline are literally made of petroleum byproducts called hydrocarbons, so almost analogous to rubbing gasoline or coal on your skin. But most people will still default to it over more natural products like coconut oil or beeswax.

Although studies apparently haven't proven it, for some reason everybody has this idea that aluminum causes dementia. How did that become common knowledge among the average person? But we still put on deodorant containing aluminum and put our food and drinks in aluminum cans.

If you look up aspartame, Wikipedia will tell you that it's basically completely safe and there's no association with cancer.

Society is gaslighting us into accepting these toxic products. It's impossible as a consumer to know if something like aspartame is actually dangerous, or just a mass-hysteria among health nuts. We're always told to trust the science, but in this case, the science is usually bought and paid for by the same corporations that are selling the products.

Bottom line: Don't trust companies with a profit motive to tell you if their products are actually safe or not. Apparently the FDA and other government agencies must also be bought off if they aren't catching this stuff, I can't think of any other explanation for it. So use your intuition... lean toward using more natural solutions whenever possible, and avoid stuff containing chemicals that you can't pronounce. More than anything, trust your body and listen to how it reacts to things.

The worst part is that natural alternatives are few in number, not stocked in most stores, and tend to be significantly more expensive. Plus when it comes to food, most of us are so addicted to sugar and salt that it makes quitting unhealthy food a monumental task.

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I hope one day the likes of Monsanto will be called out for contributing to the cancer and autoimmunity of tens of thousands of Americans in the same way. 

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This story is years old.

Don't use baby powder.

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lets not get into baby food ; )

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